Anna Lisa in “Under Water” by Catherine Louis for Vogue Ukraine, February 2018

Anna Lisa exhales as plumes of yellow smoke make an oral escape in “Under Water” by Catherine Louis for Vogue Ukraine, February 2018. Submerged in cinematic display, colors collide, as each shot is an expression of visual spectacle. Embracing the art of avant-garde expression, Lisa loses her mind as she finds her soul spirit. A blast of yellow smoke comes billowing out of her mouth, as a plumage of pure pretty creates a pillowing effect. Through the clear water we watch as clouds of beauty escape the oral orifice. She bares the oceanic barrier, freely breathing out to expel the excess. These shots tell a unique story. Each image is highly independent yet exceedingly connected, all fusing to form a cinematic spectacle. Floating free her spirits start to rise as she sinks down into a bubbling surprise.

Mystic makeup takes a stand in celebration of the spirit grande. A tale of truth told in poetic form ~ our senses are the seers of the soul. Our eyes are the explorers, allowing us to make sense of the world around us. These sensors are what we use to identify and excavate our deepest feelings. Inducing these varying systems to be part of a sentient experience. Moving past the position of purveyor and onto the Art of a Seer. Sense Memory invites us to experience this editorial through the act of mental stimulation. Taking us past seeing and onto that of open expression. The spectral field of oral, tactile, aromatic & auditory, lend to the display of visual distinction. Allowing us to take in the imagery while experiencing the sentient memory of taste, touch, feel and smell. Holding her breath she descends in a sea of sheer wonder.

Tiziana Raimondo tells a tale of temptation through her compelling use of modern cosmetics. Colors are caste across the skin in a unique combination, allowing us to embrace the fullness of this sentient story. Primary shades pop off the page as brightness completes this vivid display. Raimondo covers the entire lid area with strikes of neon blue. So intense is this shadows’ splendor, it plays against the lips in an extravagant way. Beyond bold this is a spectacle of pigment. Like paint on a palate, this is makeup that’s made to mystify. Nothing adheres to any rules or stays within the boundaries of proper beauty. This is a meeting of skin and shade, what comes next is a mystery made. Colors crash in a cosmetic cluster, blending over the face in a fusion format. The following combination is pure genius. A scarlet hue blasts through the nude, leaving a defiant mark over half of the brow. Beckoning us to the lids… these abstract eyes ask that we become the wings, while black shadow is marked by skin showing through. Lisa’s mouth goes from flawless application to smeared perfection. As cherry-red bleeds outside the lines she holds between her lips a golden coin. Staring in this underwater show she closes her eyes and lets herself go… in the earthly aires of dreams delights comes a shiny, gold coin that will light up the night.  pp – tanyajo