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Natalia S 'Diary of A Wild Child' By Alexandre Felix For Schön! 8

Natalia S in 'Diary of A Wild Child' Alexandre Félix for Schön!

Natalia S explores an amalgamation of art & nature in the ‘Diary of A Wild Child‘ by Alexandre Félix for Schön! Multi-dimensional madness takes shape as we embark on a trip to another world. Each picture provides a unique presentation by embracing the poetry of the past. Conceptual artistry captures the air of the outdoors as Charlotte Mollet delivers us into the de…


'Geiko' Celebrates Art of Geisha Girl Claw Fashionbook

Anne Lise Maulin & Maya Naylor celebrates the modern geisha in ‘Geiko’ by Nicolas Guerin for the Claw Fashionbook #2. Inspired by the traditional art of Japan. “The Geisha (gei = art she = person), translates to arts person or one trained in the cultural arts.” Stylist, Sonia Logerot, invites an onslaught of unique ideas by mixing in a fusion of fashion. O…