Junya Watanabe’s Astro-Girls in ‘Pressure Space’ by Nicolas Coulomb for Dazed

Designer, Junya Watanabe, invites us to explore the poetry of ‘Pressure Space’ by Nicolas Coulomb for Dazed Magazine. Astro-Girls unite, as the dynamic duo of Isamaya Ffrench & Tomihiro Kono bring us into the retro-future of avant-garde fashion. Artfully referred to as the Malfunctioning Mannequins, these dolls re-devise the concept of creative. Ffrench & Kono capture our imagination with exquisite head-pieces that embrace hyper-modern beauty. The inspiration of pop madness unfolds in this powerful take on 2D effects. Haute-Couture goes high-tech as mechanical brides wear vac-packed PVC with dangerous pop-art precision. I laid my lips across my face, I darkened my eyes until they faced, the fervent fire of a red hot mouth – ready to scream & shout. One fair lip and one sad eye is all that I will tell. A lonely tale that will one day be a kiss heard ‘cross eternity. A vibrant view is cast on high with colors spinning ’round. A masterpiece of wonderment will send you off the ground. A harrowing blend of bold filled hues will tell us tales filled with secret clues. A laughing light, a flickering sight, will surely turn my soul to bright. I fight the pain… I cry the tears… I seek the love… I laugh at fears. I’ll hurt for miles and walk for days, until we meet again.

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