Maren Behringer in “The Sleeper Awakes” by Chloé Le Drezen for Off Black Magazine, F/W 2016

Maren Behringer in “The Sleeper Awakes” by Chloé Le Drezen for Off Black Magazine, F/W 2016. Art breaks as beauty awakes to the subtle tones of tomorrows light…. and there we’ll find in the moonshine of our minds, what once was lost is now but found. Fashion was at one time a staple of style that was only used to cover the body. But now we see passion is present, as each piece is a projection of hope. The Limerick rhythms that dance in rhyme are poetic prose we read in time. The past reflects upon itself in the sinuous circles that spin themselves around. Grace Joel goes daring with designs, allowing each piece to tell a story. Yuhan Wang takes us to the pearly gates, with one precious pearl dangling down. Wowing us with his forward fashions, Wang follows an ethereal bodysuit with his green elbow-length gloves. In a top by Toga and black knickers by Helena Monzano, A.V. Robertson continues the theme with a bold blend of edgy accouterments. The body bends as Behringer lets her hands dangle down, with grey striped gloves showing forth all around.

Wearing a piece that appears like a work of modern art. Janny Yingyi Yi creates a giant sculptural suit that swirls around the upper torso, leaving doughnut like holes for the arms to eject through. Exploring the story of dressing, “This Is The Uniform,” works as a yellow overlay ~ that plays with the naked eye. Tone, touch and texture keep us on our toes, with the tactile nature that allows conceptual content to connect. Weaving in/out we capture the moving flow, with a blouse by Isa Arfen and an over-dress by Matar. Dark is anything but dreary, as amped-up imagery invites us to thrive. Art evokes a sense of spirit, as Ksenia Galina uses the features of the face to entice our imagination. “Clara Bow punctuated black/white cinema with her gothic lips & powdered skin.” Maren mimics the Roaring Twenties, with a current take on that dramatic makeup look. Eyes are naked, except brows that appear shaved off and redrawn on, in the thinnest possible form. Her lips are painted to the extreme with an arching “cupid’s bow” that accentuates the famed look of the era. Tomomi Roppongi drives the drama home with hair that hints at a modern bob. Straight bangs give the illusion of innocence, while flowing locks feel like something more. Through the pearly gates of winter I say a fond farewell… as what was lost by now is found as we deign to follow this to fertile ground.