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Roos Abels Flies High Watching Eye from Sky "Mirage"

Roos Abels teeters on the edge of time in “Mirage” shot by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine #179, December/January 16-17. As I sit and wait for you to arrive I feel you waiting on the other side. It’s not often that we see an editorial so rich with unique details and alive with uncommon imagery. Gravity gets a face-lift with images that attract the body to the center of the earth. Bernat Buscato captivates using sensory perception to bring a new focus to the meaning of high fashion. 


Liz Collins Brings Big-Top Clown to Town "Funny Face"

Jena Goldsack brings the big-top to town in “Funny Face” by Liz Collins for Mixte Magazine No.17, November 2016. Step right up and you will see a show you’ve never known, from here to fore and way beyond is a tale that’s told in a storied song. A kiss will hit upon the lips as love will spin you around, beset by beauty art doth adore vigor is found in love’s long-lost lore. 


Artistic Side Will Rise "Daughters of Darkness" Hunger

Lena Hamm, Chiara, Maisie Jane & Georgie Hobday devours the night in “Daughters of Darkness” by Rankin for Hunger Magazine, 11/16. Drama defines the scene as pictures possess an avant-garde extreme. Each shot tempts us with titillation, while eye-popping imagery scorches us with satisfaction. Lola Chatterton celebrates the art of embellishments by making her way from high design to fashion divine. 


Lili Sumner Falls Head First Into High Fashion Fairytale

Lili Sumner falls head first into a high fashion fairy-tale, in “Dreams About Something Bigger” shot by Txema Yeste, Vogue Russia December 2016. Creativity wraps around the imagination as art encircles the mind. Olga Dunina reminds us how deep we can dream by showing us how big we can go. A long gown and draped overcoat work like a projection screen with a story told in visual display. These forms have been elevated from their standing as mere fabric, into a place of symphonic mastery. 


Kasia Struss Transforms into Living, Breathing Canvas

Kasia Struss becomes part of abstract art in “peculiar children” by Hunter & Gatti for, The Fashionable Lampoon, Snob & Pop Vol.6. Art reflects on the insanity of these politically trying times. H&G hits it out of the park with this compelling take on our world gone mad. While this was completed before (Trump) tore us apart, I think it captures my sentiment with stunning aplomb. 


Beauty Beckons as Art Awakes Floral Transformation, Vogue It

Sophia Linnewedel, Marina Nery, Anett Oun & Nika Fejes in “Healing. Restore Body, Mind & Soul” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, November 2016. Beauty beckons as art awakes in this exquisite land where transformation takes place. Nestled in the Andean jungle at the Amazon edge – Amaru Spirit – embraces the rich culture of the Peruvian peoples. Makeup wakes us to the sound of modern music as Val Garland plays the conductor of cosmetics. 


Tear Stained Pain Runs Down My Face - I Survived 2016

Olesya Ivanishcheva & Cirkeline Nielsen take a deep breathe in “Beauty At Ease” by William Lords for To give is to get… To honor the idea that there is something greater than ourselves… To accept that I won’t be able to understand everything, but I will be able to BELIEVE. A Crown of Thorns is worn to proudly bare out the beauty of the truth. Military goes mainstream with designs that defy our imagination.  


Snow Filled Lashes Brave "The Cold Wave" of Winter, Vogue It

Alisa Ahmann adapts to change as she braves “The Cold Wave” shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Italia, November 2016. The camera reflects the art of life, merging the cinema of story with the welcoming of Winter. Feeling the freeze, these poetic pictures capture what many of us are sensing right now. In this politically charged climate some are left feeling out in the cold. Txema shows us that this is (precisely) when we become sure what we’re made of. 


Rianne Van Rompaey "An Artist of the Floating World" Vogue Uk

Rianne Van Rompaey plays “An Artist of the Floating World” by Tim Walker for Vogue UK, Dec. 2016. Echoed from the ideology of the current climate, this story looks to find the pathways of our collective mind. Walker uses the title of this, 1986 novel, to illustrate the consternation of these troubling times. Art isn’t always a mirror, often it works to echo emotions in such a way as to elevate the raw message. 


Edie/Birgit Play Naughty Nurses with a Bit of Twist in System #8

Edie Campbell and Birgit Kos borrow the line, spoken by the great Miuccia Prada, in “I Love Uniforms, They Require No Thought” by Norbert Schoerner for System Magazine #8, F/W 2016. Katie Grand brings a theme to this twisted scene, with costumed designs that are meant to please. Haute couture gets a little crazy, giving garbs an incentive to move beyond the visual realm. These items mix creative concept with contextual excess, allowing fashion to freely flow. 


Iselin Steiro Turns on the Bright Beauty Lights in Pop Magazine

Iselin Steiro drips in decadence as she aims to display in “Couture Italiano” by Sean and Seng for Pop Magazine, F/W 2016. Driven by its filmic edge, this story unfolds like pictures that move. Done with a masterful hand(s), belief is suspended as the mind trip is made. The most compelling element of this quirky tale, is our inability to guess the time it represents. Tom Guinness suspends disbelief as styles submerge us in a state of high stakes couture. 


Katie Moore Plays a Fallen Angel Seeking Wings by Txema Yeste

Katie Moore plays a fallen angel seeking new wings in “L’ange déchu” by Txema YesteNuméro #178, November 2016. This story presents an opportunity to reconsider the boundaries of certain verbiage. Words have meaning. Here we have placed upon this pictorial our past understanding of the term… fallen angel. So what I offer forth is a challenge. To break free from our “wicked” world, and consider a definition that moves beyond such typical depictions.