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Submerge to See Truth of Me... Art of Underwater Poetry

Submerged To See The Truth of Me ~ The Art of Underwater Poetry. There is No Beginning… There is No End… There is Only The Transfer of Time… With Which We Can Transcend.


I will match my ear

with a lyrical tongue

with things thought out

and things undone

I’ll search in vain

over and about

I’ll seek in solitude

 a conceptual route

I’ll ride through the ethos

collide with the mind

through chambers of silence

and cylinders of time

if truth is a construct

then beauty is blind

as time spins into infinite

and memories unwind

so let the tears flow

like rivers down the face

asking sadness to return

to it’s time ~ to it’s place

for that which you seek

is the truth you will find

words made into weapons

return then to rhymes

poetic prose – tanyajo

Vivien Solari moves through the ethos in ‘Elari’s Wake’ by Emma Tempest for Vogue Italia, December 2018. 

Bravado Becomes Her ~ Charlotte Delves Into Dark Side

Delving into the dark side Charlotte Rose says “Goodbye, innocence” by Willy Vanderperre for Vogue Italia, January 2019. Unique designers have their own perspective, but here it appears they’ve synced their senses. In an elevated manner we are witness to this wonder. To avoid stilted prose I must look beyond the page. I must go deeper. Journey into the unknown. Katy England’s divine designs create sweeps of flowing fabrics. 

In the Depths of Bold Blue There Lives a Hue that's True

“THE MYTH IS IN ART,” words spoken by abstract creator, Yves Klein. This line is taken from a piece performed on the stage in 1960. Simple yet strikingly complex. The Monotone-Silence Symphony (first performed in 1960), a performance in which an orchestra plays a single note for 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute period of silence. Someone seen as divinely sublime. He was an existentialist at heart, but also displayed an egoist sense of being. 

Dreams Defined by Ethereal Designs "Colour Overload"

Kris Grikaite becomes a kaleidoscope of couture in ‘Colour Overload’ by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue China, 01/19. The art of avant-garde enticement lies in it’s ability to surprise. To evoke thoughts not common or shapes never seen. It thrives to give life to a flat image, while rising to meet the height. Fabric makes it’s way around the body, enhancing every curve and inspiring every concept. 

Helena Almeida Dentro de mim [Inside me], Her Creative Work Calls for Poetic Words

When pen is called to paper and I am called to cast my will upon such words that will compliment distinguished works. That is a moment to revel as camaraderie both connects us as persons and purveyors of such dynamic art…

Welcome to the World of the Raw

what’s inside is out

what’s outside is in

leaving tortures of tourism

to all but weigh in

I’ll close down my doors

to these tourists of will

I’ll shut down access

and drink til’ I fill

my body with beauty

the kind I can’t name

living within me

I shutter in shame

don’t leave me behind

but, will me away

don’t turn me aside

just never say…

that you’ll stay

poetic prose – tanyajo


Dentro de mim [Inside me]



Mickey Goes Abstract "The Gang" Disney Issue ~ Chaos

It’s a New Mickey Mouse Club and “The Gang” is all here, The Disney Issue, Luigi & Iango for Chaos. The models share memories about Micky Mouse, giving this story a human edge. High Fashion goes fantasy as B. Åkerlund takes the Disney Concept to a Couture Level. Avant-garde edginess combines raw energy with high design, putting no limits on the imagination. This editorial allows us to experience the wonder of childhood through the eyes of an adult.  

Veiled Beauty Begs to Be Seen While Longing to Retreat

Liene Podina finds freedom in fluidity for ‘Corona Ferrea‘ by Alexander Wessely for The Fashionable Lampoon. Higher & higher the heat will rise forcing the cold to retreat in a slow demise. Trapped in the vulturous yearnings of desire, Anna Hughes-Chamberlain brings forth a fusion of fluid movement. High Fashion floods the page erupting in a riotous rage as the body devours the night artfully giving way to a luminous light. 

Red Lips Radiate Off Her Shiny Silver Skin in Re-Edition

Ellis is shot in silver in “Would You Get In?” by Harley Weir for Re-Edition Magazine #10, A/W 2018. Silver radiates off her skin as she stands in the middle of a pasture, damp from the morning dew. The fog lifts to show an equestrian friend posing off in the distance, like a shadow in the wind. Connecting with the female spirit, we follow a bevy of beautiful women as they lose themselves in the loveliness of the land.  

Tilda Swinton Honors Her Cousin ~ Dame Edith Sitwell

Tilda Swinton embodies the undeniable energy of Dame Edith Sitwell in ‘Poetic License‘ by Tim Walker for W Magazine, Vol. 7. This story was shot at Renishaw Hall, the childhood home of Edith Sitwell in Derbyshire, England. Tilda Swinton is the cousin of Dame Sitwell, of whom at the age of 3 served as a flower girl for her great grandmother’s wedding. A unique connection. Never was there more a renaissance relative. 

Guinevere Van Seenus Seeks Silence Henrik Bülow for Fat

Guinevere Van Seenus takes on the night in this powerful portrayal of innocence lost by Henrik Bülow for Fat Magazine, S/S 2014. A shot of shattered loneliness, the spirit of dark splendor erupts in this evocative picture of haunting madness. Stunning, stoic, righteous and real she captures our despair in an arduous array of aching desire. Caught in a poetic sect of silent reverie, we are lost in an undertone of undefined love.  

Luigi & Iango Capture the Many Colors of Mina Mazzini

Luigi & Iango capture the many colors of Mina Mazzini in ‘UNA CANZONE‘ for Vogue Italia October 2018. This exquisite edition is an ode’ to the artistry of extreme. Creativity was the connective theme as each performance permeated every aspect of Mina’s existence. She wasn’t merely a unique woman, she was an artist looking for avenues of expression. A legendary singer. 

This Bold Story Will Stir the Collective Soul "Reflection"

Maggie Mauer looks inside herself in “Reflection” by Lucian Bor for Vogue Czech, October 2018. The sub-conscious is a place where poetry is borne. Art is a never-ending theme, when one creative door closes the other opens like an expansive dream. Tiziana Raimondo uses subtle color enhanced by a soft glow, allowing the beauty to blend to it’s mindful end. Nicolas Jurnjack takes the baton and runs his lovely lap by showcasing Maggie’s natural locks.