Rasa Zukauskaite in ‘Morphosis’ by Lucia Giacana for ODDA Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014

Rasa Zukauskaite succumbs to mannequin mania in ‘Morphosis’ Special Prada Archives by Lucia Giacani for ODDA Magazine. Art invades with thought-provoking images that delve into the deepest part of the mind. A rich mix of curiosity and couture, (Stylist) Alba Melendo uses avant-garde fashion to inspire our imagination. One-of-a-kind pieces play the part as each outfit lends itself to the character of the story. Modern makeup unfolds with beauty so vivid we all but explode. Silvia Dell’Orto captures the porcelain perfection of Rasa’s doll like face, with dreamy features punctuated by a dynamic mouth. Galvanized by such names as Coco Chanel & Clara Bow, the decade of 1920’s became all about the dew. Hair today here tomorrow, Giovanni Errol captures the clean lines of The Bob in this celebration of vintage coiffure. Art Director, David Martin, builds a background of beauty, as human forms pop off the page in this sculpted tale of people and plastique.

Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 1Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 9 Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA MagazineRasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 3 Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 5 Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 8 Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 11 Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 14 Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis Special Prada Archives' ODDA Magazine, FallWinter 2014Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 7