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Soul of City Speaks as Molly Becomes One With Streets

Molly Bair becomes one with the city in “Seule dans la Ville” by Jeff Bark for Numéro #176, September 2016. The soul of the city speaks as the music moves to the sounds of the streets. Wielding her worth Bair beckons… from behind the walls art evolves, around in every corner lurks a shadow that speaks. The city comes alive symbolizing the beauty of every brick. Not the sky-scraping buildings or even the low-rise structures – this celebrates the architecture of the urban jungle.  


Adwoa Aboah Asks the Question "Who Run the World?"

Adwoa Aboah asks the brave question “who run the world?” by Harley Weir, Inez van Lamsweerde & Letty Schmiterlow for i-D’s, Female Gaze Issue, Fall ’16. Each story brings a unique perspective with style points that, “focus on brilliant women enriching fashion, art and culture of today.” Shot in Franklin Canyon Park, Weir’s Female Gaze Cover brings one of the most in-demand photographers working today. 

Vogue_Japan-October_2016-Kendall_Jenner-by-Luigi_and_Iango-p04 (1)

Kendall Jenner Goes High Fashion for Fall 2016 Preview

Kendall Jenner rides on High in Fall’s Haute Fashion preview shot by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, October 2016. This model-of-the-moment goes for a double hitter, following the epic September Issue with this stunning Vogue Japan Cover. The art of creation is lost in a dream as all things go crazy in the heat of extreme. Kendall brings biker-chic to the cover, donning duds from the Balenciaga 2016 collection. 

Barbara Fialho by Enrique Vega for Vogue Mexico August 20163232

Barbara Fialho Basks by Side of Sea "Belleza" in Vogue Mexico

Barbara Fialho basks by the side of the sea in “Belleza” by Enrique Vega for Vogue Mexico, August 2016. Wading by the water’s edge… the sun shines down from up on high open from the azure sky. The art of extreme is caught in a dream as all things go crazy in the heat of extreme. Blue basks in the beauty of now as Victor Noble brings makeup with a Mediterranean flavor. Music is mimicked in the colors of creation as art is seen in the spectacle of light. 


Ruth Bell Shows Love of Land "Intoxicating Romance"

Ruth Bell invites us to witness the wonders of the world in “Intoxicating Romance” by Ryan McGinley for Vogue China, September 2016. On a journey of discovery we set out to expand our mind and free our soul. Each shot is a celebration of life in some of this season’s most compelling captures. Ethereal fashions aim to float free as the sky stands in solidarity. A poetic reflection of time expanding, designs evolve and shift, mimicking the worlds’ wonders.  

'Violettes Vision' by Steven Pan for 3

Makeup Reflects Music of Mind in "Violettes Vision" for

Frances Coombe captures the motion of makeup in “Violettes Vision” by Steven Pan for Art reflects the music of the mind, as this story celebrates our freedom to be exactly whom we are meant to be. Transforming shapes from makeup to muse, Violette takes a contrasting approach to the structure of application. Blue castes a hue over the page throwing us into a hypnotic rage, while colors are made to mimic paint sending a message of strength. 

Neiman_Marcus-The_Book-September_2016-Pat_Cleveland-Anna_Cleveland-by-Ruven_Afanador-03 (1)

The Cleveland Women Celebrate Music of Muse, Neiman Marcus

The Cleveland women celebrate the music of the muse in “The Art of Fashion” by Ruven Afanador for Neiman Marcus, 09/16. A dream inside a dream, “The Book” honors the many attributes of The Muse. Ruven gives us a unique peak at the wonderful women, with a video that takes us behind the scenes. Pat speaks with a sweet, lilting affect, “something’s ticking here and there’s someone I have to meet,” while, Anna goes inside in, “an intimate process whereby you become a vessel to release your ego.” They believe that being open to the process allows the brilliance of the moment to find you. 


Lara Stone ~ a Femme Fatale ~ Super-Hero "Athletic Girl"

Lara Stone embodies the strength of a super-hero and seductive skills of a femme fatale in “Athletic Girl” by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, August 2016. If women ruled the world, could we but blend the soft and sour with hard-hitting power? Wearing a leopard skin coat draped over half of her body, this brave beauty sits on bended knee with back to camera, only to leave her naked side exposed. 


Julia Nobis Roams Enchanted Forest "Melancholia" for Love

Julia Nobis is mixed-up in the mania of “Melancholia” by Willy Vanderperre for Love #17, F/W 2016/17. While searching we seek… in silence we speak… for quiet comes calling in the dark hour of our need. What could be seen as merely a swath of stomped out grass, is transformed, into a path of the unknown. Each picture projects a sense of solemnity, wrapped in the purity of thought. 

Anna Ewers by Phil Poynter for Love Magazine FW 2016-17

"Lick It!" Stick It - Get It Done Right! Delish, Love Magazine

Anna Ewers, Grace Bol, Aamito Lagum, Pooja Mor, Sara Sampaio & Stella Maxwell celebrate the luscious side of life in “Lick It!” by Phil Poynter for Love Magazine #16, Fall/Winter 2016-17. Beauty goes face first with pictures that project the art of Summer skin. Creativity gets up-close and personal with poetic imagery that punctuates a “Sense” of excitement, as Diane Kendal captures consumption couture with foods that bring the fusion of flavor forward. 

'The Devil in the Details

Noma Han Holds His Head Down, As Middle Finger Rises Forth

Omar Ahmed, Noma Han & Logan Flatte invite us to ride on the wrong side of the law in “The Devil in the Details” by Ed Singleton for Locked up never looked so good as each image projects a sense of fusion. Ambivalence gives this story heat, as pictures play with the idea of gender switch. Smoke filled rooms reveal a truth, hiding just under the surface. As unisex wares find a fluid approach to the concept of sexuality.  

valentino-fw-16-17-campaign-steven-meisel (1)

Designs Dance Across Screen Art Inspires Aerial Dream

Karen Elson, Julia Nobis, Jamie Bochert & Katlin Aas move as one in this aerial display of designs that dance. Steven Meisel captures bodies in motion for Valentino, F/W 2016/17. Figures frame the scene with lines unlike we’ve ever seen, as fabrics fill the air silk flows in a righteous flair. Each picture projects a sense of strength, balancing balletic movement with poetic intent. While lithe bodies bend, extend.