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Upon these Lands Sweet with Soil, Slimi; Cultural Issue

Grace Bol becomes one with her surroundings by Jason Kim for Slimi Magazine Culture Issue. Bol’s uncommon beauty breaks by dawn and sets by dusk, as we experience her calming nature saturate each page. Each shot connected to the earth through the power of her personal energy. Her arms extend out like an angelic figure in waiting. She is a picture of pure poetry… a creature of creativity. The bright light touches the high points of her face, acting like a photo-enhancement. 

Lou Doillon is Gucci Clad by Pierre-Ange Carlotti for Vogue Russia July 2020

art is a spirit

of which we do share

an anomaly of riches

as humans we bare…


Lou Doillon by Pierre-Ange Carlotti


Patricia Del Valle ‘’El Siguente Paso’’ Vogue Latin America July 2020 by Edgar Berg

high from the sky

is where we will try

to escape from tedium

into this explosion of sight


circles do turn

upon this fair night

twirling and spinning

into dawn of new light…


Patricia Del Valle by Edgar Berg


Let Powerful Moment Be One With Change #Fight2Unite

Amid the Sorrow… Amid the Rage… LET THIS MOMENT BE ONE WITH CHANGE!


I am beauty

I am free

I am one

with humanity


I am here

I am gone

I’m a spirit

I’m a song


feel his sorrow

feel his pain

let his name

be one with






forever your

name will

be one with

truth and



This Is Our Here… This Is Our How… Show the World… THIS IS OUR NOW!!! 

The Art of Beauty Lives with Dreamy Images by Sparrek for Schön! Magazine

A dream inside a dream… Sparrek, a.k.a Kylli Sparre, captures our hearts with a stunning compilation of surreal style photography for Schön! Magazine. Vibrant beauty that can only be accessed by authentic dance, through movement, Sparrek shows herself to be highly influenced by the art of ballet. Airy and alive, the division of disparity comes alive in the daring drive of momentum and grace. 

Chloë Sevigny Seeks Calm Facing Pandemic... Pregnant

Elizaveta Porodina captures Queen Chloë on the thrown of her own for The Cut, New York Magazine. Chloë Sevigny gets Real/Raw, by sharing a moment of intimacy, inviting us into her room thru optics of Zoom. We live in strange times. Bordering on bleak. There is no escaping that fact. In the midst of all this, can you imagine being 9 months pregnant with your first child? Stop there. That’s enough to blow the mind. 

Alek Wek ~ Symbolizes Strength in Face of Global Fear

The Furrow of Her Brow… The Ache In Her Eyes… To Speak the Truth We Now Realize. We Are Not Immune, Protected, Shielded or Shamed… We’re Not Special We’re All One In the Same! Alek Wek speaks to strength without a word leaving her lips in ‘Novo Glam’ by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Brazil, 03/2020. Her beautiful brown eyes stare us down. Behind a net veil Alek evokes a sense of sadness backed by strength. 

A Kiss is Never Just A Kiss Even In the Midst of All This

This Is Not a Rehearsal People… This is Real Life! Bibiána Baltovičová and Adam Bardy bring to this moment a kind of raw reality captured by Branislav Simoncik for Vogue Portugal, April 2020. This face-first cover gets us up-close/personal to a Pandemic with unspeakable loses. This spans the spectrum from death tolls that reach unthinkable numbers, to a demise of familiarity unlike we’ve experienced. 

On It's Face... This Facial Recognition Mask is Genius!!!

Danielle Baskin has created a genuinely clever Facial Recognition N95 Mask. The idea of making a mask into something more relate-able, is on It’s Face (excuse the pun) Genius!!! The “Resting Risk Face, is a company that will print user’s faces on masks, making them effective with facial recognition technology while wearing them.” This has so many potential upsides. Firstly, it’s just Fun. 

Wake Up BFree Wake Up 2C the Better Part of Humanity

Meghan Roche invites us to see the better part of humanity by Vitali Gelwich for Interview Germany, April 2020. Things aren’t always as they appear. We are an evolving animal. Ever changing. This is a time for great restraint. We Should Temper Our Tantrums and Get In-Touch with Truth. Meghan Roche wears a pink bodysuit that says it all. It’s the Heart that Matters! Depth perception arises, giving us a distinct dimensional discernment. 

I Am Freedom... I Am Grace... I'm a Being of Spirit Space


Hunter Schafer offers an open invitation to the scene in ‘Welcome to Generation V‘ by Inez & Vinoodh for V Magazine, Spring #124. ‘Rock and Romance‘ is a cover story dedicated to the art of transitioning and the beauty of becoming. Hunter shares with us strength that can only be garnered through the act of living honestly. 

We're Returning To Our Roots 'VOLVER A LAS RAÍCES'

Txema Yeste asks that we return to our roots in ‘VOLVER A LAS RAÍCES’ for Vogue España, Feb. 2020. África Peñalver, Miriam Sánchez, Inés Sastre & Marina Pérez stand on the sand as Goddesses of the land, honoring in virtue those internal commands. Our journey echoes through the mountain air as we can’t deny that love was there. Sanctity speaks to the spirit of harmony, touching together our sisterhood of the soul.