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Devon Aoki Bares Out Beauty of Fully Freeing Being, Vogue UK

Boldly baring out the beauty of her unusual being, Devon Aoki celebrates the art of the outdoors in this two-part series by Harley Weir for Vogue UK, August ’17. She has an ability to be both of nature and totally connected to the cinema of high style. Devon doesn’t let the little things slow her down. She is one who writes her own rules. She’s her own persona and her own judge. That is a beautiful thing. 

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Stella Lucia Stuns Us Senseless "Good Girl Gone Bad"

Stella Lucia stuns us senseless in “Good Girl Gone Bad” by Bettina Rheims for Dazed Digital, SS17. Artful images dominate this page as Stella emerges in a riotous rage. Her passionate overtones are obvious, however, it’s the subtle makings of sadness that keep me engaged. Here we have a woman on the edge. Teetering towards a tenuous truth, one where what we believe is not marked by what we see, rather, what is unveiled is voraciously met by vicious ends. 

Alasdair McLellan for Love Magazine SS 2017 25

Love Invites U2 Jump Into Arena of Avant-Garde Excess

Alasdair McLellan delves in deep to this three part series for Love Magazine, SS 2017. Here we have a strange and wonderful mix of models & actresses, as this collection of characters come together to form a fusion of fabulous. Katie Grand is a costumier of high end wares, as she uses fashion as a form of storytelling. Clothing has a unique intent, with styles that speak to the specificity of the moment.  

Gil Inoue for Vogue Brazil June 2017 18

Fashion Pops as We Travel Through Pantheon of Pretty

Lorena Maraschi & Manuela Miloqui look back to see ahead by Gil Inoue for Vogue Brazil, June 2017. Travelling through the pantheon of pretty, Gil does a little of what I call era jumping. He allows us to imagine a world where blocks of time meld into one. Brilliant looks borrowed from the best parts of the past all seamlessly blend. Flapper inspired dresses are designed with sequined embellishments, long and lean, these sinewy frocks fuse together while standing apart. 

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Natasha Poly Rides the Ocean "On the Crest of a Wave"

Natasha Poly crashes in on a new tomorrow as she rides “On the Crest of a Wave” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia June 2017. I waited patiently for summer proper to show it’s face before I illuminated such a spectacular place. Art expounds this sacred ground as the sea doth pound the shore, Natasha rises forth in colorful wonder like an enchantress from the ocean floor. Natures’ wonders are found in abundance as we watch her languid along the water’s edge. 


Adrianna Lima Takes Us Back to the Days of Decadence

Adriana Lima takes us back to the age of decadence in two part series by Vincent Peters for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, July 2017. Adriana explores the fire of the female spirit in, Nueva Era Vuelve la Super Mujer, the New Era of the Super Woman. The power of this piece rests in the poetry of the person, as Lima allows her body to become one with her surroundings. Strolling through this palace by the sea, she’s at once enchanted by the rising of the light. 

Kiki Willems 'Want to Dive Into Your Ocean' i-D Magazine Fall 2016 17

Kiki Willems Claims Our Right 2 Fight 4 Female Freedom #NOW

Kiki Willems captures the fluid form of future flight in this 2 part series by Christian MacDonald for Interview Magazine, June/July 2017. Art expands as it contracts evades as it invites. Kiki captures our imagination in this confluence of couture inspired chaos. This is a story that studies the fluid lines of form and fabric. Modernity takes a step forward, feeling the future of fashion erupt. What was once limited by the prospect of presentation, is now open to the idea of being wholly unrestrained. 

Jessie Bloemendaal by Anthony Maule for Numero June July 2017 6

Jessie Bloemendaal's ~ Her Tears Inside Just Can't Hide

Jessie Bloemendaal travels forth and she brings us back by Anthony Maule for Numéro Magazine, June/July 2017. Art elevates our understanding of things we might otherwise throw to the wind. The momentum of the message becomes quite clear, as we feel the swell of the ocean’s wall crash down around us. And, while it’s clear we are simply viewing a woman standing behind a wall of sheer glass, what we see is all together different. 


Karlie Kloss in Tomorrow Today "A Future Present" Vogue Italia

Karlie Kloss explores the sharpest of contrasts in “A Future Present” captured by Ethan James Green for Vogue Italia, June 2017. A story that celebrates the end of the beginning. This is a compelling look at the possible outcome for our future. Kloss is caught on the baron land of tomorrow dreaming about today. At first we are tricked into believing we are staring at a rich landscape, only to find that it is all in her mind. 

Cameron Russell in 'Even Cowgirls Get the Blues' Txema Yeste Numero #184 June-July 2017 12

Cameron Russell Rides Her Horse Into the Azure Ocean

Cameron Russell kicks up the dust and hits the trail in “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #184, June/July 2017. The sea tells a story in this glamorous mix of sh** kicking cowboy and motorcycle chic. Caught in the Majestic arena of light and sound ~ this earthy spread of theatrical display is abound. Crisply delivered artfully displayed, in this dueling blend of beauty both worlds are bestowed. 


Bella Hadid Finds Humans Are Complex While Females Fierce

Bella Hadid beguiles in a role that makes it clear she’s here to make her own mark “Personal Best” by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Italia, June 2017. Coupling with Natalie Westling, these two models couldn’t be more opposite yet come together strangely well. Bella secures her spot on top with this compelling cover-story by Inez & Vinoodh. We’re getting use to her affect, accepting that she is not one for real, emotive expression. 

Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris Part 11 June-July 2017 9

Slip on Retro Aviators ~ Dip Into Decade of Decadence

Cara Taylor & Birgit Kos go retro in this modern take on 80’s inspired styling by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris, June/July 2017. Part 1 is a distinction of high designs, while Part 11 delves into the depths of decadence. Art expresses itself, revealing in the excess of the enlightened we exceed our intentions. Alive with a kind of 80’s vibe, Slimane shows us a slew of Ray-Ban Sunglasses that will always represent the era of excess.