Angelika Fratczak by Wilkosz & Way for Tush Magazine

Angelika Frątczak & Dasha feel their way free in “Überflächen” by Wilkosz & Way for Tush Magazine. To touch… to feel… to explore the idea of the ideal. To Long… to Esteem… that ever awaiting dream. To travel into the great unknown is the closet thing to perfection we are ever to truly know. Exquisitely tampered with artfully displayed, the unity of opposition allows us to languish in the land of distortion. Stylist, Viviane Hausstein, travels into another world where creativity speaks as all else goes silent. The fundamentals of fashion are turned on their head, as we embark on a quest of high couture. Lines of design are transposed ~ as up becomes down and in becomes out. Searching for that which we seek, one-of-a-kind pieces project unmitigated passion, showing us our true potential. The ability to see what we might be ~ works to open our mind’s Third Eye.

Skin to skin lets us in as Anne Timper bestows the beauty of the beguiling. Singularly strange, each application invites us to experience a new way to see. Features of the face are defiantly displayed, from eyes that allure to a manic mouth. Burgundy blasts off as red rages on, with over-extensions that leave lip lines ignored. Pieces of pink cascade down the neck, while color cracks, white covers ear’s front and peels off the back. The body bends letting limbs hang, exposing paint to tips of fingers. Gold bangles dangle in defiance as wrists light up with haute handcuffs. Angel’s soft hair fairs far well from swept up and clean to curls swirling down in a dream.

“All life on Earth is connected and related,” this diversity of life is the product of, “Natural Selection.” Through descent and modification, this Theory is best described as “Survival of the Fittest.” W&W are not engaging in a biological breakdown, however, the connection can not be overlooked. Evolution by Natural Selection is displayed, as Dasha mirrors the Darwinian approach.

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