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Enly Tammela 'A Private Obsession' Jamie Nelson For No Tofu September 2015 25

Enly Tammela Takes Coco's Advice

Enly Tammela takes Coco’s advice in ‘A Private Obsession’ captured by Jamie Nelson for NO TOFU. “I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all,” this was a woman who lived by her own rules. The status symbol of choice – Chanel – captures our attention with extreme images that embrace the tenants of tactile beauty. The truth unfolds as art explodes in this tale of tyranny and trinkets. 

Kate B in 'Funny Face' by Christian Högstedt for Tush 15

Get Neo-Graphically Enhanced, Tush

Kate B wears makeup like a mask in ‘Funny Face’ shot by Christian Högstedt for Tush Magazine. Eye-defining moments take center stage with piercing looks that penetrate the page. Graphic GIFS go gorgeous with beautiful designs that send us into digital overdrive. The past and future collide in this divine take on the season of the skin. Makeup floods the face as Fredrik Stambro captures a fusion of creative cosmetics. 

Rowena Xi Kang 'Great White Shark' Tre & Elmaz for Black Mag 25

Wearing Jewels in Place of the Face

Rowena Xi Kang is adorned in ornamental accessories in ‘Great White Shark‘ shot by Tré & Elmaz for Black Magazine. Diamonds & pearls never looked so cool as stones are worn in the place of the face. To find the sea of satisfaction we’ve got to swim with the sharks. Taking a counter-intuitive approach to the art of life, this forces us to focus on the extreme. Stylist, Jamie Maree Shipton, knocks our socks off by creating sleek fabrics covered in candy colored rocks. 

Lika Rzhevskaya '7 Sins' By Jeremy James For Revs Mag! 5

Devour Decadence in 'Never Enough'

Lika Rzhevskaya lures us into her web of wonder in ‘Never Enough‘ shot by Jeremy James for Revs Mag! Behind the walls of silence, blue waves wash over my face, as I succumb to a sea of strange. Features unfurl as we stand on the forefront of futuristic fashion. The mind and body meld into one as the art of modern beauty erupts. Miriam Robstad explores the extreme side of makeup with dynamic cosmetics designed to defy.  

Jac Jagaciak By Greg Kadel For Let's Panic #3

Jac Submerges in Sea of Bold Color

Jac Jagaciak bursts on the scene with floral face blooms that pop off the page by Greg Kadel for Let’s Panic Magazine #2. Semi-sonic shades erupt with combinations that capture the theme of creation. Dignity held in the characterization of color. Opposing the order, these pictures prove that true calm can come under a rush of fire. I dare to dream a lovely dream where all things go away, unto a world where silence screams forever the same way, a fateful place where blue birds fly upon the wings of love, where all will come to rise above, just like the white-winged doves.  

Julija Step in 'You're So Hypnotizing' by Rui Faria for Wonderland 3

Like a Flower Coming Into Bloom...

Julija Step and Ruth Bell knock us off our feet in ‘You’re So Hypnotising’ by Rui Faria for Wonderland Magazine. Pretty pulls us in with wild looks ranging from winged to wondrous. Frizzy is as frizzy does in this exquisite editorial designed to inspire. Like a flower coming into bloom, the complexion opens up to tones artfully blossoming on the face. Makeup Artist, Elias Hove, rewrites the rules for Summer by introducing new colors for the season of sun. 


Explore Art of the Face Metamorphosis of Magic

Daphne Groeneveld is a walking work of aesthetic art shot by Greg Kadel for Numéro #164, June/July 2015. Releasing a metamorphosis of pure magic, this story celebrates the odyssey of ecstasy that is photo-expressionism. Like a flower bursting off the bloom, exotic buds transform through the act of artistic mutation. Stylist, Charles Varenne, brings the power of haute pop to the page with designs made to defy. 


Explore Raging Opulence of Ecstasy

Natasha Poly invites us to explore the opulence of ecstasy in this exquisite editorial by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia. Wearing a stunning selection of scarlet red… this story reminds us that a hit of decadence will do you in as a rush of rouge will devour you. Stylist, Olga Dunina, fuels the fire with a florid flash of flaming fashions from Dsquared2, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Boucheron & Messika


Face Creations Unfold in 'La Papier'

Ellie Leith embraces the avant-garde side of animation in ‘La Papier’ the Young Blood Series, by Trè & Elmaz for Hunger TV. Caricatures and couture come together in this satirical take on photo op-art. Simple in execution dynamic in approach, each shot celebrates the significance of individuality. Stylist, Victoria Barban, captures the illusion of light with fashions that move us forward. 

'Beauty Queens' by Brigitte Niedermair for Harper's Bazaar Uk 4

Models of the Moment Shine 'Beauty Queen'

Models of the moment come to be in ‘Beauty Queens’ by Brigitte Niedermair for Harper’s Bazaar UK, May 2015. Jing Wen, Gigi Hadid, Ondria Hardin, Antonia Wilson, Anna Cleveland, Paige Reifler, Kitty Hayes & Laura James are face first in this celebration of beauty. Each shot invites us to the odyssey of the eyes with imagery that evokes a sense of extreme. Makeup art is made to fly as Kabuki creates colorful hues that are designed to defy.  

kasia-struss-makeup-hair-s-moda01 (1)

Kasia Wears the Warpaint of Pride

Kasia Struss embraces the wonder of warpaint in ‘Pinturas De Guerra’ by David Roemer in S Moda, March 21, 2015. Springs descends with passion as each shot invites us into the fold. The shades of silences make their way as the facade of the fierceness comes to play. Ferocity found in the high-end fashion game of avant-garde art. This story takes us from the smoothness of color to the semblance of black/white. 

isamaya ffrench 004

Isamaya Ffrench's Masterful Makeup

Larissa Hofmann & Sang Woo Kim go face first into S/S 2015, with Dior in the ‘Digital Issue Viewed by Daniel Sannwald‘ for Antidote Magazine. Bound in beauty each shot embraces the overt nature of our obsession with perfection. Isamaya Ffrench does a masterful mix of modern makeup with images that celebrate the art of interpretation. The future of the face is here & now with exotic color combinations that make you go, WOW!