Charlotte Tomaszewska in ‘Avatar’ by Kasia Bielska for K MAG No.69

Charlotte Tomaszewska captures the heart of an avant-garde warrior in ‘Avatar,’ a tantalizing tale by Kasia Bielska for K MAG No.69. Under the red smoke of silence comes the truth. Charlotte sends out a signal of chic, with captivating colors set to ignite. Stylist, Elwira Rutkowska, lets the feature unfold with edgy fashions that cover only half of her body. The Art of Beauty ignites with the smokey tones of brilliance and richness of love. A modern take on the power of pretty, (Makeup Artist) Polka Dzwigala uses the skin to soften the deep sweeps of color & craft. Hairstylist, Amadeo Wilczewski, goes natural with wispy waves of blonde to express the the curl of creation. Imagination takes hold in this stunning story that invites us to relish in the repertoire of reds.

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