Harley Weir for Re-Edition Magazine #10

Ellis is shot in silver in “Would You Get In?” by Harley Weir for Re-Edition Magazine #10, A/W 2018. Silver radiates off her skin as she stands in the middle of a pasture, damp from the morning dew. The fog lifts to show an equestrian friend posing off in the distance, like a shadow in the wind. Connecting with the female spirit, we follow a bevy of beautiful women as they lose themselves in the loveliness of the land. This is not a story that sings the praises of face makeup, it’s a tale about the artful application of body paint. Ellis is an enigma. Blending into the background while simultaneously sticking out. Each picture presents a sense of stifled stimulation. The energy emits from her being as she quietly attacks the commonality of her surroundings. Woman Rise Up in Preparation to Fly. Standing at the center of rightful independence we collectively feel their spirit soar. Triumphant in unity. Hope is heralded as a prophecy is foreshadowed. Truth comes calling. To the Collective Powers that Be… Come Together to Embrace the Spirit of WeHarley explores the fluidity of fashion through a series of creative ideas cast from, The Concept of She.

Beauty Ninja, Anne Sophia Costa celebrates the artful application of body paint, as silver skin blends right in while tones of gold follow the same mold. This process tosses the idea of pretty to the wayside, instead focusing on the fluidity of fashion. Beauty brands itself by capturing the consistency of color in both the body-art and fabric. Art is the essence of beauty… and beauty the essence of becoming. This is a tale about feminine beauty. Soojin Chang shows us that she is a performance artist first. Her face is covered in chalk-white while her eyes are encircled a dusty rose. Embodying both the physical and mental, Soojin explores ” visual worlds that occupy a mythical sense of time.” Each look is evocative while maintaining a parallel counterpart to the organic surround. The skin is resplendent. Gilded in an aurelian glow, silver spreads itself in a steely show.

Lotta Volkova redefines the idea of stand-out styles, as if to follow the conceptualization of Costa’s dynamic cosmetics. This editorial is a collective of the creative. Brandishing fashion as if it were an avant-garde weapon. These evocative designs defy our idea of common, thereby making way for a more mental approach to clothing proper. So enticing they could steal the show. Instead high fashion evolves into a kind of neo-cathartic chaos. Each shot runs on pure instinct. The tactile appearance of the fabrics provide a sense of symbiosis with the surroundings, while translucent dressing gowns go from day to night. Garments give us a sense of connection. Sohyun Jung celebrates the art of the skin as captured in a shot of see-thru chiffon. A vast array of sinewy shapes give way to the soil which they came. Set among natures backdrop we are witness to the beauty of being.

Layers of creativity fall over the curves clinging to the skin as they echo from within. The Spirit of She lifts us up and takes us to another dimension. Dragging us out of the monotony of daily life and into another world. A metamorphosis is afoot. Like a manifestation of our wildest dreams… Art Erupts in the Advent of Extreme. Garments present a sense of connection that bursts forth in a fusion of high fashion. Divine designs create an otherworldly dimension. Truth gives rise to the art of display daring to celebrate the beauty of decay. Like an unveiling of something strangely divine… art is the coming of the sublime. This neo-novelty is a tempering of transition thereby making way for a transformation. An altered approach to the novelty of change. Here distortion leads to variation leading us to revision and then finally finding to our final destination.

Revelation Leads to Revolution