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'Beauty Queens' by Brigitte Niedermair for Harper's Bazaar Uk 4

Gigi Hadid a Modern 'Beauty Queen'

Models of the moment come to be in ‘Beauty Queens’ by Brigitte Niedermair for Harper’s Bazaar UK, May 2015. Jing Wen, Gigi Hadid, Ondria Hardin, Antonia Wilson, Anna Cleveland, Paige Reifler, Kitty Hayes & Laura James are face first in this celebration of beauty. Each shot invites us to the odyssey of the eyes with imagery that evokes a sense of extreme. Makeup art is made to fly as Kabuki creates colorful hues that are designed to defy.  

kasia-struss-makeup-hair-s-moda01 (1)

Kasia Wears the Warpaint of Pride

Kasia Struss embraces the wonder of warpaint in ‘Pinturas De Guerra’ by David Roemer in S Moda, March 21, 2015. Springs descends with passion as each shot invites us into the fold. The shades of silences make their way as the facade of the fierceness comes to play. Ferocity found in the high-end fashion game of avant-garde art. This story takes us from the smoothness of color to the semblance of black/white. 

isamaya ffrench 004

Isamaya Ffrench's Masterful Makeup

Larissa Hofmann & Sang Woo Kim go face first into S/S 2015, with Dior in the ‘Digital Issue Viewed by Daniel Sannwald‘ for Antidote Magazine. Bound in beauty each shot embraces the overt nature of our obsession with perfection. Isamaya Ffrench does a masterful mix of modern makeup with images that celebrate the art of interpretation. The future of the face is here & now with exotic color combinations that make you go, WOW!  


Gaultier Gives a Swan-Song of Sorts

Manuela Frey wears Lucha Libre inspired masks in ‘Wrestle Mania’ by Richard Burbridge for Dazed, Spring 2015. A farewell to the master, this swan-song (of sorts), says good-bye to a man that revels in the art of evoking. Devoting himself fully to the calling of haute couture, Jean-Paul Gaultier leaves the ready-to-wear arena behind. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, gets us all riled up with head-gear that focuses on the fisticuffs of high fashion.  


Valeria in 'Abstract Geometry' Zodiac

Valeria wears the mark of modernity in ‘Abstract Geometry’ a story by Vasilis Topouslidis for Zodiac Magazine. The purity of white pulls you in as the seduction of black lets you win. Graphic images ooze eccentricity in this exquisite mix of art & excess. The skin becomes a palate of poetry, as (Artist) Julie Alexander paints the face/body with the power of perfection. Beauty beguiles, from the mystery of masquerade to creative cover-up, symbolic shapes seize our attention. 


Amanda Leemis is Pretty in Plastic

Amanda Leemis is pretty in plastic in ‘Wrapped Beauty’ by Frauke Fischer. The promise of perfection seen through the clear plastic wrap of hypocrisy. This severe story captures the exquisite emptiness of life unfulfilled. The power pretty seen on the face, (Makeup Artist) Melanie Schoene uses phenomenal features as one would use the prose of poetry. Skin wrapped in cellophane the face wrapped in tears, the heart left to wonder about all the lost years.

Let the New Year of Beauty Begin

Maria K starts the new year with a splash by Jamie Nelson for Marie Claire Russia, December 2014. Let the boom of beauty begin in this tectonic tale of color & creation. Lips of Bordeaux send us sailing high as ice blue eyes help us to reach the sky. Makeup Artist, Georgina Billington, captures the purity of passion as piattes take us down the path of potential. Jewel tones light up the page with body art that screams to be seen. 


Dajana Antic in 'Exposure to Color'

Dajana Antic finds the light in ‘Exposure to Color’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue Japan, January 2015. Blown out and beautiful, features come alive as Hassett uses the camera to capture a reversal of fortune. Inverting the process, each piece shines by showing us the backwards way to tomorrow’s beauty. The power of these pictures speak, as eyes and lips penetrating the page. Makeup Artist, Marla Belt, sets the face on fire with features that flood our minds with the art of overexposure. 


'Feeling Blue?' Toni Garrn Colors Up

Toni Garrn is up-close and personal in ‘Feeling Blue? Try Painting Yourself A Different Colour’ by Richard Burbridge for i-D Magazine, Winter 2014. The features of the face are all but erased, in this colorful story that celebrates the breadth of true beauty. From pigmented-peacock to canary-yellow, (Makeup Artist) Isamaya Ffrench captures striated marks boldly marching across the skin. 

Guinevere Van Seenus By Marcus Ohlsson For Vogue Japan 2

Guinevere Van Seenus in 'A Beauty in Its Time'

Guinevere Van Seenus brings to life ‘A Beauty In Its Time’ shot by Marcus Ohlsson for Vogue Japan, December 2014. The silhouette of salvation sets us free with beauty born to blast. A story of creation traced across the skin, as a thin line of courage runs down the face. Modern makeup made to mystify, Fredrik Stambro lets the eyes take center stage, with bleached out brows daring to bow out. 

Toni Garrn by Camilla Akrans for Allure Magazine November 4

Toni Garrn Puts Beauty on Blast in 'Lip Bomb'

Toni Garrn puts beauty on blast in ‘Lip Bomb’ by Camilla Akrans for Allure Magazine, November 2014. Akrans brings the heat with shots that set the soul on fire. A powerful play on the art of Fall fashion, the season of succulence is here, with a ravenous array of colors/craft. Stylist, Siobhan Bonnouvrier, gets fierce with fabrics that include fabulous-furs, luscious-leather & magic-mylar. 

Cara Delevingne 'Best of Beauty' By Mario Testino For Allure 5

Cara Delevingne by Mario Testino

Cara Delevingne unleashes the beast in ‘Best of Beauty’ shot by Mario Testino for Allure Magazine, October 2014. The annual list for the lovlies is here with a stellar look at the art of modern makeup. Taking a more avant-garde approach, (Creative Director) Paul Cavaco keeps the couture haute with fashions that will make you melt. The power of pretty pops off the page with a PVC coat by Miu Miu, a leather dress by Dion Lee, and Hats by Eric Javits, Tod’s & Tracy Watts