Edie Campbell & Birgit Kos by Norbert Schoerner for System Magazine #8, F/W 2016

Edie Campbell and Birgit Kos borrow the line, spoken by the great Miuccia Prada, in “I Love Uniforms, They Require No Thought” by Norbert Schoerner for System Magazine #8, F/W 2016. Katie Grand brings a theme to this twisted scene, with costumed designs that are meant to please. Haute couture gets a little crazy, giving garbs an incentive to move beyond the visual realm. These items mix creative concept with contextual excess, allowing fashion to freely flow. Producer; Leigh Hurst, invites ideas to converge in such a way as to integrate these two worlds. Is there anything more compelling than a nursemaid gone dark? Set in a high-end hospital made for the mentally insane, Birgit models a defiant example of this combination, with a nun’s habit worn over a black, leather dress. Edie evokes her own kind of somber attitude, cloaked in a long habit on top and see-thru lace on the bottom. Sheer nylons run up the legs, as one picture has them both teetering on bright, blue, high-heeled shoes. This is much more than black & white colliding, this story brings to mind the idea of high level collusion. By fusing together the extreme forces of opposition they are able accomplish one artistic goal. A dizzying mix of art and excess, this story hypnotizes the mind, as we find ourselves looking into what amounts to an insane asylum. The Flickering horizonton lines bring to mind the idea of Fuzzy Logic.

Visually stimulating mentally mystifying, poetry projects a powerful picture, with opposing elements latching on to the same aesthetic extreme. Using the face as a way to energize the environment. Art exposes our instincts as Ciara O’Shea allows the inner world to make its way out. Beauty breaks free from its pristine, little box and bursts forth with a surreptitious surprise. Stealthy, new styles speak to a cosmetic shift, as distinct areas of the face have forward momentum in place. The eyes are alive with two blindingly cool choices, ranging from bold blue to a fuchsia phenomenon. Gone is the original eye-wing that extends out to one side. Now shadow is applied with a new hand, taking the tone to a whole new arena. A bloom of blush rushes over the cheeks, engendering innocence, as bold looks beguile offering a brilliant result. Pigments are painted on with an exaggerated hue, giving the palette a sense of similarity. Pink and red scream to be seen with extreme lip shades that compliment each other while still coming off with edge. Syd Hayes has some fun with habits, dressing these divine characters in a dizzying array of altered head-gear. A strict, nurse cap follows the rules, while a nun’s habit has red fabric bleeding from the front. Braids are made to baffle with an eye patch, arm sling and head veil all making the message delightfully confusing. But that’s the beauty of true art, the most significant pieces are those that leave us scratching our heads… Enjoy Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons in conversation with Jonathan Wingfield and photographs by Juergen Teller, in the Everybody Loves Miuccia Issue.

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