Andrew Logan in “Broken Mirrors and a Good Time” Philippe Vogelenzang, Beauty Papers

Andrew Logan is part of the art in “Broken Mirrors and a Good Time,” shot by Philippe Vogelenzang for Beauty Papers. Multi dimensional mirrors give new meaning, as each image projects a progressive construct. Calling his work, “the art of popular poetry and metropolitan glamour,” Logan embodies the spirit of a cross-cultural artist. Fluid in his ability to transition, he is famous for being able to build a conceptual playground. Like a maze of mental mastery, elements of his designs project a sense of fantasy. When done authentically magical morphing allows viewers to join the madness. Not satisfied to sneak a sleight of hand, his metamorphosis is based on something real. The cinema of collage has nothing to do with hiding, rather, it’s a complex take on character shifting. To openly move through an idea is to truly be part of the alteration process. Not solely focused on the pageantry of pretty, this speaks to something I call, “The Visual Quest”. An artistic endeavor designed to open your mind. His talents transcend the logical landscape, leading us to another place. Beauty is converted as skin is transformed. Asking us to join the madness, Pep Gay celebrates the majesty of makeup through the art of display. Graphic depictions come together to form a mouth made of many red lips. While brows are drawn in dramatic form, with one side flipping upward. Way Perry works more as a costume stylist than a fashion finder in this exquisite story set to fly. Ruffles burst up the neck as a yellow suede cape falls over the shoulders. As crystals cover the hands, cupping the face like fins of fury. Andrew sits on a billowing throne wearing a blue coronet, while tall numbers take another crown to the heights of glory. Philippe’s ode to the art of reflection; all things right… all things fine… we live our lives in the…


What that I speak is

the soul that I seek.

I wake but to find

rhythms that rhyme,

in the art-way of honor

the Haus of Divine.

Spinning and turning

this way and that,

I long for freedom

that leads to a path.

A jolt of gyration,

a collage of creation,

to silence the screams

that fulfill all my dreams.

poetic prose – tanyajo


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