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'Paint Your Dream' Jamie Nelson For Vision China

Fall Into a Surreal State 'Paint Your Dream' Vision China

Anna Sokolova and Liz Kennedy fall into a surreal state in ‘Paint Your Dream’ by Jamie Nelson for Vision China, February 2015. Between the path to progressiveness and the trail of tears lives a road that reveals the truth. A mind-bending mix of color/craft, this story celebrates the effusive nature of modern art. Fantasies erupt, as (Stylist) Lisa Jarvis lets the flood of fashion fill our heads as it makes its way through the body. 

Vogue Germany - Februar 2015

Vanessa Moody 'Playing With Fire' by Camilla Åkrans

Vanessa Moody brings the heat in ‘Playing With Fire’ captured by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, February 2015. Flaming red fashion burns up the scene in this exquisite mix of Spring ’15 collections. From sizzle to see-thru, Nicola Knels sexes things up with an evocative array of sensual play. Avant-garde styles sink into the skin as haute couture wraps itself around the body.

Lea T Captures the Art of True Transformation, Grazia France

Lea T proves that true transformation starts from within in ‘Une Femme Est Une Femme’ shot by Van Mossevelde + N for Grazia France, January 2015. A real woman shows strength with her willingness to evoke the truth. Stylist, Donatella Musco, celebrates the art of individuality with a stunning selection of all black and white. The petals of peace pass through each page as we see fashion reflecting true passion.  

Donna Trope For Under The Influence Autumn

Donna Trope Reveals 'Mask Layer' Under the Influence

Holly Rose Emery & Samantha Gradoville speak the art of plastique in ‘Mask Layer’ by Donna Trope for Under the Influence, A/W #14. Trope breaks down the walls of propriety with powerful pictures that play with our mind. A brazen look at women’s obsession with perfection. The story sucks you in with the promise of pretty and knocks you out with a trough of truth. Makeup Artist, Georgina Graham, grabs on to the gorgeous as she dares to take it straight into the unknown. 


Lara Stone Plays Mansion Mistress 'A Visionary Story'

Lara Stone plays the mistress of the mansion in ‘A Visionary Story’ by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia. Sauntering around like a lion seeking prey, decadence becomes her, as Stone captures the depth of her character. An exquisite tale of love gone wrong, this takes us back to a time when outfits were a full affair. Stylist, Patti Wilson, pulls out all the stops with designs that express the over-the-top attitude of the filthy rich. 

Solve Sundsbo for i-D Magazine 01

Sølve Sundsbø Lights It Up 'You Look Electrifying' i-D

Nika Cole & Diana Khalitova light it up in ‘You Look Electrifying’ by Sølve Sundsbø for i-D Magazine, Winter 2014. Dynamic images fly on high as beauty comes to bare, voltage bolts, as dreams defy the magic in the air. Electromagnetic marks divine as (Makeup Artist) Val Garland brings the abstract world of modern illusion to life. Blood-red tears streak the cheeks as yellow stands its ground, red lips peak as silence speaks, in all-for-nothing sound. 

voguethailand03 (1)

Ineta Sliuzaite in 'The New Silhouette' Billie Scheepers, Vogue Thailand

Under a prism of power and halo of light Ineta Sliuzaite is Shining Bright, in ‘The New Silhouette’ by Billie Scheepers for Vogue Thailand. The Master of Illusion wields her wand as the Line Fever passes on…to the Body Beautiful who spends the day taking shots of a Shadow Play…poised to perfection words are pure in this poignant piece of Perfect Contour. Exotic earth tones erupt off the page as fashion finds itself cast in a net overlay. 

Adrienne Jüliger And Lucy Evans 'Out of the Blue' By Pierre Debusschere For Dazed

High Fashion Goes Deep in 'Out of the Blue' for Dazed

Adrienne Jüliger & Lucy Evans discover the delicacy of true depth in ‘Out of the Blue,’ a tale of wonder told by Pierre Debusschere for Dazed. Eras erupts in this exquisite piece of non-conventional beauty. Stylist, Katie Shillingford, finds avant-garde fashion by starting at the 70’s and ending in ecstasy. The choreography of creation captures our imagination with looks from J.W. 

Rasa Zukauskaite 'Morphosis' ODDA Magazine 11

Rasa Zukauskaite is Remade in 'Morphosis' for ODDA

Rasa Zukauskaite succumbs to mannequin mania in ‘Morphosis’ Special Prada Archives by Lucia Giacani for ODDA Magazine. Art invades with thought-provoking images that delve into the deepest part of the mind. A rich mix of curiosity and couture, (Stylist) Alba Melendo uses avant-garde fashion to inspire our imagination. One-of-a-kind pieces play the part as each outfit lends itself to the character of the story. 

kinja rajzak interview russia 1

Kinga Rajzak by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia, December 2014

Kinga Rajzak descends into a state of dreamlike decadence in ‘Skazka Akzaks’ by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia. The season of lights begins with a dizzying array of color and play. Stylist, Natalie Brewster, evokes the elegance of avant-garde wonder as flakes flurry and bubbles blow. Fashion and fantasy collide with artistic looks by Alexander McQueen, CélineChanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gareth Pugh, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Prada & Valentino.  

vogue russia cmn09

Catherine McNeil in 'Body of Evidence' by Txeme Yeste

Catherine McNeil captures the power of the private dance in ‘Body of Evidence’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, January 2015. Glittered bodies gyrate and move as each shot tells a story of strength. Stylist, Olga Dunina, goes behind the scenes to find Parisian Cabaret Dancers filling up famed club, The Crazy Horse. The clothes are crazy and the girls are wild but showing skin is always in…Fashion runs fluid with looks by Altuzarra, Balmain, ChanelDolce & Gabbana, Emilio CavalliniGivenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Kiki De MontparnasseMaison Martin MargielaLa PerlaPhilipp Plein & Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.  

Brooke Candy by Michael Flores for Schön! #27 2

Brooke Candy Plays Festive Femme Fatale 'Sweetmeat'

Brooke Candy plays a festive femme-fatale in ‘Sweetmeat’ shot by Michael Flores for Schön! #27, December 2014. Master and muse merge in this exquisite tale of x-mas gone x-rated. The arena of the avant-garde erupts, as black/red/white blend, in this tri-fecta of modern style. Nicola Formichetti creates a fusion of fashion from Adrienne Landau, A.F. Vandevorst, Alexander Wang, Diesel, Helen Yarmak, Helmut Lang, Prabal Gurung, Roberto Cavalli, VersaceZana Bayne