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Valentina Zelyaeva In 'World Citizen' By ChuanDo & Frey For L'Officiel Singapore 3

Valentina Zelyaeva in 'World Citizen' for L'Officiel Singapore

Valentina Zelyaeva steals the spotlight in ‘World Citizen’ By ChuanDo & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore, November 2014. Playing a modern day siren, the world is her oyster as The Golden Girl of Glamour arrives in style. Standing in a spotlight, her long lean lines speak, with sleek fashions that fulfill every fantasy. Decadence defined, (Stylists) Jack Wang & Jumius Wong celebrate the art of the female form by taking this silhouette back in time. 


Lindsey Wixon Settles into 'Stylish Attitude' Vogue Italia

Lindsey Wixson settles into a ‘Stylish Attitude’ in this sexy inspired period piece by Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia, November 2014. Fashion reaches new heights, as the art of noir is found in this vintage boudoir. Stylist, Patti Wilson, creates a layered look with makeshift petticoats overlaying transparent thigh-highs. With lean lines and luxurious fabrics, the power of this piece is found in the curves of creation. 

cat woman 2

Constance Jablonski Posed to Purrfection in 'Cat Woman'

Constance Jablonski shows us the feline side of fashion in ‘Cat Woman’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro, November 2014. Posed to Purrrfection, Jablonski is on the prowl, playing a revved up kitty with a whip. Bill Mullen creates an ode to the slinky side of style with a savage blend of leopard, fur, leather & lace. Costuming erupts with haute looks by Agent ProvocateurAlexis BittarChanelDolce & Gabbana, GucciHeather HueyJanis Savitt, La PerlaLost Art by Jordan BettenPhilip TreacyRalph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Urstadt Swan & Versace.  

Vivien Solari By Txema Yeste For Numéro #158 4

Txema Yeste Ushers in Season of Strength for Numéro

Vivien Solari ushers in a season of strength in ‘Oiseau De Nuit’ shot by Txema Yeste for Numéro #158, November 2014. Subtle in his artistry, fashion takes a backseat as Yeste follows the sensuous curves of Solari’s skin. Celebrating the ecstasy of indigenous styles, Belen Casadevall, lets the waves wash in, while still honoring the fire of the female form. Exotic fever erupts as the long lines of leather languish over her body.  

TR_MODELS_COM_10-1500 (1)

Tao Okamoto Takes Us Into World of 'Hybrid Glamour'

Tao Okamoto steps into the hyper-real world of ‘Hybrid Glamour’ by Tim Richardson for Computer generated creations take the lead as one stroke sets the story into the future. Breaking the Spacetime Continuum, (Fashion Director) Nicola Formichetti performs at his peak with surreal styles that blend into the binary barrier. Stepping into another dimension, these looks are less about cut-up clothing than a true connection. 

Lili Sumner by Thomas Goldblum for Vulture Magazine 9

Lili Sumner Sinks into a State of Surrealism in Vulture

Lili Sumner sinks into a state of surrealism in ‘Une Fille Andalou’ a story shot by Thomas Goldblum for Vulture Magazine. The intermingling aspects of the universe are unleashed, in this inspired vision of lost love. Set Designer, Jean-Hughes de Chatillon, reflects the rivalry of reality by creating images that celebrate the sounds of silence. The anomaly of artistry unfolds as the lurid nature of life is exposed. 

kelly mittendorf fashion canada 3

Kelly Mittendorf Has a Rousing Rival in 'Double Double'

Kelly Mittendorf is up against a rousing rival in ‘Double Double’ by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Canada, Fall 2014. The choreography of chaos comes to play in this exquisite mix of real life and animation. Illustrator, Jamie Lee Reardin, creates visual stimulation with a fantastical take on the art of modern fashion. Breaking through the fourth wall, (Stylist) Zeina Esmail captures our imagination by wrapping these figures in fabulous furs. 

Nadja Auermann By Luigi + Iango For Vogue Germany 8

Nadja Auermann Sets Film on Fire in Vogue Germany

Nadja Auermann sets the film on fire in the Power of Style issue by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, November 2014. Showing us how it’s done, this captivating creature comes out of the shadows & into the light. An agent of the avant-garde, Auermann stays sharp, with razor like looks that cut like a knife. Stylist, Patti Wilson, celebrates the future of fashion with Chanel, Dior, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Saint Laurent by Hedi SlimaneThierry Mugler and more. 

Malgosia Bela 'The Story of M' Craig Mcdean for Vogue Italia 1

Malgosia Bela Stuns 'The Story of M' by Craig McDean

Malgosia Bela manifests the music of the mind in ‘The Story of M’ by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, October 2014. Cinematic in scale, (Digital Artist) Pascal Dangin provides an arresting amalgamation of fashion and art. A compelling take on the layering of looks, Jane How uses the stunning effects to highlight modern style. Ornate fabrics form an avant-garde bond with looks from Dolce & Gabbana, CélineGucci, Michael Kors, Lanvin, Prada, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Valentino & Versace

Tim Walker 'In a Silent Way' for Vogue Italia October 2014 13

Codie Young 'In a Silent Way' Tim Walker, Vogue Italia

Codie Young captures our imagination ‘In a Silent Way’ a story visualized by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, October 2014. Walker breaks through the walls of wonder in this exquisite piece of avant-garde artistry. The bedlam of beauty wreaks havoc on my mind, as I reach out to find you’ve met my fallen pride. Anguished agony encapsulated in evocative imagery, fashion takes a backseat, as body parts play the role of modern art. 

Binx By Txema Yeste For Vamp #2 0-9

Binx Walton Unleashes The Beauty Beast in, Vamp

Binx Walton unleashes the untamed beauty beast in ‘What Becomes a Legend the Most’ by Txema Yeste for Vamp Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014-15. What makes someone rise may be up for debate, but that which makes them shine is written in the stars. Stylist, Melanie Huynh, captures the elegance of ecstasy with looks that wrap around the body, purring with perfection. The crispness cuts to the bone but the beauty of the mind’s knife makes fashion worth the fight. 

faces cr fashion book 4

Carine Roitfeld Celebrates Chaos of Couture in 'Faces'

Editor-n-Chief, Carine Roitfeld, celebrates the chaos of couture in ‘Faces’ from Johnny Dufort for CR Fashion Book #5, F/W 2014-15. The hallways of my mind melt away as each image takes me closer to the edge. Avant-garde fashion erupts with looks from Burberry Prosum, Cavalli, Christopher Kane, Diane von Furstenburg, Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, Gucci, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Prada, Saint Laurent for Hedi Slimane, Salvatore Ferragamo, The Row, Tom Ford and Versace