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nadja bender vogue spain

Nadja Bender Takes on Art of Disguise 'Agent Doble'

Nadja Bender dares to take on the art of disguise in ‘Agente Doble’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Spain, September 2014. Capturing the elegance of invention, Bender breaks through the walls of ordinary to get to the extreme. State-of-the-art ensembles erupt with looks that range from edgy to avant-garde. Hiding in plain sight, (Fashion Director) Claudia Englmann plays up the title with a stunning selection of spy worthy styles. 

eniko mihalik 1

Eniko Mihalik Explodes in Body Paint 'Psychédélique'

Eniko Mihalik embraces the artistry of the abstract in ‘Psychédélique’ shot by Stéphane Sendnaoui for Numéro #156, September 2014. Mihalik takes us on a journey of self-discovery, inspiring the curves of creativity to be free. Stylist, Rebecca Bleynie, uses the skin as canvas by actively turning the body into works of modern art. 60′s psychedelia reigns as, (Makeup Artist) Violette, captures the beauty of mixed-media with mind-bending colors that wake up the power of pure fun. 


Charlotte Lebon by Ellen von Unwerth, Vogue Russia

Caressing a crystal ball, (Actress) Charlotte Lebon falls under a spell by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, August 2014. Unwerth celebrates the art of the unknown with a stunning look into the world of magic. Lost in a fantasy of riches, (Stylist) Sascha Lilic inspires and delights with edgy fashions and avant-garde accoutrements. The duality of spirits descend, daring us with decadent designs by Agent ProvocateurDavid YurmanDolce & Gabbana, Roberto CavalliSwarovskiHarry Winston, ChopardVan Cleef & Arpels

w magazine scorsceses women

'Scorsese's Women' by Steven Klein for W Magazine

Thespians unite in ‘Scorsese’s Women’ a provocative piece by Steven Klein for W Magazine, 09/2014. Each shot takes us deeper into the story with dramatic depiction done by Jodie Foster, Juliette Lewis, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone & Jessica Lange. Stylist, Panos Yiapanis, celebrates the individuality of each character with unique looks that pay homage to the art of the actor. 

Phil Poynter 'Bass' for Love #12 9

Kendall Jenner Feels the Bass in Her Face Phil Poynter for Love

Feel the ‘Bass in Your Face…Let it All Blow by Phil Poynter for Love Magazine, F/W 2014/15. Breaking the cardinal rule of modeling, these girls let go of pretty by daring to set their faces free. Stylist, Phoebe Arnold, lets freedom fly with edgy fashions by McQ, Alexander Wang, DKNY, Givenchy, Jason Wu, Louis Vuitton, Pinko, Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane & Stella McCartney


Eniko Mihalik in 'Gods and Goddesses' for HGIssue

Eniko Mihalik embraces her inner-light in ‘Gods and Goddesses’ by Hunter & Gatti for the latest HGIssue. The divinity of beauty erupts in this powerful piece of other-worldly imagery. Hunter & Gatti explores the mythology of Aphrodite, as the soul speaks out, in this 3-D exploration of The Modern Muse. Donning a black caftan, Mihalik elicits the illusion of light, appearing as if she could fly away in a flash. 

Lindsey Wixson By Harley Weir For I-D Pre-Fall 6

Lindsey Wixson Kicks the Season into High Gear in i-D

Lindsey Wixson kicks the season into high gear in ‘Enjoy Youth It’s Delicious Mmmm!’ by Harley Weir for i-D Magazine, Pre-Fall 2014. Feeling her way, Wixson embraces the art of tactile reasoning, with avant-garde styles that stun us with visual satiation. Evocative in it’s essence playful in it’s intention, outer-wear ignites us with passion for modern fashion. Stylist, Julia Sarr-Jamois fuels the fire with decadent designs from Alexander McQueen, Céline, Fendi, Junya Wantanabe, Miu MiuPrada & more. The power of pretty pops off the page with lips that level the playing field. 


Lily McMenamy Dares to Embrace the Dark Arts by Philip Riches

Lily McMenamy embraces the art of erotica, in this avant-garde editorial shot by Philip Riches. Taking us to the inner-sanctum of sensual style, Lily dares to explore the dark side. The freedom of the face unfolds with burgeoning beauty that beckons from within. The lips speak out in this sexually charged story filled with fantasy and wonder. Makeup Artist, Pernell Kusmus, captures the color of drama by exposing us to haute-pink that will scorch with desire. 


Lily McMenamy is Pure Poetry Wearing Jeremy Scott in 'Supersize Me' Dazed & Confused

Lily McMenamy gets our attention in ‘Supersize Me’ by Blommers+Schumm for Dazed & Confused, Fall 2014. Designer, Jeremy Scott, takes a bite out of the American culture by celebrating his new position as designer for Moschino. Exploring our connection to ‘Fast Food,’ this avant-garde artist savors the surreal heights of modernity with this -Junk Food- inspired collection. 


Raquel Zimmermann Shows Us the Snake-Dance Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Paris

Raquel Zimmermann performs a symbolic snake-dance in ‘Nouvelle Eve,’ a tale told by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, August 2014. Animalistic beauty reigns free in this slithering story filled with the fluidity of modern movement. Embracing the art of this reigning reptile, Zimmermann dares to become one with the animal, in this powerful piece of avant-garde adventure. A blazing blend of stylized prints, Melanie Ward captures the passion of this slinky creature with looks by Alexander McQueen, Haider AckermannMarc Jacobs, Mason Martin Margiela, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney & more. The face of the future is here, with exotic eyes that express the sensuality of the snake. 

cara delevingne 'sweetie' liz collins for Love

Cara Delevingne is Swimming in Sweetness for Love

Cara Delevingne floats in a pool of playfulness in ‘Sweetie’ by Liz Collins for Love Magazine, F/W 14-15. Take a trip to wonderland in this colorful mix of couture and candy. Lost in a daydream, Cara gives us a sweet tooth, laying across licorice, sweet-tarts, gumballs and taffy. Bringing the art of modern fashion to the forefront, (Stylist) Phoebe Arnold captures our imagination, with a beautiful array of sugar and style. 

Edie Campbell & Kate Moss 'Wizard' by Tim Walker for Love 22

Tim Walker's 'Wizard' Starring Kate Moss & Edie Campbell in Love

Kate Moss and Edie Campbell star in ‘Wizard’ an exquisitely twisted tale from the mind of Tim Walker for Love Magazine #12, F/W 2014. A dark dreamland filled with uncompromising pleasures, magic erupts, on this collision course of creativity. A flight of fashion fancy, each picture takes us further into the depth of neo-fantasy. Stylist, Katie Grand, captures our imagination with looks from Roberto CavalliGucci, Lanvin, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Tom FordValentinoVersace & William Vintage