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Maren Behringer "The Future is Theirs" for Off Black Magazine

Maren Behringer in “The Sleeper Awakes” by Chloé Le Drezen for Off Black Magazine, F/W 2016. Art breaks as beauty awakes to the subtle tones of tomorrows light…. and there we’ll find in the moonshine of our minds, what once was lost is now but found. Fashion was at one time a staple of style that was only used to cover the body. But now we see passion is present, as each piece is a projection of hope. 


Back Becomes Front ~ As Surreal Picture Pops Off Page

Nimue Smit, Lily Donaldson & Amanda Googe fly through the mind’s eye by Viviane Sassen for Pop Magazine, F/W 2016. Fate is held in the hands of destiny, as fortune is found at the feet of the future. My weapon is my pencil the power’s in my mind, all is but a secret that life has left behind. Part I and Part II unfolds in two distinct sections, as I weep in quiet corners a respite from the pain, of what I’m sworn to conquer is the will that keeps me sane. 


Coco Rocha Braves the Baron but Beautiful Icelandic Coast

Coco Rocha travels through the baron but beautiful Icelandic coast by Silja Magg for Glamour Iceland. She commits to every movement like pieces of poetic intention. We feel the fluid motion of her being experienced through her bodily connection. Coco creates the first ever coherent collusion. By giving herself over to the process, her soul succumbs to the innovative spirit of Iceland. Long limbs stretch out as she showcases the sinuous steps of her graceful lines ~ lithe and supple ~ we bare witness the limber specs of her balletic form.  


Jamilla Hoogenboom's Beauty Bewitches "Sortilèges" Numéro

Jamilla Hoogenboom foretells the future in “Sortilèges” by Alice Rosati for Numéro #179. Bewitching beauty takes hold, as Jamilla makes friends with a beautiful Burmese Python named Banana. Inspired by the magic mojo of modern witchcraft, this fuels the fire of the female spirit. Black doesn’t reflect a turn toward the dark side, rather, it reveals a sense of independence. Silky fabrics open up the mind’s eye, while a mix of the exquisite lures us inside. 


Bella Hadid Revels in Art of the Unknown 'Outspoken' in Paper

Bella Hadid revels in the artistry of the unknown in ‘Outspoken‘ by Nicolas Moore for Paper Magazine, Winter ’16. Hadid has settled in the spotlight, where the blinding fury of fast fame has turned her hair to white. Known for her quiet intensity, one wonders if that’s all there is? Simmering under the surface we get the impression there’s much to be found. Depth can be portrayed in many ways. 


Catherine McNeil Plays it Dark for Jeff Bark in "Maléfice"

Catherine McNeil plays her part dark in ‘Maléfice’ by Jeff Bark for Numéro #179. The heart builds as the music swells leaving the sorcery of enchantment to cast its spell. Our heroine finds herself lost in a world of mystic overlay, as we are awakened by the mischievous spirits of Maleficence. Inspired by the surroundings, Bark’s powers reach from the great beyond. High fashion redefines the ideal of noir with black that revels in the unknown.  


Roos Abels Flies High Watching Eye from Sky "Mirage"

Roos Abels teeters on the edge of time in “Mirage” shot by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine #179, December/January 16-17. As I sit and wait for love to arrive I feel you waiting on the other side. It’s not often that we see an editorial that’s so rich with unique details and uncommon imagery. Gravity gets a face-lift with images that attract the body to the center of the earth.  


Meghan Collison lets Succulence Drip off Lip "Colour of the Night"

Meghan Collison in “Colour of the Night” by Patrick Postle for Vogue Ukraine, December 2016. Beauty is all but a dream caught in a state of the extreme. Light filters through the aire, as paint slides down the face and art jaunts into another dimension. Up down and all around is the direction we will head… for never knowing where we’ll go will lead us to a drop dead show. Craziness is caught in-between as, “surrealists sought to channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the imagination.” By combining pure inspiration from many influences, this tale echos the sentiment of transformation. 


Artistic Side Will Rise & Devour "Daughters of Darkness" Hunger

Lena Hamm, Chiara, Maisie Jane & Georgie Hobday devours the night in “Daughters of Darkness” by Rankin for Hunger Magazine, 11/16. Drama defines the scene as pictures possess an avant-garde extreme. Each shot tempts us with titillation, while eye-popping imagery scorches us with satisfaction. Lola Chatterton celebrates the art of embellishments by making her way from high design to fashion divine. 


Lili Sumner Falls Head First Into Fashion Fairytale, Txema Yeste

Lili Sumner falls head first into a high fashion fairy-tale, in “Dreams About Something Bigger” shot by Txema Yeste, Vogue Russia December 2016. Creativity wraps around the imagination as art encircles the mind. Olga Dunina reminds us how deep we can dream by showing us how big we can go. A long gown and draped overcoat work like a projection screen with a story told in visual display. These forms have been elevated from their standing as mere fabric, into a place of symphonic mastery. 


Kasia Struss is a Walking Canvas by H&G, Fashionable Lampoon

Kasia Struss becomes part of abstract art in “peculiar children” by Hunter & Gatti for, The Fashionable Lampoon, Snob & Pop Vol.6. Art reflects on the insanity of these politically trying times. H&G hits it out of the park with this compelling take on our world gone mad. While this was completed before (Trump) tore us apart, I think it captures my sentiment with stunning aplomb. 


Beauty Beckons as Art Awakes Floral Transformation, Vogue It

Sophia Linnewedel, Marina Nery, Anett Oun & Nika Fejes in “Healing. Restore Body, Mind & Soul” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, November 2016. Beauty beckons as art awakes in this exquisite land where transformation takes place. Nestled in the Andean jungle at the Amazon edge – Amaru Spirit – embraces the rich culture of the Peruvian peoples. Makeup wakes us to the sound of modern music as Val Garland plays the conductor of cosmetics.