Bea Sweet’s Brings ‘Sci-Fi Glamour’ to Beauty Papers Magazine

Laura Schoenmakers & Natie Nowak channels the psychic forces of high fashion, in ‘Sci-Fi Glamour‘ by Carlijn Jacobs for Beauty Papers Issue #7. Art by nature is an amalgamation of emotions. This excites the senses. Moving through the visual medium landing somewhere in the realm of the mental. Mysterious meanderings takes us on a trip through the collective mind. As we travel we embrace the evocative nature of nuance. This is a tantalizing tale. Bea Sweet celebrates the future with makeup that brings beauty forward. A mutant hue sets up the story, with skin shades morphing with metallic overtones. Laura’s entire skin structure is silver with orange lips that match her hooded hair. Filmic fantasy gives low-budget beauty it’s rightful due, as Bea covers every inch of her face/neck reading like a sci-fi flick. Altered in appearance, she doesn’t appear covered with makeup, rather, she looks chemically changed. Each image generates a sense of presence, poetically resonating with power. It’s hard to determine the exact fabrication, as this giant piece teeters precariously atop her head. The look is phenomenal as orange plastic plays like a coiffured helmet. There is such drama to this design, we can almost here a swoosh of aire mimicking the high hair. Like aging rod-iron the face paint plays against the brilliant wig. Laura stares up to the sky longing to go home. Olivier Schawalder creates masterpieces of coiffured magic. High hair and haute hats bring a sense of cinematic pleasure, while simultaneously adding depth to the storied surroundings.

Natie carries off millinery made for a queen. Black fur teeters atop her crown like a giant teacup sitting gingerly overhead. Framing the face with elevated intent, Bea captures the high drama defined by this statement. A dark headpiece gives the illusion of distinction, while her powdered palate creates cover. This draws a line between makeup and masque. Shadowed shades show off deep-set eyes, like paint on a canvas. Bird like beauty blends over the brows, as thick colors move in concert, creatively circling the optical arena. Fervent and aware she doesn’t look… she stares. Stunning. Her queried eyes seem speculative and unsure, like a child. Then in opposition, the lips scream. Defined by shades of scarlet. Bea captures the illusion of space and time with an image that has her looking into the face of herself. One shot is in color, the other in black/white. Winged eyes fly through the screen with nothing but that shape to be seen. Schawalder creates a kind of rhythmic reversal, with the hair reaching behind in a back bump instead of overhead. The idea behind this editorial is to keep us searching. Each image is defined yet distinct, detached yet interconnected. The fluidity is alive as Bea Sweet takes us on a ride. Otherworldly imagery invites the mind to engage. This stimulating story invigorates the senses. Truth Tells. Art Exposes… Art Informs… Art Infiltrates the Commonplace ~ Always Daring to Not Conform.