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Guinevere Van Seenus By Marcus Ohlsson For Vogue Japan 2

Guinevere Van Seenus by Marcus Ohlsson ‘A Beauty In Its Time’

Guinevere Van Seenus brings to life ‘A Beauty In Its Time’ shot by Marcus Ohlsson for Vogue Japan, December 2014. The silhouette of salvation sets us free with beauty born to blast. A story of creation traced across the skin, as a thin line of courage runs down the face. Modern makeup made to mystify, Fredrik Stambro lets the eyes take center stage, with bleached out brows daring to bow out. 

Toni Garrn by Camilla Akrans for Allure Magazine November 4

Toni Garrn Puts Beauty on Blast in 'Lip Bomb' Camilla Akrans for Allure

Toni Garrn puts beauty on blast in ‘Lip Bomb’ by Camilla Akrans for Allure Magazine, November 2014. Akrans brings the heat with shots that set the soul on fire. A powerful play on the art of Fall fashion, the season of succulence is here, with a ravenous array of colors/craft. Stylist, Siobhan Bonnouvrier, gets fierce with fabrics that include fabulous-furs, luscious-leather & magic-mylar. 

Cara Delevingne 'Best of Beauty' By Mario Testino For Allure 5

Cara Delevingne by Mario Testino

Cara Delevingne unleashes the beast in ‘Best of Beauty’ shot by Mario Testino for Allure Magazine, October 2014. The annual list for the lovlies is here with a stellar look at the art of modern makeup. Taking a more avant-garde approach, (Creative Director) Paul Cavaco keeps the couture haute with fashions that will make you melt. The power of pretty pops off the page with a PVC coat by Miu Miu, a leather dress by Dion Lee, and Hats by Eric Javits, Tod’s & Tracy Watts


Georgia May Jagger in 'Beauty' Garage

Georgia May Jagger faces the future in ‘Beauty’ by Daniel Sannwald for Garage Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014-15. Shining us on with special effects, (Stylist) Charlotte Stockdale stakes her claim on the art of avant-garde fashion. Sannwald takes us to another dimension by using the features as an expression of fantasy. An evocative look at the concept of close-up, by using the mouth as a vase of opportunity, each item appears to be coming out of an open orifice. 

Lindsey Wixson By Richard Burbridge For Interview Germany 2

Lindsey Wixson Pops in Interview Germany

Lindsey Wixson comes in ‘Closer’ for this phenomenal feature shot by Richard Burbridge for Interview Germany, September 2014. The power of pretty pops off the page in this scrumptious story filled with art and imagination. Burbridge gets up-close and personal as he breaks through the imaginary lines of freedom. Blazing beauty erupts as, (Makeup Artist) Francelle Daly captures creativity with colors that focus on the face. 

Ashtyn Franklin 'Flashdance' By Moo For Elle Canada 12

Head for Fall in Style 'Flashdance'

Ashtyn Franklin lights up the sky in ‘Flashdance’ by Moo King for Elle Canada, September 2014. Heading for Fall, Ashtyn takes flight in this avant-garde world where artistry is alive. Stylist, Juliana Schiavinatto, brings the power of primary colors into focus with a stunning array of fashion and play. The art of modern wonder has arrived, with solid shapes that boldly blend in with brilliant fur.  

181_9月号_049_Beauty Story_GIAMPAOLO SGURA_責了_CS6.indd

'The Imagination In Her Eyes' by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Japan

Lindsey Wixson stars in ‘The Imagination In Her Eyes’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Japan, September 2014. A dream inside a dream, Lindsey loses herself in a wonderland of magic. A modern day version of a fashion fairy-tale, she plays the part, in a role unlike we’ve ever seen. The art of avant-garde explodes as (Stylist) Anna Della Russo brings forth the essence of the imagination. 

vogue germany 9

Cotton-Candy, Scarlet-Daydreams Cherry Flavored Wine, I'm Waiting for that Moment 'til Your Lips Meet Mine. Shot by Camilla Åkrans.

Alena Blohm & Paris Roberts goes noir in ‘Im Juli Geliebtes Rot’ by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, July 2014. The art of oral fixation comes alive in this stunning showcase of eloquent excess. Each shot captures a unique sense of individualism, with a succulent story of sex and style. Fashion Editor, Nicola Knels, reigns the rapturous waves of temptation with dynamic beauty born to fly. 

Tess Hellfeuer By Alessio Bolzoni For Stylist France 4

Tess Hellfeuer Shot by Alessio Bolzoni, Stylist France 'Naviguer À Vue'

Tess Hellfeuer flies by the seat of her pants in ‘Naviguer À Vue’ shot by Alessio Bolzoni for Stylist France #052, June 2014. Redefining the idea of modern imagery, (Stylist) Belén Casadevall uses the extreme to get our attention and have a little avant-garde fun. Hellfeurer knows how to pose it, with a perfect blend of artful and outrageous. Ready for her close-up, (Makeup Artist) Tiziana Raimondo gets our attention with beauty designed to beguile. 

Isabeli Fontana in 'Diva Classica' By Nicole Heiniger For Harper's Bazaar Brazil 9

Isabeli Fontana 'Diva Clássica' by Nicole Heiniger, HB Brazil

Isabeli Fontana comes alive in ‘Diva Clássica’ by Nicole Heiniger for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil June 2014. Isabeli breaks all the barriers by bringing the art of modern fashion forward. Stylist, Flávia Lafer, turns fur into fabulous with looks that are made for the future. Posed to perfection, by mixing leather, silk, fur and lace the cutting-edge combination is nothing less than amazing. 

Alana Zimmer By Ben Hassett For Vogue China 1

Alana Zimmer in 'Hidden Guardian' by Ben Hasset

Alana Zimmer submerges herself in ‘Hidden Guardian’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue China, June 2014. A dizzying mix of diluted pleasure, behind the wall of water emerges the truth. Floating just below the surface each shot shows it’s strength by creating a fluid illusion of visual play. The journey begins as (Makeup Artist) Violette captures the art of the affect, with a stunning selection of colorful solutions. 


Bregje Heinen Evokes Art of Alloy in 'Aleación' Multi-Metallic Madness

Bregje Heinen finds freedom in ‘Aleación’ by Tom Schirmacher for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, May 2014. The art of Alloy comes together in this fabulous fusion of gold and silver. Styled by, Stephanie Arouesty, this stunning story captures our imagination with hues that combine metal with non-metal. Beauty explodes as, (Makeup Artist) Justine Purdue creates powerful looks that are primed for possibility.