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Bubble Gum Beauty Knows How to "Pop Like a Star"

Julia Banas drinks in the pink in “Pop Like a Star” by Zoey Grossman for Numéro Tokyo, December 2017. Is this a dream or is it fantasy? Beauty succumbs to a bumble gum run that’s wrapped inside an image of high intensity fun. Disco infused decadence is saturated with a modern twist. Stepping back in time, Bobette Cohn asks us to take a trip down the retro highway. Fantasy floods the page… Pink Projects Pretty as yellow invites us to fly, red revs things up as black asks why? 

Rianne Van Rompaey Embraces “Venetian Fantasy" Vogue Paris

Rianne Van Rompaey goes a ‘la MODE À VENISE in the “Venetian Fantasy” by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, November 2017. The culture of Venetian inhabitants are played out in the characteristics of the city. This “Floating City” or “City of Canals” as it’s known, is as spirited as it is secretive. Alive with a kind a vibe that allows it to transcend the many pitfalls of modern society, today’s timeline is driven by a score to ignore. 

Donna Trope Proves Where There's Smoke There's Fire NicOtine

Alix Angjeli gets up close and personal in “A Safe Bleed” by Donna Trope for NicOtine Magazine Fall 2017. When we forgo the concept of personal space we enter into a zone of reality. When perception is altered to a point of non recognition, we are forced to take a step back. Questioning our reason for being, we allow ourselves to break through the boundaries of human behavior, attempting to get to what’s real. 

Alek Wek Defies Gravity Laying Parallel to Ground in Re-Edition

Alek Wek wields herself into a number of brave positions in “Do You Go To the Temple Tonight” by Talia Chetrit for Re-Edition No.8, AW 2017. I see this piece as a work of physical artistry. A line of poetry longing to be read… a hunger that aches to be fed… wistful yearning that cries in the night… turning hope into havoc and wrong into right… like a winged butterfly longing to soar… this seething craving will leave you wanting but more.  

Angela Lindvall Seeks Spirit of Whimsy Captured by Greg Kadel

Angela Lindvall steps forth to accept a Challenge in “Desafio Total” by Greg Kadel for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, October 2017. Mystical maneuverings are founded in the whimsy of a wish, as couture comes with a challenge and Angela is ready to reply. Images are set apart by their unique form, yet oddly connected by their unifying theme. This exquisite editorial celebrates the art of independence, while calling on the collective spirit of style. 

Miriam Haney is Working Hard in Opposition "Counter Praxis"

Miriam Haney is working in opposition in “Counter Praxis” by Mark Lim for NicOtiNe Magazine, F17. Meeting resistance head on, this compelling story settles into the art of opposition. Acting in antipathy embraces a counter-intuitive nature, allowing you to jump when your instinct is to stand still. Ingenuity evokes a sense of spirit ~ telling us we can fly when already floating in the center of the sky.  

Haute Shots ~ The Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear Show Season

Fashion is exposed in a fantasy of riches as we celebrate the Spring 2018 Season with style. A tale of truth told on the tightrope of tomorrow. We watch them walk down the runway with unyielding strength. Raw energy emanates from the stage, as the story unfolds with an undulating rhythm. There’s a quiet stillness that settles in the room. An undercurrent of calmness radiates throughout each show, as each one moves with visual mastery. 

Txema Yeste Dares to Double Our Pleasure in Twinning Tale

Txema Yeste doubles our pleasure in this twinning tale told for Numéro Magazine #186, September 2017. The beauty of two becomes but one as all things go silent in the absence of none. Double duty is all that you do in a twinning tale that will have you seeing two. Txema uses his talent to shine a light on the subject of Love. Asking that we ponder the concept of suspended disbelief ~ two halves come together ~ ensuring the combination is complete. 

Ajak Deng Lets Dark Night Fall All Around "Uncertainty"

Ajak Deng goes to the desert in search of something greater by Egor Tsodov for Numéro Russia, September 2017. This is a story about the beauty of raw humanity. Allowing her body to become one with her environment, Ajak brings the focus beyond just herself. Standing strong amongst a sea of strange, all things change as they stay the same. Exploring a fluid atmosphere exposes a more non-linear format. 

Mathilde Brandi Moves Like a Jaguar Over Jungle Floor

Mathilde Brandi moves like a jungle cat by Daniel Clavero for Vogue Ukraine, September 2017. This is a story about a girl caught up in the intrigue of ecstasy. Besot & bejeweled this bandit of beauty plays like a modern cat-burglar, sleek & slender she echoes the fluid movements of the jungle cat. Watching a jaguar slowly stalking over the jungle floor we await the beast to explode into action.  

Mean Streets Meets Energy of a Tough Girl in "Defy" W Magazine

Mert & Marcus dare to “Defy” as they Fall into the season, for W Magazine, September Issue ’17. We bid a fashion farewell to the great, Edward Enninful, as he’s off to make his mark as the new Editor-n-Chief of British Vogue. Taking it to the streets this shows us that the future of fashion is now. Art and excess blend in ways we haven’t even begun to conceive of. 

Toni Garrn Meets Her Lost Lover in Cabin by Bay, Vogue Portugal

Toni Garrn waits for her lover in a cabin by the bay, in this 2-part story by An Le for Vogue Portugal, September 2017. Starting with one sophisticated lady… enter the stunning, Toni Garrn. She exudes an aire of sophistication, while simultaneously giving off a darkened edge. Teaming with mystery, each image offers up another chapter to this visual thriller. Paulo Macedo sets the stage with styles that stay on the seductive side.