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Auguste Abeliunaite By Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello For Numéro China 5

Auguste Abeliunaite 'Salvation' Mountain Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, Numéro China,

Auguste Abeliunaite succumbs to ‘Salvation’ mountain by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, August 2014. Leonard Knight shares his supreme vision with the world, in this decadent oasis of desert dreams. An expression of passionate fashion, Auguste loses herself to the power of this peaceful mountain. Stylist, Samuel Francois, creates a camouflage effect with dizzying looks from ChanelCéline, Diane von FurstenburgDiorFalke, Gareth Pugh, Louis VuittonPrada & Valentino. Beauty becomes her as (Makeup Artist) Rie Omoto captures the colors of creation, as they morph from the side of mountain to the palette of her skin. 

Sophia Nilsson 'Plastic Fusion By Nicolas Guérin For Vestal Magazine! 3

Sophia Nilsson in 'Plastic Fusion' Nicolas Guérin, Vestal

Sophia Nilsson captures the art of cognitive perception in ‘Plastic Fusion’ by Nicolas Guérin for Vestal Magazine, Summer 2014. An evocative journey to the other-side, Guérin takes a stand in this powerful piece of modern poetry. A function of the phenomenal, this story proves that by stimulating the senses, fusion-art is formed. Stylist, Julien Mazzoli, causes an avant-garde overload with looks from Alexandre Vauthier, Charlotte Mullor, MurmurMis en CageNaco Paris and Wanda Nylon. 

Lily Mcmenamy 'Born to Be a Star' By Alexei Hay For Jalouse 3

Lily McMenamy is 'Born to Be a Star' by Alexei Hay

Lily McMenamy is ‘Born to Be a Star’ by Alexei Hay for Jalouse Magazine, July/August 2014. Palpitating with the purity of youth, Lily captures our imagination with a stunning set of over the top shots done with famous dermatologist, Dr. Colbert. Stylist, Jennifer Eymère, takes us on a day-trip to another dimension, using a daring mix of medical equipment & decadent designs. The future of fashion is fun, with a cast of colorful clothing from, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Eleven Paris, Céline, Stella McCartney for Adidas, Louis Vuitton and Gucci

The Ground 'Being Extra Ordinary' by Ryan Yoon 8

'Being Extra Ordinary' by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND

Cris Herrmann captures the art of ‘Being Extra Ordinary’ in this 60′s inspired piece by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Avant-garde fashion comes alive as we find ourselves lost in a field of free expression. Gender-specific roles are deemed antiquated in this dynamic blend of mind-bending styles. Yoon delivers a piece that speaks to the tenner of our times, with artful applications that honor the theater of life. The eyes are the windows to the soul in this evocative story set to embrace a generation of seekers. 

schon magazine june 2014

Harriet Taylor in ‘don’t tell me’ by Amanda Camenisch for Schön Magazine, S/S 2014

Harriet Taylor wears her heart on her sleeve in ‘don’t tell me’ by Amanda Camenisch for Schön Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014. What you see is what you get in this exquisite editorial created to make you think. Beauty comes to be, not from what you carry on the outside, but who you are on the inside. Wearing the words open and free, Harriet shows how valuable the voice can beSabrina Henry lets high style speak by Lanvin, Prabal Gurung, Calvin Klein & Emilio Pucci. 

glamcut now

Lynn Finds the Light, Ester Grass Vergara for Glamcult

Lynn embraces the light by Ester Grass Vergara for Glamcult Magazine No.5, The Independent Style Paper. The power of potential reaches the people through evocative works of the cutting-edge crowd. Daring to enter a new dimension of style, Maaike Staal gathers a dominant force of high fashion, with looks that include Domenico Cioffi, Jacob Kok, Chanel, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Hugo Boss, Stella McCartney, Iceberg and Lacoste

eva doll mag 2

Eva Doll Does 'Drama' Proud for Schön Magazine

Eva Doll does ‘Drama’ proud in this sultry story shot by Rayan Ayash for Schön Magazine #25, Summer 2014. A publication after my own heart, Schön goes for bold with a trip down Summer’s lane. Evocative beauty born to run, to reach the epic points of pleasure we have to first be willing to leg go. Breaking free from the sun, Eva grabs a hold of the dark side, in this dramatic story daring us into another dimension. 


Catherine McNeil in 'The Bride' No Name Magazine

Catherine McNeil is Beatrix Kiddo in ‘The Bride’ an evocative piece of editorial artistry by Dario Catellani for No Name Magazine #1. To play, Black Mamba, is to be utterly in touch with and truly inspired by this cunning character. Catellani captures the art of the exquisite in this experimental story that’s designed to make you think. Letting go of that which holds you down, Catherine gets at the dominion of the divine with ethereal beauty that emanates from within. 

Zuzanna Bijoch By Boe Marion For SSAW Scandinavia

Zuzanna Bijoch by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia

Zuzanna Bijoch proves that a picture is worth a thousand words in ‘Beneath the Sparrows Wing When She Sings’ by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia, Autumn/Winter 2014. Artist, Alexa Meade, opens the door to our imagination with body brush strokes that speak volumes. Offering your talent to a project is commendable, but, breathing life into a picture is truly powerful. Stylist, Oscar Lange, inspires the fabric of the forest to erupt allowing the art of fashion to collide. The poetry of passion speaks as the stroke of salvation brings us closer to the truth. Beauty beyond the face(Makeup Artist) Karin Westerlund meets that moment where the color of makeup captures the craft of paint. 

Ryan Yoon for The Ground 15

Ryan Yoon Captures Art of Jay Ahr for The GROUND

Vasilisa Pavlova stars in ‘Jay Ahr‘ a story of secrets and seduction shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Inspired by the purity of intention, to understand the artistry of Ahr is to understand the poetry of people. Having grown up in a place where The Brussels Fine Art Museum served as his playground, it was clear from a young age this was someone who was set on a nomadic life of discovery. Maternal majesty takes on a unique meaning, as his mother (a designer in her own right), played a vital role in the vision he would come to adopt. 

Camilla Christensen in Queen Frostine - 032C Magazine 03

Camilla Christensen is So Sweet You Could Eat in 032c

Camilla Christensen crosses the arc of ethereal beauty in ‘Queen Frostine’ a saccharine story captured by Mario Sorrenti for 032c No. 26, Summer 2014. So sweet you could eat, Sorrenti uses Camilla’s body as a living piece of sculptural art. An arresting vision of edible fashion, through the prisms of pastel we get closer to the truth. Sugar n’ Spice & everything nice…the dueling breathe of human nature comes at us in these candy-colored dreams. 

The GROUND by Ryan Yoon 'Catch Me If You Can' 10

Anastasija Kondratjeva Plays a Game of 'Hide & Seek'

Anastasija Kondratjeva plays an intriguing game of ‘Hide & Seek’ in Catch Me if You Can by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Artful in its intention, the journey of self-discovery starts here. Lost in the illusion of life, I race through the streets, struck by the loudness of loneliness. To face myself is to face the undeniable truth. A bold display of defiance and grace, this story dares us to face the fear of forever.