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Chloe Lloyd Shines Like a 70's Star 'Dope & Diamonds'

Chloe Lloyd captures the decade of decadence in ‘Dope & Diamonds’ by Tré & Elmaz for Hope St. Magazine. Skin jewels take the place of dressing accouterments as Chloe commences to feel the funk. Shining like a 70’s star this story reflects the bright lights of the partying past. Devoured by diamonds, each crystal symbolizes strength while openly confessing sins. Makeup Artist, Heidi North, emulates the era by embracing the tenacity of the times.  

Elena Melnik By Ishi For Vogue Netherlands May 2015 9

Elena Melnik is Covered in White Body Paint in 'Butoh'

Elena Melnik is an ethereal angel in ‘Butoh’ by Ishi for Vogue Netherlands, May 2015. Dancing with delight, pale fabrics fly free as each image embraces life. A Japanese piece that features powerful performers in white body paint. Long gowns catch the air as each shot invites a wistful sense of wonder. Elena explores another world where hope floats & time has no meaning. Wrapped in avant-garde excess. 

gisele b 1

Gisele Bündchen Fuels the Fashion Fire, Vogue Brazil

Gisele Bündchen goes up in flames by Gui Paganini for the 40th Anniversary Issue of Vogue Brazil, May 2015. Embracing the elements, this fearsome creature steps into the fire with looks that ignite. Stylist, Renata Correa, shows us that the nuance of nude will pull you in with silk gowns that sizzle. Long dresses capture the concept of fluidity, with flowing fashions that blow with the wind. Beauty burns, as Daniel Hernandez brings the Brazilian heat with makeup/hair that devour our senses. 

noomi r by camilla a for contributor

Noomi Rapace Looks at Art of Existence in Contributor

Noomi Rapace comes to terms with her own reality in ‘do or die,’ a bold look at the art of existence by Camilla Akrans for Contributor Magazine. Escaping the terminology of good vs. evil, Noomi redefines the concept of resurrection. By embracing her own natural status this actress/producer seeks to to find inner peace. Stylist, Robert Rydberg, celebrates the duality of human nature by showing us the beauty of both sides. 

Jasmin Storch for Revs Magazine 3

Trixi Johnson Calls to Arms 'Children of the Revolution'

Trixi Johnson calls to arms in ‘Children of the Revolution’ by Jasmin Storch for Revs Magazine #10, The Satisfaction Issue. A concert of chaos plays over the skin as each shot celebrates life. Dynamic illusion reaches deep as creative excess invades. Stylist, Josef Forselius, forwards the fluidity of modern fashion with Back, Deisel, G-Star RAW, Maison Margiela, Mugler, Stylein, Tiger of Sweden, Wolford

Hea Deville 'Bondage' Nicolas Guérin For Creem Mag! 4

Hea Deville in 'Bondage' by Nicolas Guérin for Creem Mag!

Hea Deville traverses the terrain of sexuality in ‘Bondage’ shot by Nicolas Guérin for Creem Mag! By embracing the art of empowerment this story allows us to see the truth. Tie me up/Tie me down, will always be enticing, but to discover something new is all together inspiring. To deny ourselves the opportunity to explore the exotic side of inspiration will invite conceptual constraint. However, to show us a (sexually) strong woman, is a picture that’s worth a thousand words.  


Hungry for Love in 'Appetite for Attraction' Revs Digital

Monica Cima and Hannare Blaauboer are hungry for love in ‘Appetite for Attraction’ shot by Nicolas Guerin for Revs #14, Taste Issue. Sensuality speaks, showing us that through the torch of temptation satisfaction is found. I fondle freely and feel my way for the art of fashion is life’s only way. Imagery evokes a sense of female empowerment, as each picture plays with the concept of modernity.  


Toni Garrn is Camouflaged in Colors of Truth for Tush

Toni Garrn plays both sides in a daring layout for the 10th Anniversary Issue by Hunter & Gatti for Tush Magazine. Inspired by the neo-expressionist paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat, this celebrates last season’s Art Basel Exhibit in Miami, “I Will Make You a Star.” Cloaked in chaos camouflaged in truth, each shot invites us to delve deeper into our subconscious. Red, black & white are cast into glorious face masks with defiant stripes covering the skin. 

Valery Kaufman 'An Enchanting Vision' by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue Italia 12

Geisha Goes on 'An Enchanting Vision' in Vogue Italia

Valery Kaufman settles into a supreme state of being in ‘An Enchanting Vision’ by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia. Victorian goes Geisha in this hyper modern blend of neo-traditional era jumping. Secrets lay just under the surface in this exquisite look into another world. Decked in Valentino Haute Couture, fashion flows with exquisite materials including tulle embroidery, Chantilly lace & empire linen. 

Kate Moss by Paolo Roversi for W Magazine 5

Kate Moss is Cast in Couture Shadows 'Painted Lady'

Kate Moss captures our imagination in ‘Painted Lady’ by Paolo Roversi for W Magazine, April 2015. Cast in the Haute Shadows, Caught in the Couture Storm, modern pictures peak out as the poignancy of portraiture appears on each page. Stylist, Edward Enninful, embraces the overture of artistry with shots that praise the woman within. High fashion heats up as beauty burns on in this dizzying mix of avant garde excess. 

Natasha Poly by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia 10

Natasha Poly Embarks on a Metamorphosis of Change

Natasha Poly puts on a symbolic neo-show in ‘Theatre’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, April 2015. Transformation takes hold as fashion unfolds in this metamorphosis of change. Daring to take flight, haute couture evolves turning a chrysalis into a butterfly. Stylist, Olga Dunina, boldly blends eras with a rich mix of retro revived and avant garde extreme. Each shot celebrates the power of passion with enchanted images that captures our imagination.  


Stephanie Smith in 'Paintbox' by Colin Gaudet, Schön!

Stephanie Smith plays a human palate in ‘Paintbox‘ by Colin Gaudet for Schön! Magazine. A fantasy of riches, each shot celebrates the beauty of blurred lines. Theatrical images seal the deal by making the person part of the art. Stylist, Sarah Jay, turns fashion into fantasy with a dizzying mix of modern designs. The madness of mayhem erupts as haute couture melds into high end hallucinations. Exotic elements evoke an unruly vibe with avant-garde accessories that steal the show.