Anna Mila Guyenz in ‘Dreamlike Beauty’ by Greg Swales for Vogue Taiwan August 2019

Anna Mila Guyenz finds herself phased by the elegant waves in ‘Dreamlike Beauty’ by Greg Swales for Vogue Taiwan, August 2019. A Bird of Beauty She Flies on High Spreading Her Wings to Meet the Sky. Garbed in gorgeous attire, Anna appears to have a wingspan of glorious proportion. Ruffles roar as feather fly giving the fabrics a winged illusion. Colors mimic the bird’s plumage as the contours of these designs are defined as if in flight. Shyness begone. This is the time to show off. In silent sleep all things are deep, as in darkness all things are equal. Truth unveils itself. This is a life beyond what we know, based on a truth we have yet to learn. To understand is to escape the reality of the wretched by climbing the catacombs of comprehension. Reaching to meet the height of all heights… today I will tear down the walls of chaos. Seeking Answers… Seeking Oneness… Seeking Unity… Seeking Self. Today I will climb the mountain of truth. This is a parable of possibility. This is a FUNCTION OF FAITH.

Melina Chen is the conductor of this piece, playing a symphony of visual sound. It’s a soothing story meant to elicit a sense of synergy with the surroundings. Soft fabrics float through the aire on a cloud of many colors. Silks caress the mind in billowing shades of purple, pink, green and black. The drama of design is defined as dresses stand in front of a wall of tonal likeness. A naked base plays across the face with ethereal shades that stick with the notes of the story. Emily Mergaert’s makeup palate merges with the dynamic designs. The ethereal lightness of being is engaged, as pillows of pastel move through each page. The skin is akin to an accessory of sorts, as the subtly of application allows fashion it’s moment to shine. Beauty becomes a melodic enhancer, letting the couture take center stage. Don’t mistake my words, this is anything but boring. This is a cosmetic carrier. The image is intensified with makeup that amplifies the story-line. Haute-pink lips hit a high note as she plants a kiss on the netted overlay that covers her face. Beauty grows behind a Veil of fantasy. Allowing mystery to take shape.

The undeniable art of being tells us that true beauty cannot be denied. To caress with your eyes the loveliness of her skin. Here pretty falls short. Hers is of another kind of beauty that lives outside the lines. It’s reckless in all the right ways. There’s a restrained wildness in her eyes. It will fade for those who want to merely gorge on her beauty. But, will bloom for those willing to look deep. The fullness of her mouth mends with the quietness of her eyes. Allow yourself to be taken by her fire. Her strength and savage beauty is at it’s purest point. If we were to expand our mind’s eye we would be so moved by her natural evolution. Instead, we are forced to believe that she is this forever and forever this she will be. It’s intellectually limiting. So, please don’t limit me… I intend to expand my mind as I go. Anna’s masterful beauty stands as a masterpiece.

Night falls over light enticing the mind to succumb. Waves wash over body inviting beauty to become. This is your time. This is your place. This is the mountain of ever lasting grace. Climb high to the sky claim your time… claim your why. Time unveiled… Art unleashed… Truth exhaled… Love complete. Of Will Of Right Of This I Write ~ A Bird of Virtue Soaring Ever Higher in Winged Flight.  prose – tjo

‘Dreamlike Beauty’