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Daphne Groeneveld Rides the Creative Wave of Manga

Daphne Groeneveld plays the part in “Manga Mirror” by David Dunan for Vogue Japan Beauty, 03/16. Break through the walls of ordinary makeup and ride this creative wave to the top of Manga Mountain. Like a piece of poetry waiting to be made Daphne’s features speak to those who dare listen. Works of modern art implore as words drip from my pen aching to explore. Each vision wakes our senses with an overload of visual prose. 

Numero-N170-February-2016-Catherine-McNeil-Anastasia-Khodkina-by-Greg-Kadel-8 (1)

The Art of Decadence the Penchant of Play in Dominatrix Divine

Catherine McNeil & Anastasia Khodkina gets cheeky with it in “Le Diable Au Corps” by Greg Kadel for Numéro N°170, 02/16. Fall into a fantasy… as The Amour Issue makes its way inviting all things to join in the name of play. Powerfully wicked & wonderfully fun, this Devil In The Flesh story lets fashion border on fetishism. Dipping into the land of double entendre, this tale inspires both sides of feminine spirit to burn. 

hayett-mccarthy-by-txema-yeste-for-numecc81ro-magazine-february-2016-2 (1)

Hayett McCarthy Finds the Spirit of "Carmen" the Flamenco Dancer

Hayett McCarthy inhabits fire of flamenco dancer in “Carmen” by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, 02/16. Capturing the dynamic beauty of Carlos Saura’s Carmen, Yeste honors the spirit of Spanish dance. This story follows the Flamenco dancer as she glides through the countryside like a beacon of hope. In one of the most spiritually moving editorials we’ve witnessed each image brings us closer to the true – Carmen.  


Edie Campbell Pulls Double Duty in High Fashion Ride

Edie Campbell rocks it out in “Leçon De Style Partie 1” for Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin for Vogue Paris, 02/16. Editor-n-Chief, Emmanuelle Alt, takes us on an avant-garde ride, showcasing some of Spring/Summer’s most stand out styles. Pulling double duty, Alt divides this editorial into two parts, from natural B/W to extreme color-scene. Like costumes on a stage, both sides invite drama with garb that goes beyond the coordination of clothing. 

clarice-vitkauskas-by-arved-colvin-smith-for-volt-magazine-november-2015-8 (1)

Clarice Vitkauskas Shot by Arved Colvin-Smith for Volt Café

Clarice Vitkauskas invites poetic yearnings of life in “Huile to Live” by Arved Colvin-SmithVolt Café. The art of insistence the daring of display, this story rides on the wings of enlightenment. Stylist, Linda Öhrström, celebrates the art of organic beauty by dirtying up the skin in a way we haven’t yet seen. Creative camera work gets in your face with shots that are up close and personal.  

Jason-Eric-Hardwick-Modelsdotcom-05-1012x1265 (1)

Rhiannon McConnell Makes Her Way Out West "Hollywood Girl"

Rhiannon McConnell bares out the breaks of pure beauty in “Hollywood Girl” by Jason Eric Hardwick for A country girl makes her way from the Midwest farmlands to the hills of Hollywood. Stylist, Krisana Sotelo, delivers a vision that teeters on the cusp of true transformation, as this quiet caterpillar turns into a bejeweled butterfly. Aesthetics inspires as accessories ignite, from a sheer robe covered in floral finery to a fur swing-coat tinged with a touch of purple.  

black_swan_10 (1)

Natalia Bulycheva Lets Beauty of 'Black Swan' Become

Natalia Bulycheva succumbs to the beauty of the ‘Black Swan‘ by Vladimir Vasilchikov for Stolnick, January 2016. Night fell and all was calm as the jet black swan sang it’s song. A sable pitch of the raven’s coat is worn in righteous revelry, as each picture projects the power of purity. Material flies in the wake of wonder as the choreography of cloth meets its match. Each piece sings with uniqueness while the ensembles are defined by a dark code of couture. 

Flair_No20-2015-Greta_Varlese-by-Jeff_Bark-13 (2)

Greta Varlese Invokes Hard Art of Pre-Raphaelite Times for Flair

Greta Varlese invites us to go “Where the Wild Flowers Grow” by Jeff Bark for Flair #20, December 2015. Lost in the Pre-Raphaelite Era, these Midnight Riders embark on a journey of discovery. An exquisite tale that invokes the romantic code of Shakespearean art with today’s forward youth. Each shot elevates our understanding of this time period through the use of intimate interaction.  


Valery Kaufman Plays an Heiress with Avant-Garde Intentions

Valery Kaufman plays a decadent heiress with time on her hands by Greg Kadel for Numéro #169, Dec/Jan 2015-16. The aire of avant-garde intention fills the room like so many flowers waiting to bloom. Decadent wares fall in the form of high fantasy, as haute couture finds itself in the dark arms of fashion ecstasy. Poised to perfection, Kadel rides the lines of delight as all things go weary in the dead of night. 


Kadri Vahersalu Lets Red Glamour Vamp it Up "Horror"

Kadri Vahersalu happens on a new state of play in “Horror” shot by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, 12/15. This story taps into the act of twisted intention, with somber silhouettes that push illusory limits. Stylist, Samuel Francois, finds the fluid nature of fashion through the wickedness of wears. A trio of temptation pops off the page as each design captures the intensity of color. 

amy hixson by jamie nelson for glamour italia

Amy Hixson Gets Cheeky as She Rushes in Vintage Red

Amy Hixson gets cheeky with a perky, pink poodle as she rolls around in vintage red by Jamie Nelson for Glamour Italia. Looking back at a time when a magazine, like Playboy, took its name seriously. The original publication was meant to carry a hit of kitch while bringing a distinctive Wink ;). Stylist, Michael Kozak, devours decadence by delivering a dip into the 70’s. Remembering when noir was considered a haute extension, high fashion has some fun with couture that captures the many colors of red. 

eliza-thomas-lucy-evans-phillipa-hemphrey-by-michal-pudelka-for-numecc81ro-169-decemberjanuary-2015-2016 (1)

Trinity of Unity Takes Trip into the Forest of Imagination

Eliza Thomas, Lucy Evans & Phillipa Hemphrey take a trip into the mythical forest by Michal Pudelka for Numéro #169, 12/01 2015-16. Eyes gazing deeply into the night as fairy-tale yearnings turn dark into light. A trinity of unity captured in secret, this trio of females find their inner power as they search the sky for a new kind of truth. Irina Marie creates a faction of fashions with solidarity formed in the spirit of style.