Jazzelle Was Born Free 2 Be a Unicorn

Art is a reflection of our human condition. It’s a sensory mechanism whereby the overload of certain emotions can cause a physical outbreak. This should not be confused with a breakdown. Thereby we should understand that this carry’s no kind of negative connotation. It is merely an indication of the internal position of norm transferring to the external position of abstract. An exodus of interest, in my opinion. The sentient sensation experience is one of expectation forming. Feelings fuse, forging our intuitive senses to engage. Passions play. We have found our artistic center. Control is the enemy. Our body becomes one with the mind. Flamingos Dance Down the Front of Her Body as Creative Colors Seem to Saturate the Skin. She’s Free to Find Her Center.

The music of her makeup plays on, as the swell of Jazzelle’s pink skin rises against the vibrancy of her blue eyes. And, while they are clearly contacts worn for drama, the effect is riveting. Surrounding her with earthy overtones were other models wearing more sedate outfits. Selections that sometimes expose a sense of connection with their surroundings. Solid colors aren’t a negative thing. They are simply an assertion carried out in a certain manner. Common place expressions are often thought to be pastimes of the prosaic sect. However, I don’t agree. There’s nothing wrong with a clean reflection of a person’s identity. I just found myself compelled to write on the distinction of difference. A carnival of colors came alive among piers with a more toned-down effect. It was something to behold. Makeup Matches a Myriad of Brilliant Pigments Cast Across this Maison Margiela Masterpiece. The Streets of Paris Came Alive as There’s just no question… This Girl Was Born a Unicorn!!!

Jazzelle Zanaughtti in Maison Margiela ~ Paris Couture Week ~ Photograph by Phil Oh