Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear Collections

Fashion is exposed in a fantasy of riches as we celebrate the Spring 2018 Season with style. A tale of truth told on the tightrope of tomorrow. We watch them walk down the runway with unyielding strength. Raw energy emanates from the stage, as the story unfolds with an undulating rhythm. There’s a quiet stillness that settles in the room. An undercurrent of calmness radiates throughout each show, as each one moves with visual mastery. Every collection tells it’s own tale, as I find myself captivated by the connectedness that bring them together.

COMME des GARÇONS gives us a new take on Victorian styling by expanding on the architecture of modern fashion. Guerrilla inspired graffiti takes sartorial shape, as elements of urban living are artfully expressed over each piece. Big bustles brand this look with a variety of fabrics, appearing as if they’ve been painted on. The concept is oddly frenetically yet wildly graceful, as the collection crashes into creative inspiration. Out of the material madness one enigmatic image emerges… An Angel Appears. Rei Kawakubo’s fantastical story showcases the poetically strange, as an alabaster beauty wearing a white dress and matching overcoat comes walking down the runway only to expose ~ Wings ~ below.

Haider Ackermann captures a sense of rigid recklessness in one of the most cohesive shows put to stage. The models strut down the runway, wearing a compelling combination of tight fitting leather and free flowing silk. Black, red and white blend in sheer beauty with clean lines that are anything but restrictive. Saint Laurent has it’s signature sass with styles that speak to 70’s chic. Silk shorts and leather minis mimic the era, with looks that hark back to a time of excess and expressionism. Tiny on the bottom voluminous on top, we watch as leather, silk and fur burst out in a balloon of beauty. Junya Watanabe is a brilliant brand. He uses similar shapes to give you that feeling of couture comfort – but then miraculously moves you to the next level. This year’s unique addition of camouflaged fabrics was done by blending the existing framework of his high fashion brand.

Alice took a left at wonderland and ended up in the land of high fashion magic. Thom Browne flashes a blast of primary pastels, with a wistful mix of merriment and madness. This collection captures our imagination with a stunning take on childhood fantasy. Misshapen madness ensues, as a down filled dress wraps tightly around the body only to connect to a shape that encircles the head. Disco balls fall from the sky, as disco domes wear like helmets on high. An ethereal unicorn appears, held up by a band of avant-garde angles.

Like a musician playing notes, Yohji Yamamoto brings forth a brilliant blend of fabric casting. The craft of true couture is the ability to rise above what is expected. To be able to be inside of each style, to the extent that you can move organically through each piece. That is the experience I have when viewing his works. Every unique decision is made with an abundance of care. What might appear simple upon first glance, is anything but, when you get close to his clothing. I find my eyes caressing each image, always surprised as I never tire of his brilliant folds. His collection has been kept to a color minimum, allowing the viewers to get lost in the exquisite designs.

There is no equivocation, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood SS ’18 collection, is a headliner. Operatic in it’s fluid movements, each choreographed scene was like a show within a show. Each pass had it’s own story to tell with eclectic styling unlike we’ve seen. Colors were cast over the skin in chaotic format, from a red circle formed around the eye, to screaming scarlet that ripped across the lips. A folly of fashion and fun, deconstruction had it’s day with an exquisite mix of miss-matched madness. We were left to wonder the message, as one hand print was left over the model’s face. A much a theatrical event as a runway show, this performance raised the bar, as we viewed each as a scene from the stage.

The runway feels synonymous, not disjointed rather connected. Haute Couture en route… where one show ends the other begins. That has always been my fantasy of high fashion. When the models feel less like walking zombies and more like carriers of couture. This is an exciting time to be involved in fashion. An organic movement that happens but once in a great while. As I’ve watched the industry evolve over these many years, I’ve been privileged to observe the evolution of avant-garde artistry. Taking a view from above, these images gathered at purple Fashion, showcase some of this season’s most compelling runway spectacles with thrilling aplomb. The art of physical expression is captured as these shows take us into the future.

Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018
ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 1 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 3 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 5 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 11 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 13 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 15 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 17 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 18 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 20 ANN DEMEULEMEESTER SS 2018 22Runway Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018 15Runway Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018 2Runway Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018 6Runway Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018 12556Runway Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018 19Runway Ann Demeulemeester SS 2018

Yohji Yamamoto SS 2018
Runway Yohji Yamamoto SS 2018 15YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 116Runway Yohji Yamamoto SS 2018 23445634YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 1YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 117 Runway Yohji Yamamoto SS 2018 249YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 13Runway Yohji Yamamoto SS 2018 345YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 11234Runway Yohji Yamamoto SS 2018 2YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 112Runway Yohji Yamamoto SS 2018 234667577YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 14YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS 2018 17

Junya Watanabe SS 2018junya watanabe ss 2018Runway Junya Watanabe SS 2018 junya watanabe ss 2018 2 junya watanabe ss 2018 12 junya watanabe ss 2018 15 junya watanabe ss 2018 16Runway Junya Watanabe SS 2018 102Runway Junya Watanabe SS 2018 100Runway Junya Watanabe SS 2018 101Runway Junya Watanabe SS 2018 104Runway Junya Watanabe SS 2018 106Runway Junya Watanabe SS 2018 110

Haider Ackermann SS 2018
haider ackerman ss 2018 56haider ackerman ss 2018 58haider ackerman ss 2018 59Runway Haider Ackermann SS 2018Runway Haider Ackermann SS 2018 60Haider Ackermann SS 2018 2334Haider Ackermann SS 2018 4Haider Ackermann SS 2018 22Haider Ackermann SS 2018 9Haider Ackermann SS 2018 2Haider Ackermann SS 2018 10

Saint Laurent SS 2018Saint Laurent SS 2018Saint Laurent SS 2018 2Saint Laurent SS 2018 10Saint Laurent SS 2018 13Saint Laurent SS 2018 6Saint Laurent SS 2018 9Saint Laurent SS 2018 4Saint Laurent SS 2018 3Saint Laurent SS 2018 14

Comme des Garçons SS 2018
Comme des Garçons SS 2018Comme des Garçons SS 2018 0023Comme des Garçons SS 2018 3Comme des Garçons SS 2018 23Comme des Garçons SS 2018 11Comme des Garçons SS 2018 12Comme des Garçons SS 2018 0011Comme des Garçons SS 2018 8818Comme des Garçons SS 2018 00 14Comme des Garçons SS 2018 14Comme des Garçons SS 2018 25Comme des Garçons SS 2018 18Comme des Garçons SS 2018 27

Thom Browne Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 20Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 5505Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 18Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 27Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 23Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 7Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 2Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 5Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 011Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 033Runway Thom Browne SS 2018 022Runway Thom Browne SS 2018

Vivienne Westwood SS 2018VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 20183VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 1 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 5 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 6 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 8 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 13 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 14Runway Vivienne Westwood SS 2018Runway Vivienne Westwood SS 2018 119Runway Vivienne Westwood SS 2018 140 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 18VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 22VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SS 2018 21