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Anna Ewers shows us the past is Priceless in ‘i collect what the night brings a girl gotta have her favourite things’ by Boo George for i-D Magazine Winter 2013. Taking the industry by storm, rising star Boo George delivers another cool cover for The Collections Issue series. Recreating a pivotal time in fashion history, (Stylist) Havana Laffitte captures the moment of transition when all the punk, rock, hippi- glam elements of the 70’s fused together to form the Hair-Metal Bands of the 80’s. The realization of a retro dream, Ewers wears an eclectic array of vintage inspired looks (so wickedly authentic) I can almost smell the sweet stench of stale cigarettes wafting through the page. The perfect combination of undone & overdone, with Blondie inspired beauty by Yadim and brilliant bed-head hair by Kevin Ryan, this piece is a manifestation of the 70’s experience. As I continue  to pave the way for intelligent narrative to accompany high fashion imagery I hope to make the art of articulation an important part of the editorial process. It is excellent updates like this one that benefit from in-depth analysis, and by opening up a conversation about these looks, we are in essence opening up the door to our cultural history and giving it the relevant dimension it deserves.

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