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Art of Extreme is Caught In a Dream, Vogue Paris

Aneta Pajak is potently prophetic in “Blindage Anti-Âge” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, October ’16. Beauty blurs into infinite as smoke billows up and over the page. Powdered designs give a shadowed reflection, making us believe we are seeing a fantasy of lights. Tiny squares give off a hypnotic effect, luring us into a dream like state. Is she real or is she an illusion? Here we stand at the crossroads of creativity, bravely looking into the face of the future. 


Close Your Eyes and You Will See...

Adela Stenberg learns the place for linear face shapes in “Art School” by Jason Kim for Vogue Russia, 09/16. Close your eyes and you will see the magic your imagination is waiting to set free. The Mastery of Mind Makeup, takes a concept from somewhere inside the creative atmosphere and allows it to fully flourish. An idea without drive is merely potential without propulsion. Giving rise to the visual illusion, Tatsu Yamanaka honors his craft by bringing the soul of his concepts to life. 


Bare Out the Daring Beauty of "Bold"

Milou Van Groesen dares to wear her colors “Bold” by Jan Welters for Vogue Netherlands, September 2016. Gone are the days of mutant shades that blend and shift, here we stand with stately shades that radiate and lift. Voracious in their color choice audacious in their way of display, this story celebrates the daring of now. Couture takes on a courageous appeal with 70’s inspired styles that invite us to fly. 

Vogue-Paris-September-2016-Anja-Rubik-by-Ben-Hassett-02 (1)

Beauty of Beguiling ~ Art of Extreme

Anja Rubik lives outside the lines in “La Fine Équipe” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, September 2016. We witness this fearsome female with the spirit of a warrior, ready herself for a beauty battle. Fueling the heat behind her eyes, Hassett focuses in on the fury of Rubik’s fire. Looking straight into the camera, she gives us a wink; as two black horizontal lines cross over the face, like spray paint hitting the walls of the face. 

Vogue_Paris-August_2016-06-Andreea_Diaconu-by-Mario_Sorrenti (2)

No Room for Subdued Bright Beauty

Anja Rubik, Bella Hadid, Andreea Diaconu bring the fury in “Face Art,” Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, August 2016. The curtains are drawn as the music of face takes stage. This season’s flurry of fantasia comes to life as all things go crazy in the bright light of life. A call to creative arms. Beauty beckons us near as artful interpretations expose us to a nuanced approach to face art. 

Amilna Estevao in 'Glitter Bomb' by Jason Kim for 9

Amilna Drops a Glitter Bomb for

Amilna Estevao lets her stunning features speak in “Glitter Bomb” by Jason Kim for Art glistens as glamour shines in this exquisite editorial designed to inspire. This isn’t about the projection of pretty, more, it sets out to define the decadence of display. Makeup Artist, Morgane Martini, invites us inside the intimate portrayal of cosmetic contact. To see… to feel… to touch… to taste, this story celebrates the sentient dreams of tomorrow. 

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Canvas of Color Cast Over the Face

Larissa Hofmann celebrates the resplendence of light in “Potpourri Fur Alle Sinne” by Marcus Ohlsson for Harper’s Bazaar Germany, June/July 2016. The face takes the place of a canvas as color is cast over the page. Each image ejects a sense of surrealism, while it wanders onto the optical edge. The mutiny of makeup begins, as Fredrik Stambro invites us to experience the fusion of features. Separate they are tiny speckles, but together they form a righteous illusion of being.  

Lyle Linda 'Mix It Up' 11

Craft of Neo-Creative Bird(man) Apps

Mikael Schulz captures the craft of creative application in “Mix It Up” for Definitions are detrimental, as the art of expression is met through the act of mental movement. The ability to move past your fears and move into something deeper, that is an act of inspiration. Conversion allows for change while metamorphosis can start a revolution. (Makeup/Mixed-Media Artist) Lyle Reimer takes this conceptual step to the next level, a place with no limits, where you can go “behind the gates” to conjure and create. 

Armin Morbach for Tush 9

A Campaign of Strange Takes Flight in Tush

Armin Morbach shoots a freak-show of high fashion for Tush Magazine, S/S 2016. Camouflaged coverings entice and excite as the campaign of strange aims to take flight. A mutiny of makeup begins as Loni Baur corrals the chaos of neo-cosmetics to the page. Visionary imagery invites the fertile mind to grow, with abstract innovation designed to inspire. Breaking bad… the black netting brings a veiled overlay, with faux eyes glued outside, while red (real) lips radiant from inside. 55

Anya Licks Red Lips as Hair Falls Down Face

Anja Konstantinova dares us to go bare with a starry stare in ‘All Dolled Up‘ by Alberto Maria Colombo for Cosmetic creativity is closely captured as each composite suggests something new. Subtlety seductive and uniquely chic, Frank B lets every makeup twist tells a different story. Devious decadence invites us inside with eyes that sparkle and lips that shine. White-washed brows blend into the skin allowing bold shadows to take center stage. 


Poetry Parallels Art of "Anti-Pretty" Stance

Luma Grothe evokes the stance of “Anti Pretty” by Liz Collins for Vogue China, May 2016. To stare into the great unknown to gaze across the sea, to behold a view that will be undone to cast a shadow in the morning sun. Standing on the edge of something new… this story doesn’t refer to a look that’s unappealing, rather, it defines a true change. The Anti Pretty sentiment captures a sense of impending alteration, artfully echoing the elements of revolution. 


Flanked in a Flurry of Florid Fashion

Daphne Groeneveld is flanked in a flurry of florid fashions by David Roemer for Zoo Magazine No. 50, S/S 2016. Each image projects a sense of enlightenment as it redefines avant-garde artistry. Stepping into another world, this story touches on what I call the sense instrument. To let the eyes peruse over each page is to let your mind be intoxicated with possibility. The enchantress of accouterments floats through the scene, existing in a world where all is but a dream.