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The GROUND Living in Your Own Skin by Ryan Yoon 6

Bo Don 'Living In Your Own Skin' Ryan Yoon For The GROUND

Bo Don breaks free from convention in ‘Living in your own skin’ shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Each image captures our imagination with a vivid mix of savage-power and inner-strength. A fight for freedom is to be a contemporary woman aware of your power. Dueling beauty comes to bare in this captivating tale of love and private longings. Using the face as a function of reality, T

'Mood Maker' The Ground Magazine 13

Isabella O Puts on a Show 'The Mood Maker' Ryan Yoon

Isabella O puts on a show in ‘The Mood Maker‘ by Ryan Yoon for THE GROUND, September 2014. Freedom reigns in this tectonic tale of love & private longings. Masked by illusions, Isabella captures our imagination with a stunning selection of charismatic changes. From sexy fishnets to see-thru silks, femme-fatale fashions lead the way, with a blinding blend of emotional outl…

'The Wicked Ones' Ryan Yoon The Ground 10

Ryan Yoon Explores 'The Wicked Ones' The GROUND

Magdalena Langrova gets emotional in ‘The Wicked Ones’ shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. The features of the face erupt in this exquisite piece designed to make you think. Exploring the art of humanity, Yoon dares to look deeper by taking us to a place of inspiration. With colors cast upon the skin the landscape of true beauty lures us in. Behind the eyes of obscurity lives an evoca…

Ryan Yoon for The Ground 15

Ryan Yoon Captures Art of Jay Ahr for The GROUND

Vasilisa Pavlova stars in ‘Jay Ahr‘ a story of secrets and seduction shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Inspired by the purity of intention, to understand the artistry of Ahr is to understand the poetry of people. Having grown up in a place where The Brussels Fine Art Museum served as his playground, it was clear from a young age this was someone who was set on a nomadic life of dis…

The GROUND by Ryan Yoon 'Catch Me If You Can' 10

Anastasija Kondratjeva Plays a Game of 'Hide & Seek'

Anastasija Kondratjeva plays an intriguing game of ‘Hide & Seek’ in Catch Me if You Can by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Artful in its intention, the journey of self-discovery starts here. Lost in the illusion of life, I race through the streets, struck by the loudness of loneliness. To face myself is to face the undeniable truth. A bold display of defiance and grace, this story dar…

Anja Luenberger by Ryan Yoon for The Ground 12

Anja Luenberger Takes a Trip 'Wild Imagination' The GROUND

Anja Luenberger takes a trip inside her ‘Wild Imagination’ in a tall tale by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND Magazine, May 2014. The art of fiction comes out to play, but the heart of knowledge lives on forever. Society may be called wicked, but to know the truth one must learn how to navigate the insides. The nuance of ardor breaths it’s air like a tyrant of temptation comes to bar…