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eliza-cummings-by-aaron-ward-for-let_s-panic-magazine-2-8 (1)

Eliza Cummings Floats in a Sea of Neo-Strange 'Kaiseki'

Eliza Cummings poses in a sea of strange in ‘Kaiseki’ by Aaron Ward for Let’s Panic Magazine #2. Creative interpretation captured in the poetic energy of raw power. Drama is displayed in balletic movements of dynamic water dancing. Playing the part, she twists and turns, utterly unencumbered by the grounding of gravity. Fluid fashion floats through the air as food becomes a form of avant-garde expression. 

Alasdair Mclellan For I-D Summer 2015 32

Embrace i-D Magazine's 35th Year Summer Celebration

Stella TennantEdie and Jean Campbell capture the power of pure cover-art shot by Alasdair Mclellan for i-D Magazine, Summer 2015. Saucy styles seen through the eyes of Alasdair. This photographer extraordinaire gives his talents to the entirety of i-D’s 35th Birthday Issue. A coming of creation, haute couture echos independence while still longing for a connection. Stylist, Benjamin Bruno, invites fluid fashions to flow free as each page focuses on the forward. 

Thais Custodio by Vanessa Diskin for OK Mag 3

Thais Custodio in 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night' OK Mag

Thais Custodio goes mad for fetish mod in ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ by Vanessa Diskin for OK Mag #7. The imagination explodes with simple pictures that capture the art of exotica. Taking us back in time, four walls are transfixed as we are tinged with a vintage vibe. Locked in a room of retro-revival, Thais teases us with temptation while showing just enough skin. Pop-Erotica never looked so cool with avant-garde fashion blended with fetish inspired garb. 

Aliya Galyautdinova in 'Purity' by Nicolas Guerin For Schön!13

Aliya Galyautdinova is Bound to Art of Beauty in 'Purity'

Aliya Galyautdinova is bound to beauty in ‘Purity’ by Nicolas Guérin for Schön! To be tied to yourself. To be seeking freedom when it’s outside your reach. To invite the rhythm of life into your mind, only to be met with restraint – that is a powerful picture to behold. Piercing eyes penetrate the page as each shot takes us deeper into the fold. Sheri Chiu invites the ferocity of female spirit into the fray, with ropes that speak to inner-strength. 

Nastya Sten by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh 1

Nastya Sten Wears a Masque of Many Colors in Russh

Nastya Sten wears a masque of many colors by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh Magazine, June/July ’15. With sharp combinations drawn in distinct shapes, (Makeup Artist) Stevie Huynh forgoes the obvious in search of the extreme. By applying shades of surprise to the surface of the skin, each shot exposes something new. Mind-bending metallic lights things up with a shiny mixture made to make pigments pop. 


Nastya Sten Walks Into an Exotic World of the Unknown

Nastya Sten enters an exotic world of the unknown by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, June/July 2015. Energy bursts through the page as Yeste invites us to explore the secrets of China. A tale of two-sides, Nastya steps into a multi-dimensional role as she dares to reinvent herself. Stylist, Tim Lim, embraces the culture of couture with one-of-a-kind pieces that project power. Primary colors pop off the page with refractory lights that dare to defy. 


Anna Cleveland Captivated by Culture, The China Issue

Anna Cleveland, Jing Ma, Tian Yi & Xiao Wen Ju are captivated by the culture in ‘The China Issue’ by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, June 2015. Decked in decadence these dolls know how to throw it with a high fashion fiesta set for go. Stylist, Patti Wilson, gets artistic with designs by Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Dior, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Moschino & Saint Laurent

Stephanie Joy Field 'The Words in Her Eyes' by Thomas Babeau for Revs 8

Stephanie Joy Field Speaks in 'The Words in Her Eyes'

Stephanie Joy Field speaks without saying in ‘The Words In Her Eyes’ shot by Thomas Babeau for Revs #9. I can choose to be who I am – to see or to not see – I am not my skin. Worth and wisdom merge in this silent interpretation of a woman’s world. Marking our own coming out party. Symbolic figures rise up against the beliefs that have held us down for centuries. Pictures more powerful than any words can attach. 

nadja-auermann-by-iango-henzi-luigi-murenu-for-vanity-fair-france-june-2015-3 (1)

Nadja Auermann Lost in Exotic Array of Plumes & Play

Nadja Auermann embraces the brevity of beauty in ‘Tableaux Ephémères’ by Luigi & Iango for Vanity Fair France, June 2015. Lost in an exotic array of plumes & play, Auermann invites the power of purity through the furor of fantasy. Stylist, Felipe Mendes, takes us into the depths of the imagination where fashion’s fortune is foretold. Long silhouettes steal the show with looks by Armani PrivéChanel, Dior, Giambattista Valli Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Valentino & Atelier Versace

rosie-huntington-witheley-luigi-iango-lui-june-20150-5 (1)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Evokes an Aire of Exposure

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley evokes an aire of exposure by Luigi & Iango for Lui Magazine, June 2015. Posing with power, she works the angles with extraordinary aplomb. An evocative take on the art of exhibitionism. This femme-fatale has her day with an alluring array of sex & play. Embracing film noir, the 90’s erupts, as we revisit our infatuation with voyeurism. Stylist, Deborah Afshani, exposes us to the high side of fetish fashion with inviting looks that inspire. 

Anna Jagodzinska 3 'Blossom' by Hunter & Gatti for HGIssue 3

Anna Jagodzinska is a Butterfly Becoming in 'Blossom'

Anna Jagodzinska emerges from a cocoon in ‘Blossom’ by Hunter & Gatti for HGIssue, Poïesis VII. The Graceful Butterfly… true beauty is realized in the act of becoming. Bringing to life the words of German Philosopher, Martin Heidegger, “The Blossom or Artistic creation can be a philosophical or poetical act.” Stylist, Alberto Murtra, rides on the avant-garde edge of fashion with dark looks designed to inspire. 

anja 23

Anja & Stephen are Bound Together in the Art of Dance

Anja Rubik & Stephen Galloway are bound together by the beauty of dance in ‘What We Believe‘ by Inez & Vinoodh for 032c #28, Summer 2015. The Culture issue erupts as this Master Dancer/Model, “accentuate every contour of their hyper-defined bodies.” To know everything and to see absolutely nothing, Galloway learned this from the master of space/time, William Forsythe.