Gaïa Orgeas in “Fragments of a Portrait” by Rory Payne for Beauty Papers S/S 2017

Gaïa Orgeas reaches inside to find the “Fragments of a Portrait” by Rory Payne for Beauty Papers, S/S 2017. Windows fog with temperatures in flux, as an altered body rhythm leaves her in a trance like state. Under the misty clouds of chaos there comes a kind of truth. Features fall against the glass, as tints transfers off her skin, making it appear as if beauty is melting. Steamed heat never looked so chic as her body frame is seen through layers of fallen mist. To Find Within You the Freedom to Rise. To be open to the undulating rhythms of life. To be burrowing toward a viciousness that can’t be undid. To be salivating on the skin of another, like and animal sizing up its prey. We stand here in the shadows of ourselves. Hoping we can get a view of something kinder than we portray. Giving something greater than we get. Helping those who don’t have the same. Forging ahead by allowing the superiority of the mind to take its rightful place. Eclipsing those false bearers for whom have forever stood in a place of unrightful earnings. Ethereal imagery is captured behind the misty clouds of steam. Through the open act of exposure we come to understand ourselves.

Air exudes from the lungs in invisible form allowing the vaporous yearnings of breathe to appear. The steam rises up the fairways of life, as heat beats against the glass, providing a picture of pure passion. Gaia’s body speaks allowing misty layers of ethereal energy to devour each scene. Moving fast past sensual pleasure, this story seems to be seeking salvation. Like a creature crawling, her limbs lean on the glass, lithely moving from this shot to the next. Each image is an invitation, while making us feel like a voyeur in training. Naked beauty awaits as colors of creation awake. Maxine Leonard captures the animalistic nature of the story by moving past makeup proper. I am awestruck by the ravaging beauty of her face. We see one clear shot of her skin not masked by fog, and in that exquisite photo all questions are answered. Screaming in silence her eyes speak with solemnity, sacred yet yearning. Strikes of paint crash over the face, while flashes of color are cast across the body. Unknown aspects of intrigue are felt through misty layers of steamed heat. Like a dramatic piece set to stage ~ curtains rise on the theatre of the face. Following thespians from early Greek times, Leonard captures the primal nature of this story by moving past makeup proper. Greasepaint was the product name in place of cosmetics prior to the second World War, as this story celebrates that dramatic application style. The skin palate is sheathed in white like a character from a Victorian play.

When your spirit is high from the honesty of which you breed and sanctity is bestowed upon the baron child of tomorrow’s load… seek out for whence we came a bright day but be in our future… if we may stay in the false light of promised hope… instead I say follow back the will of your own and seek thee upon my wishes that which will make you whole again.   poetic prose – tanyajo

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