Shujing Zhou in “Tiblisi Journal” by Tim Wong for

Shujing Zhou presents a story of personal discovery in “Tbilisi Journal” by Tim Wong for When you choose to explore another section of the world you set in motion the idea of integration. You are invoking a universal form of shared response. That’s to say, when walking on the sacred grounds of society we must be mindful of our journey. Probing, searching, seeking to find what’s inside the collective mind. There’s been many a story done with the intention to interrupt the status quo. To go into an environment and literally wake up the surroundings. Poetic and precise, each image is flooded with a true depiction of how it is to live in this land. Tiblisi tells a tale steeped in history. Haute couture brings in both the modern and vintage flavor profiles. A powerful combination. When done with the intent to honor, it captures the best parts of humanity. Wong threads together a picture of pure poetry. By integrating every aspect of the elements, he pays tribute to the past while honoring the future. Historically preserved buildings made with authentic materials, are mixed with more recently added accouterments. Art Director; Declan Chan, weaves in a mosaic of modern designs, surrounded by a series of architectural riches. A merging of the miraculous happens, with a combination so delicious the ingredients will make your mouth water.

An amalgamation of art and intent integrates, combining the best of both worlds. With powerful pieces comes timely choices. First they’ve gone with no makeup. It’s easy to overlook this fact when you have a model with such strong features, makeup might impair the story-line, however, how often do we see an editorial layout that has forgone that element of staging. I find it utterly compelling, and endlessly interesting. Art starts first with intention. A bold assumption followed by a flood of facts (the two not always complimentary), true artists will always use surprise to secure interest.

Throughout the years many great writers have drown in a pool of precision. Fighting to find the right word, dangerously digging to unearth hidden gems. That one conceptual construct sure to make the piece ~ music to the proverbial mind. However, the one thing that I, and my talented cohorts, forgot is that we are on the same trip ~ A Pilgrimage for Prose. In an effort to avoid the unimaginative, we struggle to secure our sanity. That’s to say in that virulent battle we fight to preserve the right to expound. To use the external arena as a way to access the inner world. And, while you might say that a great writer shouldn’t need such support. I’d say that any great creator would use the tools at his/her disposal. Anything less would be a craft crime. We allow the written language to be a vessel of change. And. while that may sound prosaic, what I mean is that words carry with them the undeniable ability to transform a reader. They can infect you in the most profound ways. Forever changing you in the form of prose or a genuine line of poetry proper. Just as you stare at the dimensions of poignant painting or walk on a wood floor made by a master craftsman. Allowing the mastery of their efforts to compel you, you are at once moved and stricken still.

Walking through the well worn streets I see a stone manor, with marble pillars set high framing the building with such stately appeal. The festival of high fashion begins In a dark, floral patterned Attico’s dress and duel sided Louis Vuitton boots made of black/tan leather. Ani Datukishvili deliver drama with a dark leather jacket while Kenzo comes in with a black skirt and a matching bra-top. The power of pink pops by Emilio Pucci, while bright colors continue on with a yellow dress lined with a fur-trim by Prada. Balenciaga blows us away with a teal shirt-dress cinched while leather goes on forever as fab boots ride like leggings. Her languid figure frames the tree with limbs taking shape, wearing a muted yellow dress and red booties by Céline. Lasha Jokhadze leaves us in awe as we peer over the splendor of this wonderful piece. A sheer overlay exposes what’s below, as the white gown flows in fluid motion. Over her shoulder there’s a silk, fitted shawl with a pearled finished. The exquisite nature of this piece is projected in the single, red bird flying over the right shoulder. Opening it’s wing span in a wide release, the nuance of every details is seen as… The Spirit of the Eagle Awaits it’s Moment.

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