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Gisele Bundchen Gets Cheeky for Terry Richardson in Harper’s Bazaar Brazil

Gisele gets a little cheeky with this fun/funky layout for the November Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, shot by the photographer of the moment, Terry Richardson.  Doing her best 007, this Super-Model proves that it’s not all somber/serious in the world of High-Fashion.  Her we see new side to this “Angel”, as she pulls out the “Big Toy Guns”, showing that mommy-hood is definitely having an effect.   

Enjoy the Theater of Change in Grazia’s Style Story “Idee Forth”

In this “Fashion-Concert” of Fall’s Greatest-Hits, featuring “Style-Songs” from Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada (and more) – we get to experience the full-spectrum of what this Season has to offer.  In this amazing layout for Grazia’s #40 Issue, Julie Ordon shows her “Chameleon” skills for the likes of photographer, Frederic Pinet (images via   

Polka-Dot Power, Jean-Francois Campos Flair Magazine

In the context of Fashion-Forward style, the “Polka-Dot” is thought by many to be a dirty-word.  Italian Flair Magazine takes on this long standing design element, that has often been misrepresented in the world of High-Fashion.  In the Avant-Garde arena of cutting-edge concepts, and fast moving trends, it’s hard to reinvigorate a look that has been over-used/abused.  Polka-Dots/Circles never seem to be able to stand the test of time, or get past their costumey effect. 

Lara Stone in “La Belle Maitresse” by Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Japan

Taking no Prisoners, Lara Stone is here to Devour-First, and ask questions later.  With the piercing stare of a predator stalking it’s prey, her eyes burrow into our souls as we simultaneously “Long to be Captured and Plan our Escape.”  In the divinely-delicious designs of Tom Ford, YSL, Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen (and more), our “La Belle Maitresse” seduces the night with the wicked-curves of an Enchantress.