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Zendaya Brings Simone Leigh's Works to Life in Garage

Zendaya reaches for the sky in compelling captures by Ryan McGinley for Garage Magazine, F/W 2019. A powerful portrayal permeates the page, as this story invites us into the process. Evoking art that touches the heart, we’re moved by the act to embody truth. I felt distinctly honored to view these proud images. A bringing to life of the beauty of Simone Leigh’s Brick House.”This is a collaboration, A New Vision of Black Womanhood within the Pages of a Fashion Magazine.” Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem, engages in a dynamic discussion held between herself, Simone Leigh & Zendaya.  

Bella Hadid Brings the Heat in 'Hellz Bellz' Pop Magazine

Bella Hadid is a Bottega Bitch in ‘Hellz Bellz’ by Hugo Comte for Pop Magazine, FW 2019. I’m not gonna pull any punches… I like my Bella with a Twist. Skin is in, with an open zipper showing us she’s wearing only a Bottega Veneta leather jacket. Hot On Top!!! Hold for bold as this editorial answers our call, allowing us to devour the delicious. This girl knows how to glow, with gorgeous angles that leave nothing to the imagination. 

Malgosia Bela as Beautiful as Mighty Aphrodite in 032c

Malgosia Bela embodies a modern day Aphrodite in ‘The Retina Not the Pearl‘ by Thomas Lohr for 032c. So perfect as if cut in stone… Malgosia’s curves have a mind of their own. The statuesque beauty morphs into a version of the past, appearing chiseled in stone as if to last. UK’s top special effects provider, FBFX, created a life-size 3D printed double of Bela, providing a sculptor copy of this rare beauty. 

Fluid Fashions Find Calm Center in 'The Shape of Water'

Ling Chen embodies mythological folklore in ‘The Shape of Water’ by Liu Song for Vogue Me China August 2019. She emerges from the water like a creature coming to life. Moving with mystical intent, shades of pink are cast across the water’s bed mimicking the energy of the ocean. Rich images are restrained yet bursting at the seems. The intention is unknown. Power is present, as beauty breeds a sense of well being. 

Eye is Emblazoned Over Forest Like Symbol of Strength

Mayowa Nicholas finds the forest of flight in ‘Ponse De Largo’ shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, August 2019. Immersing herself in the gorgeous, green of this luscious surroundings. Mayowa lifts the arms of her long, silk dress as she spreads her wings as if to take flight. An optical illusion ensues, as she appears to be walking on water. Red petals spill over every inch of her gown, making her appear like an angelic tree of the fantastical forest. 

Bea Sweet Gets Deliciously Kitchy with 'Sci-Fi Glamour'

Laura Schoenmakers & Natie Nowak channels the psychic forces of high fashion, in ‘Sci-Fi Glamour‘ by Carlijn Jacobs for Beauty Papers Issue #7. Art by nature is an amalgamation of emotions. This excites the senses. Moving through the visual medium landing somewhere in the realm of the mental. Mysterious meanderings takes us on a trip through the collective mind. As we travel we embrace the evocative nature of nuance. 

Old/New Pieces from Archive Story to New Found Glory

Ugbad Abdi in ‘Fierce Fall Fashion‘ by Sølve Sundsbø for V Magazine, V120 Fall 2019. High design is for the dreamers. This isn’t about cloth that cuts to your frame, this is about fabrics that find the folds of the body. Here, in the sweep of succulence we see a myriad of miracles come into play. That is the heat of haute couture. Art exposes truth. Abdi’s energy doesn’t overpower the ensemble, nor does is cower to it’s strengths. 

Artistry of Modern Muppets Seen Thru Eyes of Jazzelle

Many say JazzelleUglyworldwide, is a one-woman wrecking ball of beauty. Working hard on a self proclaimed, Trail of Terror, she gives us open access to her honest excess. Recreating the purity of youth, she embraces the conceptual notion of childhood memories. This is a profound experiment of youthful exuberance coupled with raw, emotional power. Art is an exploratory exercise, one that takes advantage of our fluid thought process. 

Saskia & Stella Dare Clothes 2 Dance in 'Tanz Der Kleider'

Saskia De Brauw, Stella Tennant dare clothes to dance in ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2019. In English ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ means The Clothes Dance, a telling title for this stunning editorial. This is a statement that speaks to the dynamic energy of clothes separate from the person wearing them. There’s a vitality and vigor that fills the fabric. 

Social Media Speaks Mediocrity Threatens Future of Fine Minds

Sora ChoiGigi Hadid, Daan Duez, Maoro Bultheel & Clement Chabernaud let their duality shine by Willy Vanderperre for Document Journal Spring/Summer 2019. Vanderperre aims to abolish mediocrity through methods of creativity. Trick photography captures the theme with a wild array of special effects employed. I see this story as echoing the evolutionary arc. This is a play on evolution, as versions of the person split within the same shot. 

Jazzelle Falls Into Fluid Shadows as She Flies Into Light

Jazzelle Zanaughtti falls into the fluid shadows as she flies into the light in “Hallucinatory reality” shot by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones for King Kong Magazine, SS 2-19. Often hailed as a Pioneer in the Garment Construction Industry, Iris van Herpen has taken gorgeous to a global level. Fashion is fused with 3-D printing techniques, the evocation of which otherworldly artistry isn’t a new concept. 

Voice Lays On Tracks Like Whiskey Over Broken Glass

Billie Eilish’s brand of brilliancy blends with Takashi Murakami outlandish excess, in captivating cover by Juno Calypso for Garage Magazine. There tends to be individuals in all societies who challenge tradition. Thereby shaping true change. Billie seems to be one of those rare people. I cannot deny, I’m drawn to her deep interest in the avant-garde. I find her countenance utterly compelling.