Aline Weber by Xavi Gordo for Rabat Magazine #33, Winter 2015.16

Aline Weber dances in darkness as she drips with diamonds by Xavi Gordo for Rabat #33, W’ 15.16. A kiss on the cheek is an innocent way to set the stage for sexual play. Wielding her hypnotic power, she’s drawn to sparkle as an actress is to the stage. Stylist, Alberto Murtra, creates one of the most beguiling accessories editorials we’ve seen this season, with brilliant baubles that beguile. Fashions provide an exquisite backdrop with decadent jewels dripping over all black fabric. A taste for noir is captured in various forms, from silk, chiffon, Lycra and lace to braided leather bands. Chains cross the chest with zealous zippers, as a two-piece short set is covered with a belted overlay. Each shot is a spectacle of sensation as divine design is felt. Reveling in the body beautiful, Sonia Peña masters the art of hair/makeup by taking us from clean to supreme. Bejeweling is the star but Aline’s skin demands attention. Her face radiates with a heat so distinct we find ourselves lost in her aura. The eyes emote a seductive side, as bold brows provide a defining line. No mascara is needed as brown surrounds the lids with a highlighted hue that reaches upwards. Blush tints the cheeks one shade deeper, as the lips mimic with a berry stained bite. Sonia lets the fluidity of the hair flow free, with locks that speak to a kinder side of seduction. Enraptured by pure beauty, The Pheonix Rises as this mythical bird rests on the ribs awakening us to a new beginning.

Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_04Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_01 (1) Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_10Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_02 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_03Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_05Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_06 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_15 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_16 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_09 (1)Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_07Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_11Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_12 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_13 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_14 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_18 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_19 Aline_Weber_for_Rabat_Magazine_by_Xavi_Gordo_00