Danielle Baskin Creates Unique Facial Recognition N95 Masks

Danielle Baskin has created a genuinely clever Facial Recognition N95 Mask. The idea of making a mask into something more relate-able, is on It’s Face (excuse the pun) Genius!!! The “Resting Risk Face, is a company that will print user’s faces on masks, making them effective with facial recognition technology while wearing them.” This has so many potential upsides. Firstly, it’s just Fun. When you consider all the uses for this product, many health related, it’s difficult not to immediately be inspired. The very idea that you could transform a product, the most potent downside being that it takes away your independence, is exciting. I’ve been wearing a mask for the last two weeks, and I have felt this effect my emotions. I’ve often felt invisible. I was out this morning (wearing my mask) and took the time to really try to connect with people, without getting too close. I found that the connections I made were deeper, because they were harder to reach. It was almost as if those willing to engage in a real conversation understood the importance. That got me to thinking. We Really Have an Opportunity to Connect Here. These facial recognition masks are brilliant. They will potentially take away the sterile feelings that underscores much of our current disconnection. Building a bridge to our future.

It was always going to be hard to connect when we had to separate. We’ve ZOOM(ed) it all the way to another galaxy. I have been long touting the Fire of the Female Spirit. Danielle Baskin gives us a great example of this kind of #SheSpirit. Now we need to go farther, and deeper. We need to be thinking beyond computer connections. We are still a moving community of people. We are living in a world where we have to learn to adhere to a new set of rules. Ones that Fly in the Face Of (again, literally) our accustomed reality. This Kind of Individualization, Will Keep Us Alive While Allowing Us To Live.

 I Was Inspired by Great Write-Up on Anne of Carversville