Sasha Belyaeva by Elizaveta Porodina for Vogue Russia August 2019

Sasha Belyaeva stuns us into submission shot by Elizaveta Porodina for Vogue Russia, August 2019. Working as an activist, singer and model, Sasha dares to embrace the blurry lines of being. Pictures emit a powerful presence oozing with enigmatic essence. Dark and light collide as this brilliant story exalts the beauty of living between. Shining Lights from Far and Wide Will Take You on a Spirit Ride. Brilliance Breaks as Time Doth Take Us to a Place of Pure Perfection. Creativity compels us to commit ourselves to a higher purpose. Art is a Revolution. From Here to There and all Around Come and Join the Serendipitous Sound.

Fashion Editorial, Alexander Zoobrilin, uses high design as a story telling device. Fashion doesn’t lay across the body, in a bid to look beautiful. It reaches beyond, beckoning us to a higher place. Luring us into a state of simply being. The fluidity of Zoobrilin’s choices allows the power to be directed from the imagery. This projects a sense of symmetry with the surroundings. Sasha stuns us senseless in a black, Bottega Veneta Bodysuit, that shows only a hint of skin. Floral stems surround her neck, while a flood of flowers comes rushing overhead. Colorful buds are in bloom, laying against a blunt-cut Green, Bob. Porodina has interjected a blurred component to the story, placing Sasha behind a pane of glass covered with fresh drips of rain. This imagery gives a layered effect, working as an extension of the expression.

This is a fusion of high fashion fabulous. Salvatore Ferragamo gives us a seaweed-shade, leather pantsuit topped with a green Gucci coat. A floral Miu Miu dress comes with biker boots, while an all black Dior pantsuit stands alone. Stella McCartney invites in the mystic elements with a long, yellow gown with fluid fabric that flies around. The most flawless fabric statement here, is a powerful, Pucci Raincoat with high boots, in matching patterns. The look is magnificent. It is literally one of those rare designs that doesn’t come with an era attached. It will for now and forever be terminally in-style. To be able to dig into the depths of a decade without getting mired in the madness of that time period. That is quite an accomplishment.

Porodina projects an otherworldly element to the long, flowing Moncler by Pierpaolo Piccioli garment. Deigning to embrace the ethereal nature of the soft, puffy skirt, Sasha appears to be floating in aire. The floor beneath her has a mirrored effect, lending to the illusion. Pink petals play against the green background, as an enlarged image comes into view. A transparent flower takes up residence, floating atop the puffed-up skirt. In front of a wall of sage her bluish hair turns a sea-green shade. Each look is unique, while they all seem to flow in a cohesive blend. These are costumes electric. Dynamic designs that redefine what it means to dress. Walking, talking works of art. Statements of high style that can motivate a generation. That’s why when I read about a visionary, like Sasha, I find myself to be truly inspired. Celebrating the industry with an open mind, I’m not surprised she chose to do it with such artistic prowess. To be of the moment is to call on the clarity of both the past and the future. We are a fluid people. Time doesn’t begin or end, it only flows from this moment to the next.

When I read about Sasha starting Models in Control, I was as proud as I can express. I don’t speak about it often, but my decade long jaunt into the world of fashion/modeling, taught me the importance of personal power. My entire journey as a writer, has been dedicated to the art of exploring and the act of exposing, through an intellectual medium. That means not only speaking up but acting out. That is the action of a Brave and Nobel Woman. She sought to protect a section of her community that was under-protected. I for one find that to be remarkable. I’m not one to put labels on someone. But, on the face of it this powerful, your woman seems to me to be a genius. Someone who might appear to be chaotic, as her interests run so deep. But she, like most of us, is merely trying to fulfill her destiny. I say Brava!

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