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Briley Jones By Niclas Heikkinen For Grit 'Sweet Nothings' 13

Briley Jones in ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’ by Niclas Heikkinen for Grit Magazine, Summer 2015

Briley Jones exposes her inner artist, by showing how to wear your ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’ by Niclas Heikkinen for Grit Magazine, Summer 2015. Raging with red, Briley lets her feelins out as the ‘Sweet Nothings’ of Summer dare to devour. The palate of prose exposed by deeply meaningful poses. The body beautiful invites us to explore messages that are poised to perfection. Stylist, Kama Krystel, redefines the idea of ‘sweetness’ by using colors not often associated with the season. 

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Chloe Lloyd Shines Like a 70's Star 'Dope & Diamonds'

Chloe Lloyd captures the decade of decadence in ‘Dope & Diamonds’ by Tré & Elmaz for Hope St. Magazine. Skin jewels take the place of dressing accouterments as Chloe commences to feel the funk. Shining like a 70’s star this story reflects the bright lights of the partying past. Devoured by diamonds, each crystal symbolizes strength while openly confessing sins. Makeup Artist, Heidi North, emulates the era by embracing the tenacity of the times.  

Jamilla Hoogenboom And Irina Liss By Benjamin Vnuk For Crash Magazine! 7

Each Shot Succumbs to Surroundings, Crash Magazine

Jamilla Hoogenboom & Irina Liss capture the art of another era, in this passionate piece by Benjamin Vnuk for Crash Magazine! Depicting a time when decadence was about the invitation not the event. Art becomes one with the mind as creativity captures our imagination. Modern designs explore the temptation of the tactile with looks from leather, suede, silk & lace. Stylist, Andrej Skok, lets the coiffed side of couture out with subtle shades of avant-garde shadows. 

Daniel Sannwald 'Allotropes All of Us' for A Magazine

Dare to Explore the 'Allotropes All of Us' A Magazine

Daiane Conterato & Fernando Cabral celebrate the art of another world in ‘Allotropes All of Us’ shot by Daniel Sannwald for A Magazine. Close your eyes and let yourself go as the science of avant-garde excess explodes. Caught in a force field of pleasure, fantasy succumbs to the enterprise of the unknown. Stylist, Katie Shillingford, takes us to a place where neo-dreams are defined by a collision of creations. 


Novembre Mag brings the heat in 'special Y PROJECT'

Agnes Nieske & Eva Kaper bring the heat in a ‘special Y PROJECT‘ captured by Arnaud Lajeunie for Novembre Magazine. The essence of neo-nature handled in the abstract notion of poetic aplomb. The incendiary shocks of Summer explode as each shot celebrates the cinema of high style. Georgia Pendlebury evokes a passion for high fashion, daring to fuel the avant-garde fire. From a twig-lined bustier to a fishnet tank top, each look appears to have been whittled in the woods. 

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Forest thru the Trees 'Connections' Magazine Magazine

Mickala Mitchell, Zoey Kay, Rebecka Skiold Nielsen & Sabina Plestilova create a quadruple effect in ‘Connections’ by Michal Pudelka for Magazine Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015. Running through the green grass of home – I dare to see the forest for the trees. Stylist Arabella Mills, captures a vintage vibe with defining looks by CélineChanel, ChloéCavallini, Falke, Lanvin, House of Holland, Marc by Marc Jacobs & Prada

Carolina Sjostrand By Ninja Hanna For Contributor #10 4

Carolina Sjöstrand by Ninja Hanna for Contributor #10

Carolina Sjöstrand prays at the altar of avant-garde fashion shot by Ninja Hanna for Contributor #10. Carolina dares to go undercover, as she deigns to discover the truth. Facing her fears, she takes us to the far reaches of another world, where what was above is now below. Raging red-heads follow suit in this editorial that celebrates the artistry of excess. Stylist, Maria Barsoum, invite us to explore the duality of riches with poetic pieces that are poised to perfection. 

Lara Stone 'Before the Fall' by Harley Weir for V Magazine 14

Lara Stone Revels in Realness of Red 'Before the Fall'

Lara Stone fuels the female fire in ‘Before the Fall’ by Harley Weir for V Magazine, Summer 2015. The art of empowerment worn with the revelry of faith. To walk the path of fierce independence is to walk your truth. Stylist, Max Pearmain, has fun with fashion in daring designs by Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Dior, Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada, Raf Simons and more. Contrasting colors dare to unite for a vintage vibe unlike we’ve seen. 


'Geiko' Celebrates Art of Geisha Girl Claw Fashionbook

Anne Lise Maulin & Maya Naylor celebrates the modern geisha in ‘Geiko’ by Nicolas Guerin for the Claw Fashionbook #2. Inspired by the traditional art of Japan. “The Geisha (gei = art she = person), translates to arts person or one trained in the cultural arts.” Stylist, Sonia Logerot, invites an onslaught of unique ideas by mixing in a fusion of fashion. Old and new unite in a story that explores the flavor of Japan. 

Gisele Bundchen Vogue Brazil 55

Gisele Bündchen Breaks Through Glass Ceiling 'vida'

Gisele Bündchen breaks through the glass ceiling by Henrique Gendre for the 40 Anniversary Issue of Vogue Brazil. Art imitating life, this fearsome creature captures our imagination by daring to rediscover herself. Finding her inner truth, “When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.” Having recently performed her catwalk swan song, this Supermodel shows us how she sows her wild oats. 

Gisele Bundchen by Zee Nunes for Vogue Brazil 05-15 22

Gisele Bündchen Submerges in the Avant-Garde Waters

Gisele Bündchen submerges in the avant-garde waters in a teary tale by Zee Nunes for Vogue Brazil, May 2015. After conquering the catwalk, this model (mom) ends her illustrious runway career in-favor of finding some edge. Daring to explore the depths of her creative soul, she steps into regions of the extreme. Each dress dances across the body with balletic movements striking out in kind. The art of life deeply reflected in the water of time. 

junya watanabe dazed

Junya Watanabe Invites the Poetry of 'Pressure Space'

Designer, Junya Watanabe, invites us to explore the poetry of ‘Pressure Space’ by Nicolas Coulomb for Dazed Magazine. Astro-Girls unite, as the dynamic duo of Isamaya Ffrench & Tomihiro Kono bring us into the retro-future of avant-garde fashion. Artfully referred to as the Malfunctioning Mannequins, these dolls re-devise the concept of creative. Ffrench & Kono capture our imagination with exquisite head-pieces that embrace hyper-modern beauty.