Cajsa Wessberg by Markus Jans for Tush Magazine Issue 41

Cajsa Wessberg climbs to a thrilling high in “Extreme” by Markus Jans for Tush Magazine, Issue #41. Embarking on a journey to touch the sky. We could speak about the spectacle of story or we could let our body discover the visual sound. Beauty is stretched to it’s furthest point, only to retract in perfect form. A spectacle is waiting to be seen as Loni Baur brings forth a cosmetic circus. Movement takes hold with stills that appear like live art installation. Photographs appear like moving pictures as each image is brimming with artistic intention. Boldness flows while calmness retreats allowing us to settle in the land of lunacy. Tone and texture are artfully bound swirling in symphonic surround.

Her naked skin is a garden for which all will grow ~ from one side normal viewing casually consumes, but one step to the left and a blue flower blooms. Delicious distortion comes a calling, from behind the wall of water we see half of Cajsa is transformed. Sneaking a peak through the clear glass, blue blasts as fantasy-lashes flash. Wildly unique yet decidedly distinct, the strangeness we embrace is like the aire that we breath. Light pores over her skin falling like liquid sunshine, proving a simple image can be transformed into an abstract masterpiece. This source plays an important role, but here we see Markus effect the outcome through camera movement. A provocative take on the process of picture making. Each click captures the poetry of motion by allowing the shots to speak.

Taking a page out of the Jackson Pollock handbook, we could say her face got Pollocked, as the paint appears to smear over her eye. The result is captivating. A metamorphosis takes shape as mutating is the name of the game. The art of amalgamation explodes aiming to move beyond altering, and truly transform. When beauty basks in the light of lunacy, we are left with makeup that moves like a misshapen mystery. We watch her go through any number of visual barriers, not just changing but truly converting. To Taste… is to Touch… the Tip of Your Tongue with True Pleasure… To Feel… is to Peel… the Many Layers of Judgement Away from the Page. The visual is exciting the message is “Extreme” ~ this tale is a testament of truth.