Vogue Italia Beauty

Estelle Chen is amped up and ready for fun by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia, Beauty Supplement, June 2015. The power of pastel pops off the page with a cast of colors that celebrates the Summer. With shades of chartreuse, lemon yellow, vibrant pink and billowing blue the party rages on. Stylist, Cathy Kasterine, takes us back in time with looks by Alexander McQueen, Blumarine, Giorgio Armani & Yves Saint Laurent. Designs devour the scenery with styles perfectly poised to match surroundings. This layout fuels our passion for modern fashion while getting us veered up for the vintage show. 50’s decadence never looked so good with delicious details that make us want to devour. Invading the era, (Makeup Artist) Isamaya Ffrench stays true to the concept while kickin’ things up a few notches. Dark brows frame the face while eyes stay flush with soft lavender, light teal and pale rose. As lips explode leaving us with passionate pink, revved-up red and a nude glow. The passion of vivid mastery is seen in the power of retro beauty revived. Bright hues brush across the features as crazy combinations come to life. Hairstylist, Seb Bascle, invites the vibe with done up dews made to look like a box of coiffured colored Easter eggs. While these looks may be outta flavor now there is no denying these short/sassy wigs had their day. Each image looks like something we’ve seen, but on closer view we realize we are in for something new. Subtle on the outside with something virulent brewing just below the surface – the art of Aldridge has arrived with an editorial that sums up our feelings on the season.

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