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anna cleveland a beautiful bond to behold mario sorrenti, vogue italia

Sorrenti Captures Art of Family Tree ~ Cleveland Style

Mario Sorrenti invites the light of “Love” to shine bright, Vogue Italia, June 2016. Sorrenti seeks higher ground, in this special issue dedicated to the High Art of the Family Tree. Familial bonds aren’t created equally, so as these shots unfold we begin to get a greater appreciation for the climate of diversity. Anna Cleveland invites us into their haus of haute couture, where communal sharing is unlike we’ve seen. 

Lexi Boling 'Faces of Fashion' 4

Lexi Boling Defines Duality of Life "Faces of Fashion"

Lexi Boling gets dark & real in “Faces of Fashion” by Stas Komarovski for Authentically featured artfully portrayed, this is the picture of pure Model perfection. I’ve seen this stunner go from tomboy extreme to girl-next-door dream, with each editorial exposing us to something new. Andrew Mukamal ventures into the wild side, by giving us a peek at the body baring fashions of Boling

Simon Cave 'Light Fantastic' 19

Lida Fox Settles Into the 70's "Trip the Light Fantastic"

Lida Fox settles into the 70’s in ‘Trip the Light Fantastic‘ by Simon Cave for Models.comJaime Kay Waxman uses the model’s body like a mannequin in mid-form, as he Drives the disco beat to hit the studio street. Fashion finds the perfect pitch with rich designs oozing authentic flavor. Stretching into infinite, the linear aspects of the body line up, as arms bend and long legs extend. 


Top Models Transform in Video Display of 7 Deadly Sins

Nick Knight’s long-awaited tribute to temptation is ready for consumption as the “Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful” is now available at SHOWstudio. Honoring Edward Enninful’s 25 year history in the fashion industry, this story redefines – The 7 Deadly Sins. This filmic excursion blends the exquisite sound selects of Beats by Dre with the genius of Knight/Enninful, for a collaboration of epic proportion. 

greg kadel for numero 010

Michi Kat Rides Rainbow of Life "Jack Early" Independence Day

Michi Kat rides a rainbow into Independence Day in “Jack Early” by Greg Kadel for Numéro Magazine, June 2016. Ana Cristina, Rhiannon McConnell & Veronika Vilim pushes pride with designs that define our love of country. Red, White & Blue Celebrates the Colors of America, while creativity captures our spirit of change. Tectonic imagery invites us to move as dynamic energy sets the stage to groove. 

Peplvm-Magazine-June-2016-Ingrid-and-Bianca-Rentzke-by-Nicolas-Guerin-5 (1)

Ingrid and Bianca are Birds of a Feather... "Swan Lake" Peplvm

Ingrid Behague & Bianca Rentzke are birds of a feather in “Swan Lake” by Nicolas Guerin for Peplvm. Tome I, The Opening Issue, illuminates the page portraying a “Vision of Poetic Fashion”. Borrowing from the ancient era, this unique story celebrates the Age of Antiquity. Rupture, by Ludovic Winterstan, captures the eloquent ferocity of Printemps Couture, SS 2016. 

“Attache-moi” by Greg Kadel for Numero 8

Charlee Fraser Plays a Little Tie Me Up 'Attache-moi' Greg Kadel

Charlee Fraser plays a little, Tie Me Up, in ‘Attache-moi’ shot by Greg Kadel for Numéro, May 2016. Conceptual overtones are lifted from a dream as sensuality conveys the art of extreme. Pushing past the limits of convention this story takes us to the mindful edge. Standing in direct opposition to the tone of this tale, Kadel’s clean imagery sends a signal of strength. What’s done in the shadows comes out to play, as darkness finds solace in the light of the day. 

Julia Bergshoeff – Inez & Vinoodh – Vogue Paris 13

Crystal Snake Slithers Around Head Landing on the Tip of Lip

Julia Bergshoeff opens her eyes to the diversity of art in “les Yeux de Julia” shot by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, June/July 2016. Bejeweled beauty becomes from the opulence of emeralds to the power of pearls, decadence drips over the body exposing us to diverse diamonds. Emmanuelle Alt captures a creative array of crafted couture, as the finery of frippery amps fashions up with brooches, bracelets, pendents and earrings. 

Julia Wachtel by Victor Demarchelier for Numero 6

Julia Wachtel Takes Us on Neon Trip Thru Mind's Eye in "Art"

Julie Hoomans takes us on a trip through the mind’s eye in, The Art Issue, by Victor Demarchelier for Numéro #176, June/July 2016. Julia Wachtel treats us to one of her infamous – transitional fables – where we are asked to sit back and enjoy the ride. As she puts it, “the logic of language is disturbed enough to provoke a reaction”, while I see the landscaped version as being altered enough to reveal the truth. 


Craft of High Fashion Covered in "The Creative Revue" Vogue UK

Edie Campbell covers her craft in “The Creative Revue” by Tim Walker for British Vogue, June 2016. Artisans merge in this marking of the magazine’s 100th Anniversary Issue. Modern musicians, actors, dancers, models and more, celebrate this century-old fashion tome by bringing this story to home. Honoring his unmatched ability to inspire, Walker sees beyond the borders of banality in this gathering of the gifted. 


Numéro Goes Neon as Lina Hoss Rides Into Night Light

Lina Hoss rides us into the light by Miles Aldridge for Numéro China, May/June 2016. A dream inside a dream… the divine decadence of neon shines bright, inviting a fusion of fantasy to ignite. Walking in a trance like state a cacophony of quiet chaos explodes. Samuel François speaks to a new generation with fashions that fuel the fire of desire. Each piece invents an optical illusion, tempting Aldrige to use his talents to open another world. 

Dejan-Sophia21990-1012x1265 (1)

Beauty Befalls Human Collage "Expect the Unexpected"

Vilma gets aggressive in “Expect the Unexpected” shot by Mikael Schulz for Disturbing the flow of normalcy this story opens our minds to the idea of the unknown. Sophia Eriksen invents a spotlight of change with adornments that stick in the place of makeup. Bedazzled beauty beckons us near with a moody mix of artistry and excess, while, a line of black diamonds depict lovely lashes and crystals create a partial face.