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Cleo Cwiek By Jamie Nelson For Tush 8

Cleo Cwiek 'Pierce My Skin, Tattoo My Heart' for Tush

Cleo Cwiek evokes ornamental adornment in ‘Pierce My Skin, Tattoo My Heart’ by Jamie Nelson for Tush Magazine, July/August 2015. Come closer, no closer… and experience the exotic essence of facial jewelry. The past and future collide in this mysterious editorial that shares a sense of symmetry. Celebrate the ferocity of spirit with fired up females defined by decadence. Gems bring the bling with temporary-tats seen in the form of torso like tattoos. 


Crista Cober in 'La Palmeraie' by Txema Yeste, Numéro N°165

Crista Cober becomes part of the art in ‘La Palmeraie’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine N°165, August 2015. Poetry mimics the magic of allure as we find ourselves lost in a labyrinth of couture. Nature erupts with costumes that combine the freedom of outdoor space with the decadence of high end designs. Cober is camouflaged in divine fashions as she passes time in a palm tree grove. 

Hannah Elyse 'Stark' by Bonnie Hansen for Black Magazine10

Hannah Elyse Bathed in Black-on-Black Beauty 'Stark' for Black Mag

Hannah Elyse lets the artistry of noir sooth her soul in ‘Stark‘ by Bonnie Hansen for Black Magazine. Black-on-black breaks free as each image puts on a show. Stylist, Ella Murphy, features the ferocity of ebony fashion with dark designs that bring the heat. Images ache with agony as pictures pull back on innocence. The lure of the skin lets us in as sullen poetry peaks our interest. Theatrical beauty builds as (Makeup Artist) Chloe Langford invites us to explore the facial fantasy of avant-garde excess. 

Joan Smalls by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia 1

Joanna Drops in an Incubus of Illusion 'Grafica' Schön!

Joanna drops into an incubus of illusion in ‘Grafica’ shot by Boy/Girl for Schön! Magazine, S/S 2015. Sublime artistry erupts as the spectacle of surrealism takes shape. Breaking free from the chains that bind, this story reveals the wreckage we must bare when we seek change. Colours collide as graphic outlines pop off the page. a+c:studio captures the vibe of the piece with futuristic fashions that fuel the fire.  

Jenna Earle 'White' David Oldham For Beauty Papers 11

Jenna Earle Extols Virtues of Pallid Complexion 'White'

Jenna Earle breaks the barriers of beguiling beauty in ‘White’ by David Oldham for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015. Amy Marquis steps back in time for this intense look into the custom of face and body painting. The countenance of creativity dares to bare with evocative images that reflect social mores. Jenna typifies the pallid complexion of the past with beauty blanched in all-white. Paying homage to the era, (Makeup Artist) Gemma Smith-Edhouse turns tradition on its head by extolling the excess of the past. 


Crista Cober Plays Mythological Beauty in 'Persephone'

Crista Cober plays the mythological daughter of Zeus in ‘Persephone’ shot by Miguel Reveriego for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015. Abducted by the underworld, she vacillated between good/evil, in what came to be known as the Change of Seasons. Fashion evolves, as (Stylist) Ada Kokosar celebrates a dream where designs are backed by avant-garde accouterments. Auric ecstasy erupts as both sides come together in this dynamic blend of dark and light.  

BeautyPapers 040

Beauty Papers Makes Inaugural Debut 'The Foundation'

The Foundation‘ makes it’s mark as Maxine Leonard & Valerie Wickes bring us the Inaugural debut of Beauty Papers, Issue 0. Launching for the Makeup Obsessed, buckle your seat belts it’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride. This new magazine embarks on a journey of discovery with evocative images that dare to be different. Forward artistry entices us to succumb as the power of pretty invites us to become. 

Anna, Lily, Rosie, Barbra, Chrissy, Doutzen & more by Mert & Marcus for W Mag 5

Beauty Explores Art of Exposure in 'Privacy Settings' for W Mag

The worlds most beautiful, and followed, women expose a part of themselves we won’t see on screen in ‘Privacy Settings’ by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2015. Anna, Barbara, Bella, Chrissy, Doutzen, Lily, Rosie, Joan, Emily & Irina brave a new world in dynamic shots not made for Instagram. The power of processing has been foregone in favor of something quicker. 10 women go up against the quick click of a camera, with daring insight driven through thoughtful interchange. 

eliza-cummings-by-aaron-ward-for-let_s-panic-magazine-2-8 (1)

Eliza Cummings Floats in a Sea of Neo-Strange 'Kaiseki'

Eliza Cummings poses in a sea of strange in ‘Kaiseki’ by Aaron Ward for Let’s Panic Magazine #2. Creative interpretation captured in the poetic energy of raw power. Drama is displayed in balletic movements of dynamic water dancing. Playing the part, she twists and turns, utterly unencumbered by the grounding of gravity. Fluid fashion floats through the air as food becomes a form of avant-garde expression. 

Aliya Galyautdinova in 'Purity' by Nicolas Guerin For Schön!13

Aliya Galyautdinova is Bound to Art of Beauty in 'Purity'

Aliya Galyautdinova is bound to beauty in ‘Purity’ by Nicolas Guérin for Schön! To be tied to yourself. To be seeking freedom when it’s outside your reach. To invite the rhythm of life into your mind, only to be met with restraint – that is a powerful picture to behold. Piercing eyes penetrate the page as each shot takes us deeper into the fold. Sheri Chiu invites the ferocity of female spirit into the fray, with ropes that speak to inner-strength. 

Nastya Sten by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh 1

Nastya Sten Wears a Masque of Many Colors in Russh

Nastya Sten wears a masque of many colors by Ward Ivan Rafik for Russh Magazine, June/July ’15. With sharp combinations drawn in distinct shapes, (Makeup Artist) Stevie Huynh forgoes the obvious in search of the extreme. By applying shades of surprise to the surface of the skin, each shot exposes something new. Mind-bending metallic lights things up with a shiny mixture made to make pigments pop. 


Nastya Sten Walks Into an Exotic World of the Unknown

Nastya Sten enters an exotic world of the unknown by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, June/July 2015. Energy bursts through the page as Yeste invites us to explore the secrets of China. A tale of two-sides, Nastya steps into a multi-dimensional role as she dares to reinvent herself. Stylist, Tim Lim, embraces the culture of couture with one-of-a-kind pieces that project power. Primary colors pop off the page with refractory lights that dare to defy.