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Anna Cleveland Fits Right In 40's Inspired Extravaganza

Anna Cleveland, Lily Nova, Ansley Gulielmi, Jessie Bloemendaal and Karolin Wolter look back to see ahead in “Haut-Nah” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Germany, January ’18. The past and future converge as this takes us on a tour of haute couture. Delving into the history, we see this stand as a foundation for the fabulous 40’s, while heralding in what’s ahead. Fabrics find the curves and follow them closely, as we watch the feminine creature come into her own. 

We're Not Asking Anymore, We Are Women Hear Us Roar!!!

The Art of the Female Rises Forth in “Power Dressing” by Platon for Garage Magazine, Fall/Winter 2017. We are an Army of Female Fighters. We’re Unafraid to Make Waves… We’re Unafraid to Name Names. We are Your Women Warriors. We will fight for our rights for as long as we live. The time of talking is behind us, we are here to stake our rightful claim.

These are My Rights We are Fighting For… Step Aside Or Get On Board… We’re Not Asking Anymore… I Am Woman Hear Me Roar. 

Artistry Exposed in Many Forms Neo-Beauty is Reborn in Hunger

Through the miracle of Greg Kadel we are able to see beyond ourselves, in “Metamorphosis” shot for Hunger Magazine. Model Ping Hue possesses a captivating aura, inspiring us to see beyond our own views. This story asks that we put aside our concepts of perfection and allow our minds to fly. The raw skin is peeling off the face artfully disrupted and dutifully replaced. Silence echos throughout the page adopting every move of this ballet of tortured beauty. 

Anna Cleveland Comes In On a Cloud of Haute Couture

Anna Cleveland takes us to the far side of high fashion in “Human” by Dan Beleiu for Vogue Portugal, December 2017. Jean Paul Gaultier has continued his roll, securing another outta’ this world cover of the captivating Cleveland. Many are bothered by the straight lines of the word, Human, as it is written over the center of the cover page. I, however, take a different view. I see the contradiction that exists to be one of rigidity versus creativity. 

Kiss-It Up Close & Personal "Utopia"

Sølve Sundsbø shows us a “Utopia” unlike we’ve seen in Vogue Italia, Part I, II & III, November 2017. We’ve stepped into a new day where color and craft have come to play. Vogue Italia is artfully naming this the Matrix Redo, but for my simple taste I’m going to call it, expanding the mind space. The Matrix implies a third party has intervened, taking over our ability to compose thoughts. 

Barbara and Georgia Play Two Parts of the Same Person

Barbara Palvin & Georgia Fowler are caught inside the Matrix by Markn for Numéro, November 2017. Here we witness two of today’s most beautiful specimens put to page. Barbara brandishes herself in a willful kind of way, while, Georgia is enticed by her over-the-top display. Poetically cast, these separate roles are set to express ~ Two Sides of the Same Person. Innocence is enticed by the architecture of excess as extreme behavior is artfully portrayed. 

Unbound by the Chains the Bind Blue Becomes the Beautiful Bird.

Aida Blue walks on water with a feather in hand by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, 11/2017. Time transforms our darkest of hours, turning shades of none into colors of aplomb. Tipping my head back and there I see reflections of life waiting to be free. Anguishing in the shadows of time, Aida lays flat over the curved of lines. An expression that reflects pure intentions. I am Human… I am One… I am Spirit from the Sun. 

Crystal & Krusha Goes 2 Glow "All That Glitters" Is Gold

Crystal Noreiga & Krusha Lamar dream into another dimension, in “All That Glitters” is gold by Andrew Yee for Hunger Magazine #13. Two becomes one as they spin into endless fun, aiming to uncover the moons of the midnight sun. Their limbs extend to the furthest reaches of the imagination, and then back again as if they’d never left. The art of constant movement is a subtle yet stunning sport. 

Tessa Kuragi's Body Becomes Live Art in "Metamorphosis"

Tessa Kuragi uses the body as a palate and avant-garde beauty as the brush, in “Metamorphosis” by Sølve Sundsbø for Beauty Papers Magazine, F/W 2017. An Ode to Etiquette unleashes the beauty beast, as the bends of her body break through the mysteries of the skin. Like a model in waiting, she stands for public viewings taking a variety of poetic poses. Capturing the conceptual art of humanity, this story plays on page like a live art installation seen on stage. 

Lucie Stoll Falls Down Rabbit Hole of Haute Couture

Lucie Stoll stars in the theatre of change by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine, F/W 2017. Costumed cosmetics takes fantasy to another level as we fall down the rabbit hole of haute couture. Each image stands independently, strangely blending into the buffet of beauty. The search for originality continues as we make our way down the pathway of plenty. Distinct dimensions propose contrasting elements to effect the search boundary, as opposition arises allowing them to be both passive and playful. 

Ajak is Celebrating 15 Years "This Time We Won't Ask"

Ajak Deng is Celebrating 15 Years in “This Time We Won’t Ask” shot by Oliver Stalmans for Dansk Magazine, A/W 2017. I am woman hear me… well you know the rest as we watch this glorious female embrace the natural beauty of her being. A powerful look at the art of evolving. Imposing a sense of spirit, some of the images appear to be an abstract version of themselves. To be is to become, as we explore the art of becoming in this place of ever-evolving beauty. 

Malgosia Bela Is Seen Behind a Scarlet Wall in "Vertigo" Sailing

Malgosia Bela goes “Vertigo” as she hits her stride in a dizzying ride by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine, 10/17. Elements of the sea are artfully expressed in a lavish spectacle of style and structure. Set against the midnight sky the darkened night is draped divine. The high seas come alive, as scarlet doesn’t just fill the scene it oozes it all over the screen. This amps up the passion as it pulls down the red film, exposing us to the purity of seduction.