Alexandra Agoston by Yulia Gorbachenko for Harper’s Bazaar España July 2019

Alexandra Agoston immerses herself In the Immensity of ‘En La Inmensidad’ by of Yulia Gorbachenko for Harper’s Bazaar España, July 2019. Shot in the Bolivan Salt Flats (know as the Solar De Uyuni), these artful captures play with the concept of spacial notion. This exquisite mise en scene provides a powerful look at the natural surroundings. Alexandra appears to float on the water in the middle of the ocean, while long limbs travel up and over the land’s edge. She’s one with her succulent surroundings. The backdrop appears like a staged scene from a theatrical play, with panoramic views so idyllic, one would wonder… is it real? Far from inanimate objects, these are sources of cinematic pleasure. They fill our philosophical needs while they feed our hungry minds. Looming large, the female body stands against the masses of land, sky and sea. Earth’s oasis is embraced, allowing us to view this stunning, geographic spectacle through a unique lens. Towering over the mountain backdrop she becomes one with the undulating rhythm of the landscape. Compelling images embrace the Art of Illusion. Taken at abstract angles they give us the impression that she is a Goddess on this earthly plain.

Gorbachenko invites us to view this canvas through the lens of trick photography. And, while I adhere to the language proper, I take umbrage with the idea of a trick being played. The use of this word is rather to instill the notion of deceiving the eye rather that the mind. We are aware that people cannot walk on water, or that, she is not taller that the mountains-cape that looms behind her. However, it’s the exquisite eye of Yulia that gives us the opportunity to see this beauty through a different lens. I am awe-struck by her talent. Here, I’m not merely a hungry audience member, I am part of the dynamic process. She takes us beyond the typical viewing mode by inviting us inside the imagery itself. What might present as merely scenes to explore, morphs before our eyes. Art emerges into truth viewed over earth’s precious surfaces. This exposé materializes in surprising ways as the energy seems to almost rises up before our eyes.

She is Sister of the Sea… Lover of Land… One With the Sky… One With the Sand. The character of the clouds become one with the sensual sweeps of the sea, as the languid lines of the land luxuriate in-between. Beaming light dances off of every height, catching her beauty in earthy delight. Her blue eyes brighten the sky as her skin glistens in the sun. We watch in awe this free exchange of beauty. Land and Humanity feed off one another. The wisdom of the sea reaches into the inner sanctum of you and me. There we are touched by something bigger than ourselves. The sanguine waters of time stands still. Challenging our notion of will. We are one with the land that feeds us and the earth that provides us. We are thinking animals. Minds alive with intellectual energy that we can pass on to the universe. Our passion is the virtuous undertaking of our earthly endeavors. If you find yourself lost in-between this world and beyond. Tap into the transient notion of time. It is art that will shelter you from the cold and love that will lift you into the earthly fold.

Flying over head we get a rare view of Fashion. Sandy Armeni uses billowing fabrics to fly in sync with the sky, as see-thru silks glisten on the skin. Crystal accessories catch the rays as thick, gold links fall down her back. Hanging off the necklace end, a diamond encrusted Chanel bauble dangles in quiet eruption. Close your eyes on this journey to the sky. All ideas of spacial conformity must be expanded. Conceptual perspective is a limitless ride. Open your mind and explore. Moving beyond the normal walls of retreat we are met with potential unrealized. Is it the artful reflection of time undiscovered and truth not yet displayed? Or, in fact, is it just a mind game? Her ever long legs lead us on a pathway to personage. Beauty is so complete we are enraptured by the spirit of the sky… moved by the motion of the sea… lifted by the firmness of the land. We are beings of light captured by earth’s appeal. Every colorful beam catches the waves giving off a glow of promise. Caught in a pattern of poetic intent, we are whisked away to discover we belong to the grand ecosystem of being. Our thoughts hardly matter yet are so distinctly profound as humanity’s intention is of earth and ground.

We Are Not Above It… We Are Part of It… We Are Nothing and We Are Everything.

distant sounds

go round

dancing strong

along the sea

wake the human race

an ancient act

forever free

deep waters

travel down

making contact

fertile ground

feed the spirit

soothe the soul

find your truth

make you whole

safe journey

my friend

I will see you

in the end

for there

we will find

this is the beginning


poetic prose – tanyajo