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Jeneil Williams by Torkil Gudnason for 6

Golden Stripes Brake over the Body

Jeneil Williams bares her truth by Torkil Gudnason for This Jamaican born beauty was discovered in her home town where she made her meteoric rise to fame. A competitive girl from the Caribbean islands, she captured the imagination of the industry with her drive and athletic prowess. Gifts that in the past have been known to hold girls back, this model used her disciplined nature to catapult her to the top. 

Anniek Abma by Alexander Straulino for L'Officiel Netherlands, September 2015 22

Flood of Purple Spills Down the Face

Anniek Abma wears the palate of perfection in “To the Extreme” by Alexander Staulino for L’Officiel Netherlands, 09/15. The water of life spills over the skin baring out natural elements. Eyes are cast in blue and green with liquid shadow that smears itself in aquatic ecstasy. Behind a wall of smoke noir beauty blasts as, (Makeup Artist) Baltasar G takes us from clean to extreme. 


Emily DiDonato Hides in Shadows Aches 4 Light

Emily DiDonato engages in the costume of change in ‘En Boucle’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, November 2015. The art of obscurity is captured in the click of a camera. Hiding in shadows aching for light, to camouflage beauty is a veiling of the night. Bright ignites an aura emanating from the center, with wild waves reaching all about. Golden lockes fill in the frame, rushing from the head in a mane of explosion. 

Wylie Hays by Fernando Gomez for Elle Indonesia 10

Behold Theatre of Cosmetic Creation

Wylie Hays engages in a little double-edged beauty duty in ‘Grunge Lane’ by Fernando Gomez for Elle Indonesia. Masterful manipulation unfolds as we behold the theatre of cosmetic creation. Ruben Marmol breaks the confounds of conceptuality with mesmerizing makeup that transforms. Modernity comes forth with facial embellishments that are made for the stage. Masked in mayhem marked for must, drama is induced with dark noir that delights our senses. 


Lucidly Lured as Fantasty is Unfurled

Andreea Diaconu drinks in the diamonds in ‘Carats en Colorama’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, October 2015. Her eyes are deceiving her smile is distinct, her warmth is inviting her mind is succinct. An evocative tale of love and other yearnings. Gems sparkle in vibrant light, as power is felt through fire of the female force. Alive with a kind of subhuman super-strength, Diaconu delves into another world.  

maison margiela by craig mcdean for anOther AW 2015 10

The Art of 'Extraordinary Creatures' for AnOther

Harleth Kuusik, Issa Lish, Vanessa Moody, Maja Salamon, Grace Simmons, Greta Varlese & Tami Williams are ‘Extraordinary Creatures’ by Craig McDean for AnOther MagazineJohn Galliano comes to life as the Artistic Director of Maison Margiela. Way past the idea of projection, this teeters on a new construct I’m calling, Catfish Couture. It’s a new day and a there’s an innovative way of doing things. 

Ben Hassett 'Bangerz' for Teen Vogue September 2015

See, Hear & Speak No Evil 'Bangerz'

Anabel Krasnotsvetova & Hyun Ji Shin play three wise makeup monkeys in ‘Bangerz’ by Ben Hassett for Teen Vogue, September 2015. A conceptual take on the proverbial principle, ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’. These three mystic apes, as they are known, provide an interesting parallel to the idea of symbolic synergy. The philosophy of ancient wisdom says, “let the eyes fast, let the mouth fast, let the ears fast.” Stylist, Zara Zachrisson, mimics the flash of the face with avant-garde fashions that fare from the body.  

Enly Tammela 'A Private Obsession' Jamie Nelson For No Tofu September 2015 25

Enly Tammela Takes Coco's Advice

Enly Tammela takes Coco’s advice in ‘A Private Obsession’ captured by Jamie Nelson for NO TOFU. “I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all,” this was a woman who lived by her own rules. The status symbol of choice – Chanel – captures our attention with extreme images that embrace the tenants of tactile beauty. The truth unfolds as art explodes in this tale of tyranny and trinkets. 

Kate B in 'Funny Face' by Christian Högstedt for Tush 13

Get Neo-Graphically Enhanced, Tush

Kate B wears makeup like a mask in ‘Funny Face’ shot by Christian Högstedt for Tush Magazine. Eye-defining moments take center stage with piercing looks that penetrate the page. Graphic GIFS go gorgeous with beautiful designs that send us into digital overdrive. The past and future collide in this divine take on the season of the skin. Makeup floods the face as Fredrik Stambro captures a fusion of creative cosmetics. 

Rowena Xi Kang 'Great White Shark' Tre & Elmaz for Black Mag 5

Wearing Jewels in Place of the Face

Rowena Xi Kang is adorned in ornamental accessories in ‘Great White Shark‘ shot by Tré & Elmaz for Black Magazine. Diamonds & pearls never looked so cool as stones are worn in the place of the face. To find the sea of satisfaction we’ve got to swim with the sharks. Taking a counter-intuitive approach to the art of life, this forces us to focus on the extreme. Stylist, Jamie Maree Shipton, knocks our socks off by creating sleek fabrics covered in candy colored rocks. 

Lika Rzhevskaya '7 Sins' By Jeremy James For Revs Mag! 5

Devour Decadence in 'Never Enough'

Lika Rzhevskaya lures us into her web of wonder in ‘Never Enough‘ shot by Jeremy James for Revs Mag! Behind the walls of silence, blue waves wash over my face, as I succumb to a sea of strange. Features unfurl as we stand on the forefront of futuristic fashion. The mind and body meld into one as the art of modern beauty erupts. Miriam Robstad explores the extreme side of makeup with dynamic cosmetics designed to defy.  

Jac Jagaciak By Greg Kadel For Let's Panic #7

Jac Submerges in Sea of Bold Color

Jac Jagaciak bursts on the scene with floral face blooms that pop off the page by Greg Kadel for Let’s Panic Magazine #2. Semi-sonic shades erupt with combinations that capture the theme of creation. Dignity held in the characterization of color. Opposing the order, these pictures prove that true calm can come under a rush of fire. I dare to dream a lovely dream where all things go away, unto a world where silence screams forever the same way, a fateful place where blue birds fly upon the wings of love, where all will come to rise above, just like the white-winged doves.