Sibui Nazarenko in ‘Sculpture’ by Andoni & Arantxa for Manifesto May / June 2014

Sibui Nazarenko goes for the win in ‘Sculpture’ by Andoni & Arantxa for Manifesto Magazine, May/June 2014. The art of beauty is often left to the runways, but here we take a detour to play. Making the ultimate connection between high fashion and fun, this combination captures our imagination. Stylist, Alberto Murtra, brings us a fusion of the spectacular with a dynamic mix of colors/texture/style. Defiant brows make their mark by taking an avant-garde approach to the artistry of the face. With runway worthy beauty by (Makeup Artist) Arianna Campa, this series energizes the power of now, and drives us toward the goal of perfection. Hairstylist, Loris Rochi, harnesses red-locks with fiercely female head-gear that rocks. From baseball to boxing and soccer to tennis, we find that through the sculptural sensation of artful application, two worlds can collide.

Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014 (1) Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-1 (1) Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-2 (1) Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-3 (1) Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-6 (1)Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-5 (1)Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-7 (1) Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-8 (1) Sibui-Nazarenko-by-Andoni-Arantxa-for-Manifesto-May-June-2014-9 (1)