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Pat & Anna Cleveland Capture the Nuance of Chanel #5

Pat and Anna Cleveland share the stage in “Pat y Anna” by Greg Lotus for S Moda Magazine, 12/16. Too tight to fight, as we find ourselves lost in the bounds of familial bonds. Art exposes the nuance of the scene as the familial bond provides a visual escape. Mother and daughter meld together, while the similarities of the genetic code can not be escaped. Francesca Rinciari captures the lure of each lady without sacrificing their individual style. 

Enticing Senses Scream Out with Extent Letting Us Feel the Intent

Amanda Wellsh melts into the background by An Le for Vogue Ukraine, November 2016. Enticing our senses to such an extent it smells so sweet we can feel the intent. Strong in body and mind, this color indicates enthusiasm with the mantra for red being… I’ll Try Anything Once. Heat radiates off the page as seductive shades revel in rage. Olga Yanul styles with brilliance by blending rich, exotic tones with dynamic detailing. 

Madison Stubbington Poses in Poetic Reflection, ODDA

Madison Stubbington poses in poetic reflection in “APSE” by Aaron Michael for ODDA Magazine, F/W 16-17. “Spaces” was taken at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York, for the Art and Architecture Issue. Machines meld with movements of the mind as pictures portray a stunning effect. The softness of humanity forges forth as the motion of abstract metal is met. Merging toward a new tomorrow, art is examined as fashion is felt. 

Gemma Ward in "Live Young" by Georges Antoni for Wonderland

Gemma Ward lets love flow in “Live Young” by Georges Antoni for Wonderland Magazine, Fall 2016. Gucci’s phenomenal wares put a spotlight on the season, in this exciting look at the future of Fall. Sara Smith mixes the fabrics of seasonal fabrics with a compelling combination of high and low. Gone is the focus on a large price tag, instead we turn our attentions forward. Opposites attract as we see a new form of fusion I refer to as a fashion flush. 

Gigi Shows What it Takes 2 b a 4 Letter Sensation in Dazed

Gigi Hadid shows us what it takes to be a four letter wonder in “Gigi” by Rankin for Dazed Digital, 25th Anniversary Issue, F/W 2016. She might look like an innocent flower, but, behind those bright eyes we see the mischievous markings of a good girl gone bad. Hadid does some serious damage by taking over the (old) Dazed office, smashing computers and going graffiti-chic. Katie Grand’s fashion choices capture a magical vibe, with frocks that mimic a modern fairytale. 

Eye2Eye I'll Draw You In ~ Stare You Down ~ and Hope to Win

Kasia Struss & Adela Stenberg stare with artful intent in “C’est quoi un bon penchant?” by Suzie Q & Leo Siboni for Stylist Magazine France, September 2016. Eye to Eye I’ll Draw You In… energy echoes the surrounding light bouncing back as we fare the fight. A battle that’s waged deep within, for where we lay our hearts is where we will win. Art is like a loop of never-ending emotions, linked up in lunacy. 

Adwoa Aboah Asks the Question "Who Run the World?" for i-D

Adwoa Aboah asks the brave question “who run the world?” by Harley Weir, Inez van Lamsweerde & Letty Schmiterlow for i-D’s, Female Gaze Issue, Fall ’16. Each story brings a unique perspective with style points that, “focus on brilliant women enriching fashion, art and culture of today.” Shot in Franklin Canyon Park, Weir’s Female Gaze Cover brings one of the most in-demand photographers working today. 

Guinevere Goes Primal ~ Letting her Inner Animal Out

Guinevere Van Seenus lets her inner animal out by Brianna Capozzi for Interview Germany, 09/16. Guinevere gets into her animal like stance in this story that celebrates our primitive passions. Primal in nature each image invites us to explore our inner selves. The ferocity of this piece projects our instinct to be “Alpha,” while expressing our longing to be free. That’s not to say every answers lies in the physical realm, in fact, most reliable controversies are killed by our intellectual pursuits. 

Stone Shows Sensual Side of Summer "Luxury is Love"

Lara Stone shows us the sensual side of summer in “Luxury is Love” shot by Sebastian Faena for The Daily Summer Issue, August 2016. Faena lets us take a ride through his mind as he explores the idea of Luxury. Sofia Achaval de Montaigu invites the intimacy of Stone’s elegance by utilizing the artistry of her body. Each shot celebrates the sensuality of summer, with styles that capture the curves of her form.  

Aline Lures Us In & Makes Magic Abound "Spellbound" in Maxim

Aline Weber sizzles the senses in “Spellbound” by Gilles Bensimon for Maxim Magazine, August ’16. Triumphant beauty deigns to become as all things go wicked in the light of the sun. Her hypnotic stare says it all, but it’s really the luxe of her spellbinding lure that magnifies the senses. Not for the faint of heart, this is one fearsome female you don’t wanna cross. Evoking a presence that cannot be denied. 

Viktoriya Sasonkina Catches Our Eye On Cool Cover The GROUND

Viktoriya Sasonkina catches our eye, as one of the brave cover choices in “The Women Book” shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND, SS 2016. Art incites the insatiable need to feed… as creativity courses through her veins she explores the many avenues of possibility. Inwardly focused, one gets the sense that this is a girl always on life’s edge. Excuse the obtuse reference, but, sometimes the best way to describe someone is just to say what you see. 

The Kitty Purrs the Cat Meows in Puss Puss

Making her Directorial Debut, Chloë Sevigny brings to screen the concept of a girl transformed, by Amber Byrne Mahoney for Puss Puss #4. Turning into a “Kitty” may be the crux of this short film, but Paul Bowles short story rests on idea of “magical realism.” A look into what makes a young girl tick, this tale celebrates the raw beauty of growth interrupted. Alison Marie Isbell brings the essence of this amazing actress to life with unique fashions that speak her language.