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vogue germany 9

Cotton-Candy, Scarlet-Daydreams Cherry Flavored Wine, I'm Waiting for that Moment 'til Your Lips Meet Mine. Shot by Camilla Åkrans.

Alena Blohm & Paris Roberts goes noir in ‘Im Juli Geliebtes Rot’ by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, July 2014. The art of oral fixation comes alive in this stunning showcase of eloquent excess. Each shot captures a unique sense of individualism, with a succulent story of sex and style. Fashion Editor, Nicola Knels, reigns the rapturous waves of temptation with dynamic beauty born to fly. 

Tess Hellfeuer By Alessio Bolzoni For Stylist France 4

Tess Hellfeuer Shot by Alessio Bolzoni, Stylist France 'Naviguer À Vue'

Tess Hellfeuer flies by the seat of her pants in ‘Naviguer À Vue’ shot by Alessio Bolzoni for Stylist France #052, June 2014. Redefining the idea of modern imagery, (Stylist) Belén Casadevall uses the extreme to get our attention and have a little avant-garde fun. Hellfeurer knows how to pose it, with a perfect blend of artful and outrageous. Ready for her close-up, (Makeup Artist) Tiziana Raimondo gets our attention with beauty designed to beguile. 

Isabeli Fontana in 'Diva Classica' By Nicole Heiniger For Harper's Bazaar Brazil 9

Isabeli Fontana 'Diva Clássica' by Nicole Heiniger, HB Brazil

Isabeli Fontana comes alive in ‘Diva Clássica’ by Nicole Heiniger for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil June 2014. Isabeli breaks all the barriers by bringing the art of modern fashion forward. Stylist, Flávia Lafer, turns fur into fabulous with looks that are made for the future. Posed to perfection, by mixing leather, silk, fur and lace the cutting-edge combination is nothing less than amazing. 

Alana Zimmer By Ben Hassett For Vogue China 1

Alana Zimmer in 'Hidden Guardian' by Ben Hasset

Alana Zimmer submerges herself in ‘Hidden Guardian’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue China, June 2014. A dizzying mix of diluted pleasure, behind the wall of water emerges the truth. Floating just below the surface each shot shows it’s strength by creating a fluid illusion of visual play. The journey begins as (Makeup Artist) Violette captures the art of the affect, with a stunning selection of colorful solutions. 


Bregje Heinen Evokes Art of Alloy in 'Aleación' Multi-Metallic Madness

Bregje Heinen finds freedom in ‘Aleación’ by Tom Schirmacher for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, May 2014. The art of Alloy comes together in this fabulous fusion of gold and silver. Styled by, Stephanie Arouesty, this stunning story captures our imagination with hues that combine metal with non-metal. Beauty explodes as, (Makeup Artist) Justine Purdue creates powerful looks that are primed for possibility. 


Ben Hassett Captures The Illusion in 'Dream Girls' for W Magazine

Ben Hassett creates the illusion of expectancy in ‘Dream Girls’ for W Magazine, May 2014. I cried a golden tear last night until my dream came true. Stylist, Panos Yiapanis, takes a step forward with avant-garde fashions from Dolce & Gabbana, Prada & Givenchy. Wearing bold colors covered in crystallized masks, Makeup Master, Pat McGrath captures our imagination with vibrant hues cast across the face. 


Karlie Kloss Captures The 'Color Power' Arc Modern Makeup Mix

Karlie Kloss captures our imagination in ‘Color Power’ by Ben Hassett for L’Express Styles. More than makeup it’s a movement of the mind. Brought to life under the flame of the light, each feature falls into place with an exciting array of color and play. Makeup Artist, Marla Belt, uses the curves of the face as inspiration, with an explosion of hues to include Indigo, Puissant Fuchsia, Rose Exactement & Oiseau de Paradis. Undercover art, from the blush of the rose to the fume of the fuschia, these shades blend together to form a picture of avant-garde perfection. 

Voodoo Child by Ishi For Vogue Netherlands 25

Giedre Dukauskaite Is Alive in Culture Clash 'Voodoo Child' Ishi

Giedre Dukauskaite creates a culture clash of creativity in ‘Voodoo Child’ by Ishi for Vogue Netherlands, May 2014. The arc of fashion comes alive in this exquisite mix of avant-garde and tectonic tribal wears. (Stylist) Marije Goekoop captures our attention with authentically spirited looks by Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Balmain, Celine, Chloé, Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant & Junya Watanabe. 

Erin Wasson By David Roemer For Marie Claire, Magazine, Uk, May 2014 3

Erin Wasson Gets Wild in 'Turn Up the Heat' by David Roemer, 05/14.

Erin Wasson gets wild in ‘Turn Up the Heat’ by David Roemer for Marie Claire UK, May 2014. The allegory of intensity captures a moment, but what really makes this shine is a whole lot more. Daring to get deep, we see this model/mother/star share her theories on what makes a woman beautiful. Up close & personal, (Stylist) Lisa Oxenham brings high fashion into focus with a series of looks that range from black-leather to nude-real. 

Alma Durand by Jem Mitchell for Mixte Magazine

Alma Durand by Jem Mitchell for Mixt(e) Magazine, S/S 2014.

Alma Durand brings beauty to life by Jem Mitchell for Mixt(e) Magazine, Spring-Summer 2014. Through the pathways of my mind comes the hope for tomorrow. From soft & sweet to strong & eruptive, these powerful petals know how to grow. Makeup Artist, Lloyd Simmonds, captures our imagination with an avant-garde array of art and play. With two-dimensional works softly applied on top of one another, each shot is a picture of pure potential. 


Lindsey Wixson Is Free To Be Bold & Beautiful Henrik Bülow for Fat

Lindsey Wixson gets aggressive in this avant-garde story by Henrik Bülow for Fat Magazine, S/S 2014. A divine right of passage, through the chambers of my mind I find the truth. From the exquisite to the exotic, these looks know how to shine, with a stunning selection of styles from Alexandra Carl. Wearing a hyper modern mix of designs, this vibrant color blocking and cool cut, fits her just fine. 

Vogue China Kate Bogucharskaia by David Dunan 06

Kate Bogucharskaia Is Born Again in Mad Mod World 'Natural Vision'

Kate Bogucharskaia is born again in ‘Natural Vision’ by David Dunan for Vogue China April 2014. The freedom of beauty comes to bare in this exquisite mix of art and application. The body lives out the soul of life in this other-worldly blend of fashion and fantasy. Kathy Phillips dares to bring in styles that amp up the drama and delve into the rich design. Divine, demure, demented and dark to carry off this look calls for something special.