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Kris Grikaite's Hypnotic Eyes Are the Mirror of Her Soul

Kris Grikaite & Anok Yai sink into shades of black and red in ‘Le Rouge Et Noir‘ by Collier Schorr for Vogue Italia, January 2019. Beauty builds as truth fulfills a force of formidable power. Kris Grikaite’s green eyes will lull you into another dimension, as you dare to fall into her hypnotic stare. Anok Yai’s beauty beckons us near as her calm demeanor keeps a cool distance. 

I Walk this Desert Land... Born of Stone Born of Sand

In This Desert I Walk Alone Born of Sand Born of Stone. In a Land Where Hope is Grown My Body Aches to Tell this Tome. Hannsjörg Voth’s grand Stadt des Orion (City of Orion) was built in the middle of Marha Plain, deep in the heart of Morroco. The poetic power of Hannsjörg’s “Himmelstreppe” or “Stairway to Heaven” to me speaks to our life’s journey. Much like Camus‘ Sisyphus, the action of rolling the rock up the mountain always seemed a sentence to bear. 

From Shakespeare's Pondering Prose, "What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?"

“What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?”

my soul is but a pond

longing to be a lake

my heart but a vessel

with pain it does ache

beauty bleeds in the window

opening my mind’s door

 light echos life’s legacy

for less is but more

I will take a sojourn

on a rapturous roam

of where I will write

this heartfelt tome

beyond the wild

and to the sea

my every will

is a fantasy

as light doth seek

a way to home

I’ll share my thoughts

of the vast unknown

poetic prose – tanyajo


Ache to Unleash the Hidden Beast – Poetic Prose Tanyajo

Ache to Unleash the Hidden Beast…

upon ye baron breast I yield

all life’s secrets borne to shield

from me to you and you to the

a common thread of travesty

my way from thou’st who bringeth well

a heartfelt wish to sit a spell

to ponder upon our deepest soul

thoughts that bare ye out as whole

a fond farewell, a silent night

a lilting lullaby holds us tight

oh dear one the dreams are done

a daintier notion has never come

hark the herald angels sing

glory to the new borne queen

poetic prose – tanyajo


The Lines of Lunacy Are All But Unleashed - Poetic Prose Tanyajo

Lines of Lunacy Unleashed…

unto this house

we will a home

living far inside

the palindrome

from back to front

it is the same

hiding inside

the sights of plain

revel in the garden aire

where hope is high

and love is faire

listless yearning

will all but bare

as silent dreams

doth take you there

poetic prose – tanyajo


Anna Cleveland Hides Private Parts Behind a Fox's Face

Anna Cleveland hides in plain site by Laura Marie Cieplik for Vogue Czechoslovakia, November 2018. In the mourning mist of someday’s song lives a quiet girl that sings along, to the sky that cries o’re her cheek and the sun that kisses her skin so sweet. Traveling forth on her sojourn home she remembers that rain the weeps so forlorn. Oh bare upon thine soul I say ~ for this is the time today is the today. 

When Life's Secrets Go Too Deep I "Can't Get No Sleep"

Kiki Willems, Anok Yai & Lara Mullen usher in a season of change with “Can’t Get No Sleep” shot by Mert & Marcus for Vogue UK, September 2018. Art is but an illusion life is but a dream… in the muted landscape of yesterday we linger longer in abstract theme. Neon’s allure has been interrupted. The fog lifts, with piercing pictures that show us, what was once considered strange is merely replaced by a taste of change. 

"La Mutante" Is She Real or Robot?

Catherine Mcneil is all but recognizable in “La Mutante” shot by Hugh Lippe for Numéro #195, 08/18. Is She Real or Is She a Robot? This edgy editorial explores the art of intent while immersing into the sea of the extreme. Subtle yet savage seductive yet severe. Twisting and turning this story deigns to take us deep into another world. In the aching essence of abstract thought comes a brutal beauty held together by want. 

Anja Rubik Finds Her Heart Is True Diving Into the Blue

Anja Rubik finds her heart is true diving Into the Blue, in “Oceans” shot by Mario Sorrenti for Porter Magazine #27, Summer Escape 2018. Being called to the ocean she slips into the sea. An open book for on which the world will write. This story is Dedicated to Making Significant Environmental Changes in the Fashion Industry. Rubik stands with the sand and sun as she becomes part of the art of the ocean. 

Truth of Beauty Longs to Be Free in "It's Beautiful Here"

Vanessa Axente is a walking work of art in “It’s Beautiful Here” shot by Jen Carey for Rika Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018. Her body evokes a spirit of adventure, as each image stands alone while still connecting to the overall theme. Artistic reverie adds an element of intrigue, with geometric structure that follows the architectural landscape. We are inspired to take a more intimate view, with lines that ride the natural body.  

Her Limbs Move Like a Melody Whispering in the Winds

Jennae Quisenberry by Emma Tempest for 10 Magazine March 2018.

Never beginning never ending her limbs are like a melody whispering in the winds. This is a story that captures that ever elusive time period that lingers between seasons. Balletic in stature poetic in pose. Every motion is utterly organic, as her body bends with the breeze, never forcing movement or fleeing from nature. She is one with her surroundings. 

Kris Grikaite Gets Down and Dirty in Most Delicious Way

Kris Grikaite gets down and dirty in the most delicious way, by Mario Sorrenti for AnOther Magazine, SS 2018. Alexander McQueen swings into Spring with sweet looks that summon the severe side of style. Hard and soft merge into one forming a serene sense of stimulation. Kris Grikaite embraces this moment of female empowerment, by allowing the two sides of her personality to shine at the same time.