Stylist Magazine

Karolina Kurkova comes alive in ‘Every Woman’ by John-Paul Pietrus for Stylist Magazine, February 2014. A call of the wild, we experience a tri-fecta of hope with modern wears from Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana & Louis Vuitton. From tribal, androgyne, pin-up to modernist, (Fashion Editor) Alexandra Fullerton gets it done with a stylish array of fun and play. With a captivating combination of colorful wigs and dynamic head-wear, these are worn as a means of tribal communication. Tapping into the fabric of our senses, this colorful blend knows how to show it from flowers, feathers, fur and beyond. Beauty that doesn’t stay within the lines, this makeup takes us beyond, with applications that dare to change our minds and our mood. Not holding anything back, this story honors the power of the female force. Exotic, tectonic, exciting and real, we hear the calls of the wild from the brave woman of worth.

karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise1 karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise2 karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise3 karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise4 karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise5 karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise6 karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise7 karolina-kurkova-stylist-disguise8