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Marie Plays with Gender in 'Premiere Vision'

Marie Piovesan plays with the idea of Gender in ‘Premiere Vision’ shot by Marcus Ohlsson for Dansk Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015-16. Redesigning the concept of creativity, Dansk dares to display a new Visual Identity. Refreshed and ready to go this kind of innovation takes us to another level. Gone are the days of masculine/feminine roles as this issue invites us to explore a ne…

Each Shot Succumbs to Surroundings, Crash Magazine

Jamilla Hoogenboom & Irina Liss capture the art of another era, in this passionate piece by Benjamin Vnuk for Crash Magazine! Depicting a time when decadence was about the invitation not the event. Art becomes one with the mind as creativity captures our imagination. Modern designs explore the temptation of the tactile with looks from leather, suede, silk & lace. Stylist, Andr

Hanna Svensson Dares to Bare 'At First Blush' Bo Egestrøm, Dansk

Hanna Svensson gets cheeky in ‘At First Blush’ by Bo Egestrøm for Dansk Magazine Spring 2014. Dipping into decadence, Hanna captures our imagination in this divinely, quirky shoot set against the obscurity of the unknown. The face is part of the art, as (Makeup Artist) Trine Skjøth gets wild with a daring look that takes us into another dimension. With dynamic shapes drawn o…