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Gigi Hadid Steps into the 70's in 'Golden Girl'

Gigi Hadid steps into another world in ‘Golden Girl’ by Henrique Gendre for Vogue Brazil, July 2015. The 70’s never looked so chic with curves that capture our imagination. Playing a cat with a snap this fierce feline penetrates the page with looks that knows how to be purrrrrrfect. The past and future collide in this dynamic combination of cover couture. Stylist, Luis Fiod, invites the carefree attitude of the era by fueling the fluidity of retro-fitted fashion. 

nimue smit 1

Nimue Smit Settles Into Aruba's Ocean Air 'One Route'

Nimue Smit settles into the ocean aire on the isle of Aruba in ‘One Route’ by Marc de Groot for Vogue Netherlands. Scintillating shots ooze with the surroundings as Smit becomes one with nature. Far-out designs reflect the past while still daring to move ahead. The ferocity of 70’s inspired fashion erupts with dynamic fabrics that embrace the outdoors. Prancing like a jungle cat, the power of wild prints pounce with shapes that sizzle. 

lorde-01-dazed-summer-2015-by-ryan-mcginley (1)

Lorde Gives Term Prodigy a New Face 'Force of Nature'

Lorde gives the term prodigy a new face in ‘Force of Nature’ shot by Ryan McGinley for Dazed Digital. The power of her prose creatively written in the wisdom of her words. Conversing with Lena Dunham, you feel Lorde’s views coming through the page. Knocking on adulthood, this 18-yr-old defies the laws of nature with poetic dialogue spoken through the art of music. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, exposes us to the open air with florid fashions that pop off the page. 


Fernanda Tavares Feels the Need for High Style Speed

Fernanda Tavares feels the need for high fashion speed by Hugo Toni in Vogue Brazil, July 2015. Bringing the heat, this story treads some serious torque with body-hugging gears that celebrate biker flair. Racing through a ring of fire my mind lights up as style mimics speed. Henrique Tank goes authentic with looks that invite the rider into the mix. Taking the scenic route this rushes from neo-infused futuristic to authentically inspired street-chic. 

caroline-trentini-by-paola-kudacki-for-vogue-spain-july-2015-6 (1)

Caroline Trentini Plays Vegas Neo-Barbie With a Twist

Caroline Trentini embraces the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, by Paola Kudacki for Vogue Spain, July 2015. Barbie takes a walk on the wild side in this edgy story designed to defy. This doll knows how to dress-up with costumes that invites the art of play. Pink & perky with a bit of edge, Caroline captures our imagination by acting out this doppelgänger with a twist. Fashion never looked so fun with 70’s inspired designs set inside this plush palace. 

lindsey wixson by ellen von unwerth for vogue russia 01

Lindsey Wixson burns by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Russia

Lindsey Wixson plays the part in this retro revival by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, July 2015. Beauty gets all revved up as (Makeup Artist) Regine Bedot gives classic cosmetics a leg up. Luring lids will pull you in with eye-defining liner shapes that’ll getcha. As a fresh face blooms with red lips that look ready for a kiss. Feeling the power of flowers pop off the page. Perennial colors come to be with a daisy dangling from her mouth.  

Giasco Bertoli for Lurve Magazine 10

Taja Feistner Rides in 'Visually, Precisely' Side, Lurve Magazine

Taja Feistner takes a ride on the ‘Visually, Precisely’ side by Giasco Bertoli for the 9th Issue of Lurve Magazine. The power of precision captured in the click of a camera. By inviting photogs (outside the field) to shoot for this issue, we experience a unique perspective. Cultured enthusiasts don’t seek to spend they long to do. Showing us that couture isn’t defined by money procured, rather it’s deemed by the sale of significance. 


Magdalena Moves Like Majestic Jungle Cat 'Born Free'

Magdalena Frackowiak feels the fire of the female lion in ‘Born Free’ by David Bellemere for Porter Magazine #9. Beauty burns through the page as each shot opens the imagination. Evoking her wild side she crosses the ground like a jungle cat. Stylist, Huynh Utzmann, lights a spark with fashions that speak to the ferocity of spirit. Garbed in exquisite get-ups, long fringe has its day with one of the most exquisite editorials ever put to print. 

eniko-mihalik-by-david-roemer-for-harper_s-bazaar-brazil-june-2015 (1)

Eniko Mihalik Borrows Boho 70's Chic for Harper's Bazaar Brazil

Eniko Mihalik borrows from the best of boho by David Roemer for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, June 2015. Curves ahead… From a flip of the hip to a lure of the leg, each shot celebrates the fire of the female form. 70’s Fashion was about feeling the freedom in an era that invited expressionism. Mihalik finds her inner gypsy with folksy fabrics and shape stealing silhouettes. Boho-Chic has arrived, with leather worn over a crocheted bikini and bare skin under a fringe-macramé vest. 

Jamilla Hoogenboom And Irina Liss By Benjamin Vnuk For Crash Magazine! 6

Each Shot Succumbs to Surroundings, Crash Magazine

Jamilla Hoogenboom & Irina Liss capture the art of another era, in this passionate piece by Benjamin Vnuk for Crash Magazine! Depicting a time when decadence was about the invitation not the event. Art becomes one with the mind as creativity captures our imagination. Modern designs explore the temptation of the tactile with looks from leather, suede, silk & lace. Stylist, Andrej Skok, lets the coiffed side of couture out with subtle shades of avant-garde shadows. 

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'Connections' by Michal Pudelka for Magazine Magazine, S/S 2015

Mickala Mitchell, Zoey Kay, Rebecka Skiold Nielsen & Sabina Plestilova create a quadruple effect in ‘Connections’ by Michal Pudelka for Magazine Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015. Running through the green grass of home – I dare to see the forest for the trees. Stylist Arabella Mills, captures a vintage vibe with defining looks by CélineChanel, ChloéCavallini, Falke, Lanvin, House of Holland, Marc by Marc Jacobs & Prada

Carolina Sjostrand By Ninja Hanna For Contributor #10 6

Carolina Sjöstrand by Ninja Hanna for Contributor #10

Carolina Sjöstrand prays at the altar of avant-garde fashion shot by Ninja Hanna for Contributor #10. Carolina dares to go undercover, as she deigns to discover the truth. Facing her fears, she takes us to the far reaches of another world, where what was above is now below. Raging red-heads follow suit in this editorial that celebrates the artistry of excess. Stylist, Maria Barsoum, invite us to explore the duality of riches with poetic pieces that are poised to perfection.