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i-D Magazine ‘Role Model’ issue by Daniele & Iango Fall 2012

Looking at icons through the eras, ‘The Role Model Issue’ explodes in the Fall 2012 issue of i-D Magazine. Shot by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi, these stunning images represent the modeling industry through the decades. Each one a powerhouse ‘super-model,’ Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, Natasha Poly, Amber Valletta, Karen Elson, Isabeli Fontana, Guinevere van Seenus, Kristen McMenamy and Gisele Bündchen all made a supreme mark on fashion at large.   

Thom Kerr Delivers Magic in ‘We Do What We Want’ Black Magazine

In this twisted take on school-girls gone bad, Thom Kerr delivers in, ‘We Do What We Want,’  for the latest issue of Black Magazine.  Things run amok as Josephine Le Tutour, Rhianna Porter and Emily Green channel their wicked ways, in this story of magic & mischief.  Not to be taken lightly, our ‘charmed-ones’ conjure up a variety of dark styles, complete with edgy accessories and killer accouterments. 

Celebrate the Art of Rock & Roll in F/W 2012 Issue of Another Magazine

Daniel Jackson celebrates the 70’s scene in the  F/W 2012 issue of Another Magazine.  A time when musical heroes were known for embodying their characters, heart & soul, this layout is a grand dedication to the decade of decadence.  Transport yourself back as models Erjona Ala, Laura Kampman, Maria Bradley and Melissa Stasiuk channel the great icons of era, in this authentic tribute to the Art of Rock/Roll.   

Anna G Pops off the Page in ‘The New Day’ Dew Magazine

Anna G pops off the page in a violent clash of vibrancy for, ‘The New Day,’ by Marta Macha for the Fall 2012 issue of Dew Magazine.  Stylist Marta Morawiecka delights us with a kaleidoscope of color combinations & ultra-modern accessories – complete with a (diamond cut) crystal-blue, gemstone eye patch. Traditional punk meets 80’s rock, for this edgy hybrid style I’m calling, The New Power Punk Movement. 

Coco Rocha Plays Scream Queen in ‘A Full Moon’ for Vs. Magazine

It’s a tale of terror under ‘A Full Moon,’ in Ellen von Unwerth’s ode to 50’s era B-movies, currently showing in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Vs. Magazine.  Coco Rocha embodies her dual role as Scream-Queen & Object of Desire, in this high-fashion homage to low-budget horror.  Celebrating the over-the-top, kitch drama associated with this style of film-making, Unwerth dedicates her vision to the conspicuous exploits of this popular cult genre.   

Daphne Groenveld Gets ‘A Fresh Start’ in Muse Magazine by Mariano Vivanco

Daphne Groenveld gets ‘A Fresh Start’ in Mariano Vivanco’s dark, romantic cover/editorial for the September issue of Muse Magazine.  Wearing a variety of modern looks ranging from hipster-chic to evening-cool, the platinum beauty captures the carefree vibe of youth, by mixing high/low fashion with a rebellious edge.  


Bjarne Jonasson in ‘A Flash in the Dark’ Wonderland Magazine, Fall 2012

Bjarne Jonasson takes the art of beauty to the extreme in ‘A Flash in the Dark’ for the September/October issue of Wonderland Magazine.  Makeup artist Kelly Cornwell transforms Julia Valimaki into a unique fashion character, with wild paint splatters crawling up her chest/neck, and futuristic, furry eyebrows setting off a sculpted head of plaster of paris hair.  This Fall all roads lead to the avant-garde, and Wonderland doesn’t disappoint, with this unique compilation of beauty shots dedicated to this season’s obsession with the extreme arts. 

‘The Charmed Life of Elizabeth Olsen’ by Jeff Bark for Bullett Magazine

Lost in a lilac paradise, Elizabeth Olsen floats amidst a sea of lavender & lilies, in the September 2012 issue of Bullett Magazine by Jeff Bark.  Capturing her sweetly-tenacious quality, Nick Haramis explores the many sides of the young ingenue in, ‘The Charmed Life of Elizabeth Olsen.’  Wearing a variety of high-end designs including Chanel, Balmain, Dior and Marchesa, the the pert beauty is adorned with a punkish-pink wig & bright lips to match – eclectic styling perfect for the self-acclaimed “old soul.”  Cast in a halo of light, these ethereal images are a great match for this talented actress that can seem to do no wrong.   

Vanessa Paradis Celebrates her Independence in Jalouse Magazine

Nothing gets a girl back on her feet like a fabulous cover/editorial, and Vanessa Paradis looks ready for anything on the September 2012 Cover of Jalouse Magazine shot by Alexei Hay.  Appearing particularly perky, it’s clear this girl is ready to break out of the background and go leading lady.  Newly separated from Johnny Depp, the French beauty appears fresher than ever, in a variety of fashionable styles from designers including, Carven, Maje, Naf Naf, Innamorato and Maison Michel.   

Emma Stone Plays a Mutant Beauty in Interview Magazine

Playing a mutant-beauty, Emma Stone captures the art of transformation in this cover/editorial by Mikael Jansson for the September 2012 issue of Interview Magazine.  Pop-Culture is so saturated with modern celebrities using their image to control the audience, the idea of ‘transformation’ has lost it’s resonance.  And as a society we’ve become so jaded by the concept, the idea of change has no meaning. 

Vs. Magazine

Calling their Fall/Winter 2012 the ‘Eccentric’ issue, Vs. Magazine has 4 cover options featuring a diverse group of interesting women.  By having all four covers go with 1 uniform style, it really illustrates the personal power of each individual, and their ability to stand out in a crowd.  Proving that the power to pop isn’t just skin-deep, the strength of each woman penetrates the pink neon, with something far greater than physical beauty.   

‘Hold hands, be free, find the real you’ i-D Pre-Fall Amy Troost

Continuing to explore the concept of youthful, Amy Troost gets up close & personal in ‘Hold hands, be free, find the real you,’ for The Just Kids Issue of i-D Magazine.  Showing some of this season’s hottest fashions, through the unfiltered eye of youth, we see designs by Meadham Kirchoff, Marc Jacobs, Junya Watanabe, Prada & more in a whole new light.  Presented with energetic vision, the same styles we’ve seen over/over again are infused with new possibilities.