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Alex Wek by Ellen von Unwerth for Pop Magazine FW 2017 30 Cover

Alek Wek Devours the Decadence in "Beautiful People"

Alek Wek takes an evocative ride to the other side by Ellen von Unwerth, for Beautiful People Issue of Paper Magazine, Fall 2017. An artful revelation is set to fly as we embark on a trip to the center of the mind’s eye. Art and excess blend in a bouquet of riches, as images project a sense of sordid pleasure. Alek doesn’t hold back as she embraces this role with a kind of joie de vivre. Wra…

Anna Selezneva By Hans Feurer For Vogue Russia cover

Anna Selezneva Gets Us Going by Hans Feurer, Vogue Russia

Anna Selezneva captivates this cover-story with a perky mix of avant-garde thunder by Hans Feurer for Vogue Russia. Getting on board, Hans Feurer hits the road in this hyper-modern mix of fashion forward fun. A dizzying array of edgy play, this super-sonic outdoor ride sums it up with a crisp mix of form and function. An easy, breezy selection of stellar style, (Fashion Editor) Olga D…