Jennae Quisenberry in “Perspective” by Matthew Sprout for The Impression, Spring 2017.

Jennae Quisenberry speaks through the tulle of temptation in “Perspective” shot by Matthew Sprout for The Impression, Spring 2017. From Behind I but find you’re fair haired and fine… From Behind I imagine a love intertwined… From Behind I seek solace from the shadows of strain… From Behind I stand silent alone and in pain. Suffer, but I shall not be a buffer from the storm ~ I shall awaken your inner fire and stir those adorned. I will take you on a trip to a land never known a faraway place where hope is forlorn. A destination of spirit filled with divine ~ a palace that lives in the corners of my mind.

Shelter Me I call to The… my protector from the storm. But is the ME I see forever borne to be the spirit that is SHE. Noble beauty bares out the mark of honesty. Sheer Fabrics fall over the skin offering up a see-thru silhouette. Under the cloth of transparency garments give way to a new view. The skin speaks in silent whispers as the subtle curves scream to be heard. Jaime Kay Waxman offers forward fashions, simple in design yet cohesive in creative structure. Like prose of poetry set to symphonic rhythms, so are fabrics that frame out the body. Stirring the embers of anomaly I fight to find another world. Where all is right in the amber light, but as the dawn of dark embarks, the slow glow is gone.

Translucent memories are made under the temperament of change. Beauty doth witness the dreams of delight as all things go silent in the dead of the night. Naked makeup is done with depth perception as Georgi Sandev offers it forth with a distinction of change. A pass of powder keeps the face looking fresh, while well defined brows provide an archway to the eyes. To feel the fluidity of her features, is to experience them like an instrument of energy. Mirrored imagery projects forth an element of surprise as sultry figures signify the Power of Perspective. Like a pristine shiny penny… that which is old will be new again. Evocative, provocative, powerful and real – her red lips exist to honor the sexual spirit that lives in every living thing. The Fire of the Female Spirit Ignites as the Flame of Unity Burns Bright. Jennae’s intoxicating eyes arise in surprise cast over a caravan of clean skin. While the shadow side meets its nemesis of contention, as the inner light is projected as a source of strength. Joey George captures a rockabilly vibe with a 40’s inspired Victory Roll done to perfection.

Through the archways of existence I see my other side, a narrow view of something new is that which I doth stride. The Winter of My Discontent is a place I long to be, a somber town of sultry sounds are waiting there for me. A fury of futility finds itself pawing at the windows of waste. I want, I will, I shan’t, I can’t, I won’t, I don’t I dare to care. Caressing the caucus of our creation captures a symbol of our cognition. Art and excess combine to create a unifying umber of efficacy. The cinder blocks of beauty all bare out the buoyancy of brutal truth. Tenuous time ticking in allotted perfection… allowing for us mere mortals to drive our dreams home. Striving to find the vantage point of life. To take but a mere thought and turn it into a derivative of truth.  poetic prose – tanyajo

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