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Art Is Eloquence In the Making, A Dance of the Sublime

Marie-Agnes Gillot & Michaela DePrince follow the light in ‘Magic Moves’ by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany, July 2018. Dance is a delicate movement, one that requires stamina, stimulation, sturdiness and stead-fast determination. Here we witness two women in the throws of such a compilation of courage and commitment. Artful in their approach ~ open to all possibilities. We feel in them the spirit to fly. 

Saskia de Brauw Reflects on Life "In Sea of Sand & Sin"

Saskia de Brauw finds herself falling in “A Sea of Sand & Sin” by Dario Catellani for Vogue Italia, May 2018. This is a tale of two. Images are reflected and shadows are seen in this sentimental journey that reads like a dream. Against solid shades patterns play in poetic ways. George Cortina commands our attention by summoning a captivating blend of colors and craft. Silk fabrics fall over her body with see-thru patterns that possess power. 

Txema Yeste Takes Us Inside ~ Far Reaches of the Mind

Julia Bergshoeff takes us inside the far reaches of the mind in this two-part series, “En Tierra Hostil” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, June 2018. Outside the linear lines lives a place of utter excess. Art is an expression of this transient export. The psyche of the senses leads us to the center of the soul, where wisdom and perception collide. It is here that the sentient pleasures of life linger and the silent powers of the world unite. 

Marie-Agnès Break Ballet Tradition Rediscover "Danse"

Marie-Agnès Gillot breaks tradition in “Danse” by Koto Bolofo for Numéro Magazine #193. Redefining the concept of Ballet proper, Gillot’s body moves to it’s own beat. Ever moving ever flowing, the body beautiful bends but never breaks. Art evokes a sense of synergistic style. Fortune’s fluidity is found in the sanguine sounds of life’s rebound, leaving nature to sway on solid ground. 

Lily Stewart Bends, Twists, Shape & Shifts "Pantomime"

Lily Stewart bends, twists, shapes and shifts in ‘Pantomime’ by Amanda Charchian For Numéro #193, May 2018. Lensed thru the looking glass of wonder, we watch as this displays a door to another world. The majesty of movement the mimicry of might leaves us fighting to find the vibrancy of light. Samuel Francois leads the way. This exquisite editorial uses the fundamentals of high fashion to celebrate the synchronicity of modern style. 

Miss Fame is a Screen Queen Lights... Camera... Action

“I’m Ready for My Close-Up… Mr Demille,” a line made famous in the 1950 film, Sunset Boulevard. Exploring the 2018 Spring Collections, Miss Fame captures the nuance of noir, as she brings her ever elusive ways to the stage. Depicting a character from eras gone by. This reflects a time when stars were truly super and Fame was something far more substantial than a YouTube video. 

Amandine Renard... Enters Earth's Magnetic Force Field

Amandine Renard enters Earth’s Magnetic Field in “Champ Magnétique” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #198, April 2018. Sand and sky collide as the majesty of nature is applied. A powerful piece that plays to the idea of force fields. Fantasy flies above the ground as beauty is bathed in desert surround. As all things end they begin again. Art evolves through the tragedy of tyranny and the antipathy of truth. 

Karen Elson Asks That We Ride Inside Her Fantasy Mind

Karen Elson seeks to find the jagged mind to take her back in hallowed time by Alasdair McLellan for Self Service Magazine, S/S 2018. She’s set free on the streets of New York City. This story plays with the idea of innocence versus excess. Pictures present a sense of symbiosis. A hit of 60’s nostalgia a dash of 40’s flare and a dose of 70’s decadence is sure to get you there. 

Bathed in the Raw Beauty of Grace's Ever-Glowing Face

Grace Bol is a picture of ‘Pure Beauty’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, May 2018. Art is the answer. The undeniable truth. Where all thing comes from and all things return, this is a story of that long journey home. Art declares itself to be a signature of humanity ~ Bathed in the beauty of light’s ever moving Grace… we’re awed by her wonder… the luminosity of her face. 

Artful Anarchy Exposed "No Chains Will Ever Hold That"

Camilla De Terre explores life’s inner oddities in “No Chains Will Ever Hold That,” by Nagi Sakai for Zoo Magazine No. 58. The connotation of couture makes this editorial a curious thing. Ye Young Kim brings forth an array of avant-garde fashions, that say so much through the use of unique foundations. Abstract coordination is the innovative advancement of the collective perspective. 

Kris Grikaite Gets Down and Dirty in Most Delicious Way

Kris Grikaite gets down and dirty in the most delicious way, by Mario Sorrenti for AnOther Magazine, SS 2018. Alexander McQueen swings into Spring with sweet looks that summon the severe side of style. Hard and soft merge into one forming a serene sense of stimulation. Kris Grikaite embraces this moment of female empowerment, by allowing the two sides of her personality to shine at the same time.  

Anna Cleveland a Perfect Palate for "Les Petits Papiers"

Anna Cleveland’s body becomes a palate for papier-mâché perfection in “Les Petits Papiers” shot by Alix Malka, 7Hollywood Magazine. The Art of Anna Comes To Be as We Escape Inside the Fantasy. Paper Mache takes a turn as each ripped piece is placed over an epidermal layer. A showpiece that slowly transforms into an art installation. Torn paper finds it’s way to the skin opening us up to what’s within.