Eliza Cummings in ‘Kaiseki’ by Aaron Ward for Let’s Panic Magazine #2

Eliza Cummings poses in a sea of strange in ‘Kaiseki’ by Aaron Ward for Let’s Panic Magazine #2. Creative interpretation captured in the poetic energy of raw power. Drama is displayed in balletic movements of dynamic water dancing. Playing the part, she twists and turns, utterly unencumbered by the grounding of gravity. Fluid fashion floats through the air as food becomes a form of avant-garde expression. Karen Kaiser creates cuisine couture with styles that substitute for high-end sustenance. Costumes adapt to the surroundings with haute looks that are designed to defy. Swimming in a pool of surrealism, special effects are seen in the serendipity of the surroundings. Extreme art extends itself as the heart of revelation exudes hope. Like gardens of raw vegetables, life is an expression made on the pathway to other worlds. The power of pretty seen through the lens of liquid lunacy. Beauty breaks free as the face finds ways to express without the masque of makeup. Loosening herself from the ties that bind she submerges in a tub of temptation. An ode to the artistry of filmmaker, Luis Buñuel, “the marriage of the film image to the poetic image, creating a new reality…scandalous and subversive.”

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