Franzi Mueller by Francesco Carrozzini for Numéro Russia #010, 02/14.

Franzi Mueller stands among the ruins by Francesco Carrozzini for Numéro Russia #010, February 2014. I wondered among the great divide for someone to stop and listen. A candid look at tomorrow’s dreams, it is here, that I find myself a new beginning. A static comment on the stillness of wonder, among the shattered array of empty promises there lives a will to go on. Super-star stylist, André Leon Talley, brings his prowess to the page in this captivating form of style and survival. Blue, red, green and yellow, the legion of hope carries on in this catatonic cry for color and light. Bold, screams out against the vacant background as beauty moves to become one with the universe. (Makeup Artist) Fulvia Farolfi brings us a bouquet of fruitful beginnings in the aching, archway of tribal youth. I stand atop this great divide and fathom how I will survive. As Franzi stands against the faraway light of winter, she trembles in her skin, a violent reminder of her truth. A stop on the way to nowhere, each image provides a portal of hope in this vacant land of forgotten soil. A stunning array of new beginnings, in the lonely echoes of forgotten pathways I can find a new tomorrow.

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