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peter lindbergh for vogue italia may 2016

Lara and Freja Play Magical Witches in Mystical Forest

Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen get in touch with their inner power by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia, 05/16. To see the forest for the trees is this soul-stirring journey of magic and mystery. Dispelling the notion of good versus evil, opposites attract as fashions unite. Stylist, Clare Richardson, forges together two sides of the same coin by fusing shades of light and dark. Ethereal pieces flow through the air allowing us to simmer in the power of now. 

vogue brazil naomi 020

Naomi Campbell Casts a Dramatic Spell in "Black Issue"

Naomi Campbell casts a dramatic spell in the “Black Issue“ by Gui Paganini for Vogue Brazil, May 2016. Celebrating 30 years in the industry, this triumphant model proves that time is not her enemy. The ruminations of the past meet the forward motion of the future, as each picture projects the power of now. Yasmine Estera slinks through a series of high styles by Miu Miu, Gucci, Hugo Boss & Giorgio Armani

Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-04 (1)

Marie-Agnès Gillot Shines Like Bright Star in Night Sky

Marie-Agnès Gillot shines like a Star in the night sky in “Étoile” by Jacob Sutton for Numéro #173, May 2016. Letting go of gravity, Gillot glides across the frame like a phoenix in flight. This creature captures our imagination while she takes us to new heights, as a primary dancer in Ballet of the Paris Opera. Predatory in her stance – stately in her appearance, this compelling combination defines drama. 


Matilda Dods a Mannequin in Neon "Pink Light District"

Matilda Dods plays a doll part in “Pink Light District” by Miles Aldridge for Numéro Magazine, S/S ’16. Saturated with his unique brand of beauty, Miles takes us one shade away from the Red Light District. Model/Musician, Matilda, goes from pretty to plastique, as this story screams with layers of sadness. Samuel François uses bright styles that meet the surroundings while they stand on their own. 

Stella Tennant for

Stella's Blown Out/Beautiful Behind Androgynous Walls

Stella Tennant is blown out and beautiful by Willy Vanderperre shot for Document Journal, SS 2016. Standing in the silhouette of Stella a thespian comes forth, through the cloud of creation a modern woman is born. Balenciaga by Demna Gvasalia delivers a conceptual take on the idea of bold, with a fitted jacket that flairs out as it feels. Stylist, Olivier Rizzo, celebrates the season of change with pieces that bring ferocity forward, as fashion follows the lead with looks that entice while they inspire. 


Anna Ewers' California Dreaming on Such a Stylish Day

Anna Ewers is lost inside a “California Dream” by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris, May 2016. In an age that defined a kind of fashion hedonism, this decade came to be known as the era of excess. Bringing forward the beat of the street, this story winds around the past while it propel us ahead. Emmanuelle Alt speaks 80’s chic by delivering designs by Vivienne WestwoodGold Label

Peyton Knight by Alice Rosati for The Ingenue SS 2016

Peyton's Trapped in the Prison of Her Own Mind, The Ingénue

Peyton Knight is trapped in the prison of her own mind in “Hell Here” by Alice Rosati for The Ingénue, SS 2016. To have is to hold to give is to take, to be is to allow the passion of the now. Art inspires the soul to react, by owning our feelings not responding to mere fact. Energy is felt through the synergism of spirit, as the watcher becomes the one to be watched. Enticing designs are made to defy, daring us to witness the actions of the inspired. 

prince 05

The Power of Prince's Prophetic Music Lives On & On...

The Sky Was All Purple There Were People Runnin’ Everywhere… Tryin’ to Run from the Destruction You Know I Didn’t Even Care. The Man the Myth the Artist… If ever there were lyrics that summed up the trajectory of his spirit, this was it. A force so electrifying the mere mention that he was performing would lead good girls to lose their minds. And I would know, I was one of them. 


Bella Brings Unique Flavor to the 70's Scene "La La La"

Bella Hadid brings a unique flavor to the scene in “La La La” by Sam Taylor-Johnson for Love, S/S ’16. Livin’ the dream, she does what every girl dreams of doing (just once), Bella becomes someone new. The mysteries of La La Land are displayed, in this compelling tale that dares to tell the secrets of the road. Stylist, Anthony Unwin, celebrates the flavor of 70’s fashion with a hyper modern twist. 

kate moss 030

Kate Moss Dances in the Dark "Ritual Spirit" Massive Attack

Kate Moss dances in the dark for Massive Attack’s, “Ritual Spirit,” directed by Robert “3D” Del Naja. Collaborating with singer/songwriter Azekel, this EP offers an intoxicating video experience. Taking it in is like ingesting a slow-moving, neo-psychedelic drug. Something I’ve termed, The Blend, it allows us to appreciate the thought process while embracing the touch element. 

maartje-verhoef-by-txema-yeste-for-vogue-russia-april-2016-9 (1)

Maartje Verhoef - A Woman and Her Bike A Female and Her Fire

Maartje Verhoef brings to life the first Hippi Ryder shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, April 2016. A woman and her bike – A female and her fire, this is the story of spirit transformed into a rebel rider. In a pairing unlike we’ve seen, Txema blends the art of the sky with the heart of a street rider. Joining forces these dynamic groups come together to embrace the power of one. Tough on the outside soft in the center, styles evolve from hard edged leather to a triumph in tulle. 


Agnes and the Iguana Become One With Sun, Numéro China

Agnes Nieske becomes one with the sun by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China, March 2016. “Voyage” into the unknown as we open a door to a room that’s been under lock and key. The sensuality of our senses kick-in bringing forth a fusion of feelings. Samuel Francois unleashes his synergistic tone with pieces that project pure power. Fabrics fall over the skin in a Silhouette of Fire, as light waves give off a refulgent glow casting fair Agnes in a sanguine shadow.