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Sora Choi Plays a Game of Facial Fantasy "Play it Loud"

Sora Choi engages in a game of facial fantasy in “Play it Loud” shot by Ben Hassett for Vogue Japan, March 2018. Drama is displayed in a variety of ways, exposed in the pageantry of passion. Artistry echos in the background leaving moody elements of anarchy to ache from below. What we see isn’t the whole picture, as the body delights in secrets being dictated from beneath. Nicola Knels keeps things focused as only two shots show any form of high fashion.  

McGrath Gives Us Full-On Face First Fusion

Charli Howard gives full on face by Desiree Mattsson captured for Pat McGrath Labs. What was once syrupy sweet has been transformed into something new. Something Divinely Sublime ~ This is a Story of How the World Climbed. Over the Mountains and Up to the Stars We Find Our Mind Spinning in a Galaxy off Mars. Bold colors are cast across the face from a deep, blue lid to a cherry kiss. Synergistic shades erupt as beauty blasts us into another direction. 

Julie Lets Letters Sink Into Her Skin

Julie Ordon lets the letters sink into her skin in “Tattooed Essence” by Satoshi Saikusa for S MODA El País, November 2017. This evocative editorial embraces the simple elegance of hand drawn body art. Seductive symbols stand for some of Fashion’s most distinguished Houses, while markings of modern design are delicately written over the curves of her skin. Eyes are left naked and lips scream in red, as Maria Olsson emphasizes the angles of her angelic features. 

Miss Fame Rides Her Beauty Beyond in Tush

Miss Fame plays a “Fame Fatale” by Mikael Schulz for TUSH Magazine #41, Winter 2017. This story moves with fire and grace… beyond gender and race… outside of time and space – this takes us to the beyond. The art of Extreme is lost in a dream as all things go hazy in the moments inbetween. A celebration of the skin. Makeup application is explored, showing a compilation of unique techniques. 

Loni Baur Takes Face to New Heights in Tush

Cajsa Wessberg climbs to a thrilling high in “Extreme” by Markus Jans for Tush Magazine, Issue #41. Embarking on a journey to touch the sky. We could speak about the spectacle of story or we could let our body discover the visual sound. Beauty is stretched to it’s furthest point, only to retract in perfect form. A spectacle is waiting to be seen as Loni Baur brings forth a cosmetic circus. 

Revel in Red Fire Face Painting Tradition

Ling Liu looks back to see ahead by Ben Hassett for Vogue China, September 2017. The art of beauty burns bright as the fire of the modern female takes the stage. Celebrating the cultural relevance and historical tradition of ancient beauty regiments. There’s a vigor and energy to this piece that sets the stage for this season. Stylist Charles Varenne uses a variety of silk and lace to fall against the face, allowing the materials to meld with the skin. 

Fly Hi in Face of Exotic Beauty Birds

Hanne Van Ooij rides on high in the “Chroma Wheel” by Jason Kim for A mesmerizing mix of art and color. Like a preening peacock showing off it’s wings, her eyes rise to meet the light. Hanne’s face gives off great expressions, emoting like a creature of flight. Morgane Martini creates a wingspan that covers the lids and beyond, capturing the illusion of flight. Graphic shapes seize the orbital field, highlighting the body of the bird. 

Julia Poses Like a Peacock Preening

Julia Banas brings forward a new brand of beauty in “Glowing in the purple rain” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Italia Beauty, 05/17. This may appear upon first glance like we’ve stumbled over a cash of new colors. That alone would be an exciting find. However, what we have are distinct tones used in new and exciting ways. That’s to say, while these aren’t exactly colors from another galaxy, they do appear like art unleashed from a different world. 

Mia Cries Rivers of Teal Tears in

Mia Brammer enters an arena of neo-application in “Cut It Out” by Riccardo Dubitante for Teal streams fall like tears from the sky opening our minds to the thoughts on high. Like rivers running down her face, this flow brings forth the fluid nature of forward beauty. Serena Congiu uses a variety of shapes as a conceptual landscape for this multi-layer makeup experiment. Modeled poetry mimics the momentum of integrity expressed in live sculpture. 

A Silver Stare Reflects Resplendence

Jazzelle Zanaughtti projects forth a picture of future, in “Gilded Glory” by Andrew Yee for The intensity of her state isn’t merely the makeup of her face, rather, the excess emanating from her being is that of a higher plane. Looking into the pools of her eyes we’re lost in the immaculate creative conception. Like a creature from another planet her exotic nature penetrates the page. 

Leaving Trail of Red Lipstick Behind

Chanel Cosmetics captures a killer theme with “Kiss Me Deadly” by Donna Trope for 10 Magazine No.58, SS 2017. Karmen Pedaru brings forth a fusion of bombastic beauty, showing us that extreme doesn’t mean heavy application. Skin to skin this story lets us in to a world where the inventive nature grows free. She’s soft in all the right places with personality that evokes an edge. 

Trance State as Beads Dangle Down in Tush

Isobella Bowering lights up the night in “We’ll Take Chrome” by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine #39. The face is not merely a place where we drop makeup off, rather, it’s a chance to reshape our ideas on beauty. A spectacle of sensation appears on sight, as features dance under the bright lights. Art evolves before our eyes as this story gives us a sense of adventure. Editor-n-Chief of Vogue Paris, Frédérique Verley, stepped in as style supervisor, showcasing a variety of visual stimulating designs.