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Comme des Garçons is Fit for a Queen of Haute Couture

Viola Podkopaeva wears pieces fit for a queen in “Rei Kawakubo, Reine De L’Avant-Garde” by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #176, September 2016. Since its inception in 1969, Comme des Garçons, has been at the forefront of future fashion. Rei Kawakubo revolutionized the industry by introducing the art of storytelling to the business of style. A designer known for her ability to transform, she infuses her line with something I refer to as; the retro re-imagined. 

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Honor Heritage of History in "The Season of the Witch"

Jamie Bochert, Odette Pavlova, Isabella Emmack & Lexi Boling honor the heritage of our history in “The Season of the Witch” by Inez & Vinoodh for W Magazine, 09/16. With a sign in their hands and strong spirits in their hearts, Lexi and Jamie take off toward their chosen route of Salem. “It’s been over 300 years since the Salem witch trials, but echoes of the hearings still haunt the Massachusetts town.” Jamie, Odette, Isabella & Lexi travel back in time to a place of haunting mystery. 

Odette Pavlova for Vogue Deutsch Septemeber 2016 99 445456

Odette Pavlova Travels Back in Time to a Place ~ Divine

Odette Pavlova travels back in time to a place that’s just divine in “Amour Noir” shot by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, 09/16. In one of the most poetic pieces of the season, here we celebrate vintage excellence with avant-garde excess. A woman utterly at one with whom she’s become, this follows the fire of the female spirit. Inspired by 1930’s sartorial supremacy, this story pays tribute to a time gone by.  

Isabelle Huppert by Sharif Hamza for interVIEW

Isabelle Huppert Captures Art of "The Alpha" inter/VIEW

Isabelle Huppert moves through each image like an actress on stage in The Alpha Issue, captured by Sharif Hamza for inter/VIEW Germany, 09/16. Subtlety follows her from stage to screen, as Isabelle is on display, in this editorial that exposes the fluid movements of high art. A woman of the verge… that is how I see this exquisite creature. Open to life’s promise yet never afraid to face it’s fears, this is an evolutionary tale that invites the transfer of time. 

Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-03 (2)

Hana Jirickova Uses the Body as a Palate Paint as a Guide

Hana Jirickova uses the body to articulate in “Painted in Colors” shot by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Ukraine, August 2016. Body is the palate and paint is the guide, in this exquisite editorial that explores the art of expression. Primordial eccentricities evoke a sense of strength as we witness a woman finding her inner self. This is no story of wizardry, this is a tale of truth. The female rises forth, from the ashes of insecurity to embody the camouflage of creativity. 

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Adriana, Carolyn and Estella Play "Slaves of New York" for Love

Adriana Lima, Carolyn Murphy and Estella Boersma smoulder in the big city in “Slaves of New York” by Carin Backoff for Love Magazine, F/W 2016. Decadence becomes them as each girl succumbs to the seduction of the city. A love letter to Manhattan, this tells the story of three young women making their way in the urban jungle. Art invites us to ride on this merry-go-round of life. Wearing a daring array of eclectic attire, show pieces project, from looks that mimic costumed couture to outfits that fuel with a frenzy.  

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Pretty Girls Play Poetic Extremes "Portrait of a Lady" Tim Walker

Anna Cleveland, Eva Herzigova, Julie Hoomans, Kiki Willems, Lexi Boling & Molly Constable plays at poetic extremes in “Portrait of a Lady” by Tim Walker for Love Magazine, S/S 2016. Emptiness never looked so full with the weight of over-burdened (faux) bosoms bouncing around. Walker pays tribute to his personal hero, by delivering an homage of both honor and distinction. An artist often at odds with the modern world, John Currin’s captivating visions are completely unbound. 

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Lotte van Noorte Leads the Way in "The Lovely Excess"

Lotte van Noort is like a flower in full bloom by Nicolas Coulomb for Novembre Issue #10, S/S 2016. Lips seek what silence speaks… in the unknown secrets that people keep. Isamaya Ffrench leads us down the pathway of promise in this exquisite tale of truth uncovered. Makeup is poured over the skin like so much paint finding its rightful home, as color cascades over each feature taking on a distorted display. 


Earth’s Light Emanates From Stella's Forehead, Txema Yeste

Stella Lucia shows we are all but small creatures on a grand scale in “Extase” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #175, August 2016. Earth, Air, Fire and Water explode as this story celebrates the four earthly elements. Particular units contain unique and uncommon properties, which all work together to create a united universe. Earth’s body beckons us near as we explore the four elemental approaches to truth. 

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Stella & James Gender Blend into Infinite "boy/girl/boy"

Stella Tennant & James Crewe cross the line in “boy/girl/boy” by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, July ’16. Art meets fashion in this tender take on androgynous allies. Born to be free ~ gender identification is abolished in this exquisite editorial that extinguishes the line between male & female. Playing the part, girl is boy and boy is girl, in a spinning tale of gender swap. 


Sartorial Excess Floods the Page "Dreamy Atmosphere" Vogue It.

Lili Sumner lets herself fall into a “Dreamy Atmosphere” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, July 2016. The majesty of the mind is unleashed as we bare witness to the wonders of the inner world. Lili lands inside the sanctum of herself in this evocative tale of time undone. Patti Wilson fuses art and fantasy for one of the most cohesive layouts of the season. High fashion forms a paradigm shift artfully taking a phantasmagorical trip, as shapes appear in languid lines gold glistens & silver shines. 

nick knight molly b

Molly B. Brings Out Big Guns #StyleShootDraw, SHOWstudio

Molly Bair & Jazzelle Zanaughtti (aka Posh Splice) go live, as they are set to take the classroom stage in #StyleShootDraw by Nick Knight for SHOWstudio and Garage Magazine, 06/07 ’16. Knight brings together 20 of today’s top illustrators for the first ever, Facebook Live Broadcast. Fine art meets high fashion as this mega talented group gathers for a two-day, luxury life drawing class.