L’Officiel Netherlands

Anais Pouliot mixes it up in ‘Art Child’ by Jonas Bressnan for L’Officiel Netherlands. Not your typical magazine fare, these shots expose the artistic side of style, with a stunning array of color and play. Stylist, Emily Barnes goes high fashion with an eclectic selection of looks that range from Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more. Beauty meets modern pop-art, with a half face layout that strikes a chord between Deco and whimsy by (Makeup Artist) Justine Perdue. This captivating cover-story captures our imagination, with a celebration of the spectacular flavor of Spring, in the Magazine’s Annual Art Issue. An exquisite mix of real and fantasy, this reminds us that in this world things can go from dark to light with the blink of an eye.

anais-pouliot-model1 anais-pouliot-model2 anais-pouliot-model3 anais-pouliot-model4 anais-pouliot-model6 (1)anais-pouliot-model5 (1) anais-pouliot-model7