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kiki-boreel-nirvana-naves-by-meinke-klein-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-4 (2)

Feel the Heat Burn the Beat Go 70's Chic 'Disco Deluxe'

Kiki Boreel & Nirvana Naves ride the retro waves in ‘Disco Deluxe’ by photographic duo Meinke Klein for Vogue Netherlands, 12/15. A dynamic trip to another time, this story simultaneously takes us back while shooting ahead. From the glow of glitter to the rise of light, night shine has never lost its appeal. Dimphy Den Otter delivers one of the most exciting spreads of the season, with a stunning selection of 70’s inspired styles. 

Alina S. in 'Puritatem' by Gioconda and August for Revs 7

Alina S Redefines a Solid State of Grace in "Puritatem" for Revs

Alina S redefines a state of grace in “Puritatem” shot by Gioconda and August for Revs Magazine. Finding the soul of sacrifice this story conveys the power of purity wrapped in the notion of good vs. evil. An ode to the strength of Charlotte Wells, this brave woman went through untold horrors until she was able to set herself free. To feel the fire of this fearsome female is to gather in the glory of good.  

Emma Watson by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia Nov 2015 10

Emma Watson Slips Into Another World in Vogue Italia

Emma Watson delivers a decadent showcase by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, November 2015. While still shots give us a peek into this world, moving images invite us to explore. A thespian at heart, we all stand witness to Watson’s love of the stage. To watch her transform from pretty to intoxicating is the most compelling way to be convinced of this truth. And, while Peters delivers exquisite images, there is something unique in her connection with moving pictures.  


Marte Shares a Season of Silhouettes 'Festive Fairytale'

Marte Mei van Haaster hides from the light “Festive Fairytale” by Viktor & Rolf for Vogue Netherlands, December 2015. A Party Extravaganza unfolds as this holiday magazine starts the season off in style. Details are delightful but sometimes it’s the silhouette that incites you. Like an origami figure cut out of paper each shape celebrates the significance of modern style. 

Sasha Luss 'On Nameless Heights' Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Russia 12

Sasha's On Top of the World in "On Nameless Hights"

Sasha Luss finds freedom on top of the world in “On Nameless Hights” shot by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Russia, December 2015. The breath of freedom fills the lungs as the art of inspiration comes undone. A girl on a girder garners attention but it’s the women without fear who catches the eye. An exquisite take on the fire of the female spirit. Sasha teeters on the tip of one of Manhattan’s girders, as she imagines a world where anything is possible.  

elisabeth erm by jack waterlot for l'officiel malaysia 16

Elisabeth Erm Walks On the Wild Side In Fearless Fashion Issue

Elisabeth Erm walks on the wild side in the Fearless Fashion Issue shot by Jack Waterlot for L’Officiel Malaysia. The rapture of beauty beckons us back as blackness falls in a seraphic attack. Surrounded by the sublime, shades of noir ride it right with a fearsome story cast in the dark of night. Stylists, Jack Wang & Jumius Wong, invite us to view fashion postured through the intensity of all black. 

miles-aldridge-lili-sumner-numero-magazine-168 1

Lili Sumner Sinks in Splendored Rush of Neon Plush in Numéro

Lili Sumner blasts off in Artifices by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #168, November 2015. I sank into a splendored rush of wicked wonder and neon plush, color swirls in dated play as I find myself doing the retro sway. A hail of high pitch tones touch the screen, from the roar of orange to the grasp of green. Interlocking floor mats flush together as tiles meld like pieces of a pop art puzzle. Lili lets a pile of pure pigments invade her mind as candy-coated daydreams swim inside her head. 


Andreea Diaconu "Etat de Grâce" David Sims, Vogue Paris

Andreea Diaconu & Frederikke Sofie float through the story in “Etat de Grâce” shot by David Sims for Vogue Paris, November 2015. The hands of time tick in ruthless rhythm as my aching soul concedes. Andreea slips into a dilettante daze as softness emanates off each page. Willingness hides just below the surface as it urges her into another dimension. The art of becoming wraps us around as moving shapes take form.  

Saoirse Ronan 'Queen of Hearts' Tim Walker for W Magazine

Plays Her Part in the "Queen of Hearts"

Saorise Ronan takes on a dramatic new part in the ‘Queen of Hearts’ by Tim Walker for W Magazine, November 2015. The stars lined up in perfect synchronicity for the arrival of this captivating creature, anointed Saorise (pronounced Sear-sha) Una Ronan. A distinct name that doesn’t only carry a unique sound but also brings with it a poignant meaning. Saoirse translates to freedom, while Una matches it with Unity. 

sabina lobova 'face the feeling' by thomas goldblum for vamp #4 11

Sabina Lobova Finds Stregth to "Face the Feeling" in Vamp

Sabina Lobova takes in the tapestry of truth in “Face the Feeling” by Thomas Goldblum for Vamp #4, the Against All Odds Cover. Curled up in creation she falls over her knees, laying on the side table like an exquisite accessory. Balletic moves transform my soul as I stretch to seek higher ground. To see each piece wrapped around the body is to believe in the art of design. Stylist, Omaima Salem, lets the limbs lead the way with eclectic fashions that expose why they hide. 

frederikke sofie & lucan gillespie by sean & seng for dazed FW 2015 8

Ladybugs Run Race Over Front of Face in Dazed Digital

Frederikke Sofie and Lucan Gillespie play with perennials by Sean+Seng for Dazed Digital, F/W 2015. Visual patches play out in purple passages as metaphors of madness make their mark. To break the flow of writings pro is the act of Purple Prose. One prophetic writer described, “the filigreed lacework that blossomed around the ruptured skin – as being hopelessly lost in Purpleville“. Overtly contributing to the unmitigated use of ornate verbiage, Purple Patches are left to hacks, whose approach to words are on the attack. 

Vogue UK - November 2015

"The Spy Who Loved Me" Tale of Tempting Titillation, Vogue Uk

Léa Seydoux plays both sides in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ captured by Craig McDean for Vogue Uk, Nov. 2015. Sit back and let this talented French thespian take us on a trip to another world. Bilateral-Beauty allows us to see this character’s ferocity through the lens of duality. Ensuring that we never know which side is real, this diametrical blend proves to be a delicious way to play the game.