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'Antithesis' by Casey BROOKS for Garage Magazine 11

Do Talking Prophets Dance 'Antithesis'

Casey Brooks draws from her contemporary dance background in ‘Antithesis‘ a dynamic video done for Garage Magazine. Celebrating the beauty of becoming, 8 fearsome creatures find their way into a Kaleidoscope of color. Caught in the fluidity of movement, to ask yourself why is to let yourself fly high. Stylist, Tati Cotliar, embarks on a collision course of creativity by filling spaces with the concept of no constraints. 


Get Lost in the Fantasy - Jupe by Jackie

‘The Art of Craftsmanship’ invites us to explore with original embroidery done by, Jupe by Jackie, S/S 2016. A line established in 2010 by Dutch designer, Jackie Villevoye. Hand-crafted pieces are sewn together by a talented group of authentic artisans. With a collection that blends masculine flair with a feminine affair, these fashions boldly cross gender lines. A parade of patterns distinguish themselves with pioneering designs that devour our senses. 

Modern Weekly China 5

Zen Sevastyanova is Really Revved Up

Zen Sevastyanova embraces the art of avant-garde exposure by Trunk Xu for Modern Weekly China, June 2015. Taking things straight to the edge this story is designed to defy. Creative clashing comes to bare with dynamic fashions that fuel the fantasy. Stylist, Liu Xiao, invites the sentiment of strange with wicked wares set to inspire. Revved up and ready to go with lip-smackin’ shapes that steal the show.  


Anna Cleveland for CR Fashion Book

Anna Cleveland takes us on a journey of self discovery by Julien d’Ys for CR Fashion Book Issue 6. Laying a path of poignant verbiage, Evelyn Beatrice Hall finds her freedom in speech, ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ Crafting extreme ideas to embark on mindful awareness, Cleveland uses scissors as a symbol of strength. A fight for what’s right this story exposes us to the art of avant-garde expression.  

chloe -for- marfa

Chloë Sevigny Gets Moody for Marfa

Chloë Sevigny ‘Puts the Hot in Psychotic’ in this cheeky piece by Brianna Capozzi for Marfa Journal No.3. Proud is not a word I just throw around, but, to feel the force of unrelenting power is undeniable. Life is found in the gems of inspiration as each piece praises the spirit of enlightenment. A provocative tale of pleasure extolled, to honor rather than obey is to find the goodness that feeds the soul. 

Sølve Sundsbø for Love Magazine #13 18

Celebrates the Lineage of Life in Love

Sølve Sundsbø celebrates the lineage of life in Love Magazine #13, Spring 2015. Art unveiled, from Gigi/Bella Hadid to Jeny/Georgia Howorth, this captures the fire of the female. Women celebrating women, Sundsbø steals a moment in time, in this flood of modern fashion. Stylists, Katie Grand, Robbie Spencer, Panos Yapanis & Phoebe Arnold, lift the curtain of creativity, allowing us to revel in the wonder of their work. 

Gigi Hadid Model of the Year shot by Yu Tsai 4

Model of the Year Makes Modern Waves

In it to win it, Gigi Hadid shows us why she is Model of the Year in a story shot by Yu Tsai. Evocative imagery escapes the shape as we celebrate the inner style of a (true) star. Moving past the ‘boobs’ this girl proves she’s ready to play, with powerful pictures that kill with curves. Martina Nilsson breaks this feline free, by using the lines of her body to convey the sounds of her soul.  


Natasa Vojnovic Lures Us Into the Light

Natasa Vojnovic lures us into the light in ‘The Libertine’ shot by Txema Yeste for Numéro China #46. Devoid of moral restraint, Natasa indulges in the bon vivant decadence of debauchee. The prose of potentiality written in the stars, freedom reigns in this portent of passion & pain. Surrounded in sartorial madness, the flood gates open as fashion abounds. Covering your body is merely a tool of tapestry while cradling your consciousness allows you to fly. 


'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'

Kinga Kaza brandishes beauty of skin art in ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ by Marco Falcetta for Tush, December 2014! The power of piercings penetrate the page in this evocative look at the art of body jewelry. Safety pins seal the strange, as (Fashion Editor) Rebecca Balini devours the dark styling of neo-noir. Like a stallion running free, Kaza leaps to find that the fear of freedom lives in the mind. 

Margaux Brooke 'Walk the Dark' Nicolas Guerin For Revs Digital #7 8

Love Heals Darkness Conceals in Revs

Margaux Brooke invites the absence of light in ‘Walk The Dark’ by Nicolas Guerin for Revs Digital #7. Raw inspiration moves across the body like art erupting off of the page. Creative Director, Sheri Chiu, captures a world of wonder, where the watcher is transformed through the use of industrialized space. The path to avant-garde freedom explodes in this onyx inspired fashion-fantasy. Blackness breaths, as (Stylist) Julien Balmain digs deep with modern looks that re-define the truth. 

Chiharu Okunugi By David Dunan For Vogue China2

Chiharu Okunugi Floats 'Silent Forest'

Chiharu Okunugi embodies nature’s art in ‘Silent Forest’ by David Dunan for Vogue China. The primal aspects of pretty are explored in this exquisite tale of love and longing. Ida Wang shows the spiritual side of style, with ethereal fashion that floats on air. Art emanates from above as, (Makeup Artist) Alice Ghendrih celebrates the angelic beauty of the butterfly. The chrysalis of creativity flies on high with bronze colors splashed across the face. 


Ryan Yoon Forges Flapper Fashion

Carly Moore captures the allure of the unknown in ‘Anything as long as it is Classic’ by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Vintage inspiration presented with true poetic vision, this story takes us on a collision course of creativity. The art of intention seen in the subtle shifts of time and space. We feel the passion of the past erupt as we are drawn into the future. Stylist, Lisa Jarvis, celebrates the ferocity of the modern flapper with fashions by Corvus + Crux, Donna Karan, Maya Hansen and Zuhair Murad