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Tessa Kuragi is a Live Art Installation "Metamorphosis"

Tessa Kuragi uses the body as a palate and avant-garde beauty as the brush, in “Metamorphosis” by Sølve Sundsbø for Beauty Papers Magazine, F/W 2017. An Ode to Etiquette unleashes the beauty beast, as the bends of her body break through the mysteries of the skin. Like a model in waiting, she stands for public viewings taking a variety of poetic poses. Capturing the conceptual art of humanity, this story plays on page like a live art installation seen on stage. 


Lucie Stoll Falls Down the Rabbit Hole of Haute Couture

Lucie Stoll stars in the theatre of change by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine, F/W 2017. Costumed cosmetics takes fantasy to another level as we fall down the rabbit hole of haute couture. Each image stands independently, strangely blending into the buffet of beauty. The search for originality continues as we make our way down the pathway of plenty. Distinct dimensions propose contrasting elements to effect the search boundary, as opposition arises allowing them to be both passive and playful. 

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Ajak is Celebrating 15 Years "This Time We Won't Ask"

Ajak Deng is Celebrating 15 Years in “This Time We Won’t Ask” shot by Oliver Stalmans for Dansk Magazine, A/W 2017. I am woman hear me… well you know the rest as we watch this glorious female embrace the natural beauty of her being. A powerful look at the art of evolving. Imposing a sense of spirit, some of the images appear to be an abstract version of themselves. To be is to become, as we explore the art of becoming in this place of ever-evolving beauty. 

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Rooney Mara Explores Human Condition 'Universal' Tim Walker

Rooney Mara explores Fashion Worlds, Creative Spheres, Cultural Shifts in “Universal” by Tim Walker for AnOther Magazine, 09/17. Never before have I been so moved by the human condition. Viewing this editorial I was touched by this vessel of the visual. Watching Tim Walker turn his talents toward the extreme we witness his vision erupt. The distinction of being passes over the page, all providing a picture of poetic intent. 

Malgosia Bela by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine October 2017 24

Malgosia Bela Is Seen Behind a Scarlet Wall in "Vertigo"

Malgosia Bela goes “Vertigo” as she hits her stride in a dizzying ride by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine, 10/17. Elements of the sea are artfully expressed in a lavish spectacle of style and structure. Set against the midnight sky the darkened night is draped divine. The high seas come alive, as scarlet doesn’t just fill the scene it oozes it all over the screen. This amps up the passion as it pulls down the red film, exposing us to the purity of seduction. 

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Alek Wek Devours the Decadence in "Beautiful People"

Alek Wek takes an evocative ride to the other side by Ellen von Unwerth, for Beautiful People Issue of Paper Magazine, Fall 2017. An artful revelation is set to fly as we embark on a trip to the center of the mind’s eye. Art and excess blend in a bouquet of riches, as images project a sense of sordid pleasure. Alek doesn’t hold back as she embraces this role with a kind of joie de vivre. Wrapping herself around the idea of nouveau riche’, she settles into the neighborhood of the obscenely wealthy. 

Duckie Thot, Hannah Ferguson by Mario Testino for V Magazine #109 25

Duckie Thot Lures Us In with Long, Lean, Lovely Limbs

Duckie Thot & Hannah Ferguson dance as if nobodies watching in “The Bold and the Beautiful” by Mario Testino, for V Magazine #109, Fall 2017. Sing like no one is listening… Love like you’ve never been hurt… Dance like nobody’s watching and Live like it’s heaven on earth.” Our eyes are cast over the page hungry for the artistic sustenance. We peruse each piece as if it were the last, and, that my friends is the mark of something substantial. 

Vittoria Ceretti by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Italia September 2017 15

Art Abounds in Ballet Beauty "The Confessional Dance"

Vittoria Ceretti evokes a state of majestic grace in “The Confessional Dance” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Italia, September 2017. Ballet abounds, as Vittoria holds her own among these grand, male dancers. Two, beautiful specimens appear, draped over her shoulders as if they are her sensual servants. Germain Louvet & Hugo Marchand, both Stars of the Paris Opera, dance their way through this editorial in exquisite form. 


"Gothic Magic from Witching Hour to Edge of Darkness"

Jessica Miller is ready to go and ready to show in “All Night” by Inez & Vinoodh for Love Magazine #18, F/W 2017-18. Often it’s seen that extreme mixtures almost cancel each other out. However here, in the midst of mayhem we stumbled across fashion magic. Panos Yiapanis delivers designs that not only speak about a style selective, they manage to mimic and transcend their own structural lines. 


Amber Witcomb Explores the Art of Avant-Garde Excess

Amber Witcomb dreams a little dream by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro #185, 08/17. Walking along the beach one day I found myself in a frightful way, along was I on this winding road with no-one to turn to and nowhere to go. The ache felt so deep I turned inside ready to run and ready to hide, from all of life’s worry and doubt I was ready to turn myself inside/out. So I took off an ran through the hallways of my mind, seeking to escape that which lingered behind.  

Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany August 2017 40

Explore the Dream "Fun of Fashion" Extreme ~ Fall 2017

Anna Cleveland, Birgit Kos & Yasmin Wijnaldum cover this high fashion extravaganza, by Giampaola Sgura for Vogue Germany, August 2017. All bets are off as this story captures the Chaos of Couture. This isn’t your grandma’s collective, rather, it’s a backwards view of forward fashion. Here we have it all. Provocative, powerful, artistic and real ~ we must crawl through the righteous indignation to get to defiant decadence. 


Vittoria Ceretti Floats Free by the Sea in Water Box Full of Oranges

Vittoria Ceretti brandishes the color of blue sky over her eyes by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Italia, 07/17. Sometimes we find that art moves us at just the right time. Here we see Vittoria boldly baring out the fury or her feelings. She’s gone to the center of the universe to showcase the abstract oneness of our being. True to form, Luigi & Iango celebrate the strange by putting it front and center.