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D&G Spring 2012 RTW Collection

D&G’s Models Looked like Little St. Tropez Dolls, as Milan Fashion Week Continued with the D&G Spring 2012 RTW Collection –  that seemed to be dedicated to the “St. Tropez Girl” – a global fashionista that is most at home on a yacht or the beaches of St. Barts.  A girl who’s entire wardrobe can consist of various forms of D&G printed scarfs in the form of bathing suits, shorts, skirts, & halters.   

Gucci Spring 2012 RTW

While Gucci claims that the fact that they are about to celebrate their 90th birthday next month, and the obvious references to the Flapper-Girls, Art-Deco, & geometric architecture seen throughout the Spring 2012 Collection (via is just a “Happy Coincidence”, it’s pretty clear somebody over at the House of Gucci is celebrating the “Jazz Era.”  I was less enticed by the 20’s influence, than the few Halstonesque pieces that made their way into the semi-gauche show, adding a much needed Vibe of Cool-Sophistication (that kept the show from slipping down the “Costume” path it was in danger of succumbing to).   

Peter Pilotto Spring 2012 RTW

Peter Pilotto’s Spring 2012 Collection is a Dizzying array of print/patterns, that for better or worse are a sartorial-assault on the senses.  This is what I would imagine the insides of my computer would look like if they were to come alive.  In animated techno vision, these pieces aren’t for the “Everyday Girl” looking to branch out, this is for the cool “London Girl”, who loves the gaze of the crowd on her, and isn’t afraid of non-stop attention.   

Joseph Altuzarra’s Fab Spring Leather Lit up the Runway

Joseph Altuzarra has only been showing at the tents for three years, still in his “Designer Infancy”, this amazing talent always has collections that are filled with trendy pieces that are very “Fashion-Friendly”, but is still struggling with an over-all cohesive point-of-view.  The first part of his Spring 2012 RTW Collection was a Black/White dream come true, as I was already writing my giddy comments in my head – the show turned into a strange mix of big prints/odd textures/weird color-combos – and something I’ve named “Panel-Blocking’ (awkward blocks of prints instead of colors).   

Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 RTW

With 40’s-Style referenced throughout the show, Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2012 RTW Collection was odd mix of muted fabrics that seem to lack directions and wit.  With these shiny/glossy textures, that were one step away from fabulous kitsch.  With bright bold colors/stripes this “Shiny Escape” gave the show some much needed energy, and designs that seemed to exude more vibrancy and life.   

Kors Spring 2012, Fashion That Obeys a Woman’s Body

This Michael Kors Spring 2012 RTW Collection is an invitation to the Sexiest-Safari imaginable.  Having only recently recovered from his amazing Fall 2011 presentation, I once again found I was overwhelmed by the awesome power of “The Michael Kors Experience.”  This man seems to be in such a Chic-Zone right now, he can hardly do no-wrong.  His pieces are these decadent combinations of luxury/uptown-edge.   

Rodarte Spring 2012 RTW

The Rodarte Sisters showed a Spring RTW Collection that was reflective of the odd combination of influences that was their reference points for this little Haute Trip Down the Rabbit Hole.  Citing Vincent Van Gough, and the Disney Classic, Sleeping Beauty, this sibling design team tried to marry the worlds of Fantasy/Post-Impressionism for quirky modern-classical line.  However, some of the vintage shapes became a bit redutant, and the overall feel came off slightly indulgent.   

Marc Jacobs Added a Little Sass to Spring Color-Blocking Story

Continuing through our Spring Fashion Week Reviews, my interpretation of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 Collection (via, was “Color-Blocking on Speed.”  While there was enough of the signature MJ Sass, with cool-chic shapes, and rebellious/edgy “Out of the Lines” colors/prints – the huge swatches of Colors bumping up against other Colors, felt a bit regressed and distracting.   

The Power of Prabal’s Purple, Runway Gets a New Color

With his line of celebrity fans (and us little civilianistas) waiting with baited-breath to see what he was going to send down the runway, Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2012 RTW Collection was a mix of Wild-Prints, Bold-Geometric Cut-Outs, and a Bounty of Beautiful Fabrics in Brilliant-Lavender.  The one thing this young designer is absolutely Genius at, is his ability to be completely relevant/on-trend, while simultaneously having a collection that is filled with colors/textures/designs we won’t see anywhere else during Fashion Week.   

Color-Blocking/Floral Prints, The Name of the 2012 Fashion-Game

Peter Som Came to Thrill (or should I say Frill), with this Season’s hottest trends “Color-Blocking” & “Bold-Florals”, this designer kicked things up a knotch – by adding a few well-placed fringe to keep it Sassy. And that’s what I would call some of the funner pieces we’ve seen so far during Spring Fashion Week 2012…..SASSY.

From the Bright Fuschia-Fringe of Peter Som, to the breezy sheer of BCBG, and the funky-graphics of Rachel Comely – this Season’s swatches of big-blocks of color is everywhere.   

Michael Kors’ One-Way Ticket to “Season of Chic”

The Unapologetic King of Glam, Michael Kors Fall 2011 line is a Deliciously-Decadent Collection of pieces that are a Call to the Fashion-Wild.  With an endless array of Luxurious fabrics/textures/accessories, the “Michael Kors Experience” is not for the Weak of Heart.  This is a Pulse-Pounding onslaught of ecstasy/excess in the form of Leather/Silk/Cashmere/Fur, and anyone able to enjoy these sartorial-riches, has a one-way ticket to a “Season of Chic.”  Karmen Pedaru gives us a Peak at the Privilege in Interview Magazine’s September Issue. 

Tom Ford Ups the Glam-Ante in September’s Vogue Germany

As usual we can count on Tom Ford to up the Glam-Ante, and this layout for Vogue Germany (via fashiongonerogue) proves it.  Carola Remer stuns in these seductive pieces, that are reminiscent of the unapologetic style of the 80’s.  Tom Ford is never afraid of sex-appeal, and his designs are meant to make women feel the Power of Beauty.