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Jazzelle Was Born a Unicorn

Art is a reflection of our human condition. It’s a sensory mechanism whereby the overload of certain emotions can cause a physical outbreak. This should not be confused with a breakdown. Thereby we should understand that this carry’s no kind of negative connotation. It is merely an indication of the internal position of norm transferring to the external position of abstract. An exodus of interest, in my opinion.  

Street Art Scene in Hunger Magazine

Marco Réa captures a unique blend of beauty/street in ‘Mask‘ by Chris Milo for Hunger Magazine. He applies his scattered artwork on copied photographs. Making the end result appear as if some of the paint is splattered over Nana Abramova’s fine face, while the rest is met with a pane of glass. These captures are compelling. Just when you think you know what it is you are gazing at, you find yourself questioning the very nature of reality. 

'Africa Motherland' Invites Us Into Light

Jeneil Williams & Grace Mahary invite the light not to fall, but to spread over all in ‘Africa Motherland’ by Delphine Diallo for Vogue Portugal, April 2019. To honor individuality while “understanding our own humanity as an entity,” that is Delphine Diallo’s goal. I am truly moved by her brave work. She has a compassion that comes through the camera… with every click you can feel her dedication expressed. 

The Lines of Lunacy All But Unleashed

Unto this house we will a home… living far inside the palindrome… from back to front it is the same… hiding inside the sights of plain… ore’ the pathway of beauty abounds… as water rushes in solemn surround… what was lost in truth we found… as we make our way to higher ground… faded in glory we feed on the light… hungry we hang on to witness the sight… bending in borrowed time we yield… ourselves to a state of reverent appeal…. 

Artful Expression of the Path of Black

Helen Almeida captures the essence of expression. Not controlling that which comes out, rather, allowing it to flow. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. To uncover those deeply hidden gems, one must be willing to go down the path of black. Sometimes difficult, sometimes even grotesque. Noon promised us it would be an easy process, only that our prospects would open.

When Our Insides Close Down, Darkness Prevails. 

Open Your Mind And Find Spirit to Fly

Assa ignites a sense of serenity as we feel our spirits rise by Harley Weir for Vogue Italia, January 2018. We have entered a period of our existence that doesn’t demand alot of background noise. We don’t need to distract or overwhelm, we need only to honor our inner fire. The Female Spirit is Here to Say, We’ve Taken Our Place and We Aren’t Going Away. Here we witness something that may seem subtle, or worse, not loud enough to get the attention required to deem it successful. 

Poetic Reflection on Storm Devastation

Reflecting on the recent devastation in Florida and Texas, I was touched by Collage/Clothing Artist, Tashi Fay. These poetic pieces spoke to me in a very unique way. A creative take on what it would feel like to be wearing everything you owned. Explore her conceptual influences at King Kong Magazine.

I Wanna’ Go Home

A sadden show has come to bare

upon the shores of life’s despair

it’s here on this fertile ground divine

where laughter has seized in record time

broken windows… broken doors…

broken hearts… came to flood the shores

as the storm set down a bold retort

form and fury was set to thwart

we won’t take this burden sitting down

we’ll banned about from town to town

I’ll call to the four winds that blow

in all directions that spirits flow

to the ancient goddesses we pray in kind

that what was lost ~ our hearts will find

memories are made from the touch of a hand

from feeling the dirt that comes from the land

these winds they may roar another day…

but, they’ll never take my memories away

poetic prose – tanyajo







Eyes Look Behind as She Sees Ahead

Nadja Auermann looks behind as she sees ahead by Arnaud Lajeunie for Numéro Berlin #1, FW ’16. Art unleashes the avant-garde beast, setting in motion a dramatic feast. The depth that we reach is the truth by which we seek. As one of the most talented models of all time, her abilities far outweigh the magazine page. A body in full motion is much like a piece of poetic prose. We can appreciate her long limbs and impressive lines, however, perfection is not the goal. 

Pat Lures Us In With Luscious Lip Kit

Launching her luscious Lip Kit Collection, Lust 004, McGrath moves through the mysteries of modern makeup like one would a suspenseful novel. Reached using a compelling combination of sustainable color sources and inspired resource application. The tone sustains itself through rich ingredients that give us the ability to bargain with both our beauty and our brains. Face Art Done with Searing Aplomb this Story Celebrates the Beauty of Being. 

Capture Purple's Prose of Visual Poetry

Guinevere van Seenus breaks hold of the open sea by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion, F/W 2015. The prose of visual poetry found in the commanding click of the camera. Art speaks its own language in this exquisite story set to sail. A tribute to the tyranny of ticking time. The body breaks open broadly as the heart follows suit. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, melds modern fashions as black manifests itself in the foretelling of truth. 

My Soul Takes to Sky on Raven's Wing

Julia Hetta rides high on a raven’s wing in ‘Different Days,’ covered by Dazed and Confused for her show at The Shoot Gallery, May 13 – June 21. Exquisite beauty brought in a daze of un-answered dreams, as the romance pours through the page we find ourselves staring at the truth. The power of poetry laid out in pictures, Hetta reminds us that sheer simplicity can be the most enticing thing we can offer. 

The Art of Beauty Lives with Dreamy Images by Sparrek for Schön! Magazine

A dream inside a dream… Sparrek, a.k.a Kylli Sparre, captures our hearts with a stunning compilation of surreal style photography for Schön! Magazine. Vibrant beauty that can only be accessed by authentic dance, through movement, Sparrek shows herself to be highly influenced by the art of ballet. Airy and alive, the division of disparity comes alive in the daring drive of momentum and grace.