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Ling Liu by Ben Hassett for Vogue China September 2017 2

Revel in Red Face Painting Tradition

Ling Liu looks back to see ahead by Ben Hassett for Vogue China, September 2017. The art of beauty burns bright as the fire of the modern female takes the stage. Celebrating the cultural relevance and historical tradition of ancient beauty regiments. There’s a vigor and energy to this piece that sets the stage for this season. Stylist Charles Varenne uses a variety of silk and lace to fall …

'Take the Red Pill' Garage Magazine SS 2-17 25

Multi Line Designs Depicting Disturbance in Frequency

Stella Lucia & Vittoria Ceretti are among those who choose to “Take the Red Pill” by Yvan Fabing for Garage Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017. This editorial exposes the symbolism that exists between staying still and moving into the unknown. The blue pill was a choice that meant you stayed within the comforts of home, while the red pill was a selection that indicated an escape …

Ben Hassett 'NY Dolls' Beauty Papers 7

The Cult of Plastic Dares 2 Break Down Being Fake Beauty Papers

Briley Jones, Mona Matsuoka & Sahara Lin are transformed in “NY Dolls” by Ben Hassett for Beauty Papers, S/S ’16. Covering the cult of plastic this story dares to look at our addiction to all things faux. Being “Fake” takes this story forward as we come to understand, there is no beauty without emotion. What we see as perfect is anything but, as the closes…

Marjan Jonkman by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue Italia 16

Sølve Sundsbø Invites Us to Gucci's Alternate Universe in Vogue It.

Marjan Jonkman invites us into an alternate universe in “So Cool” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, January 2016. Gucci observes the uniqueness of their glass-wear attire, with Marjan decked out in divine designs by Alessandro Michele. Through the eyes of imagination richness takes hold as art inspires truth to unfold. Color collides with creative intention as we hop on …


Guinevere Van Seenus 10 for Erdem by Sølve Sundsbø

Guinevere Van Seenus mimics the wonder of Erdem in this archival presentation photographed by Sølve Sundsbø. This collective celebrates 10 years in fashion, with a Limited Edition 200 page book Designed by Studio Frith & Produced by Smythson. A sense of connection forms as Guinevere moves past mere model and becomes the maker’s muse. Sara Moralioglu honors her brother&#…


Crista Cober Plays Mythological Beauty in 'Persephone'

Crista Cober plays the mythological daughter of Zeus in ‘Persephone’ shot by Miguel Reveriego for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015. Abducted by the underworld, she vacillated between good/evil, in what came to be known as the Change of Seasons. Fashion evolves, as (Stylist) Ada Kokosar celebrates a dream where designs are backed by avant-garde accouterments. Auric ecstas…

Guineverre Van Sennus Sunday Times Style 2

Guinevere Van Seenus Plays the Part 'PĀINTED LADY'

Guinevere Van Seenus is face forward in the ‘PĀINTED LADY’ a stunning Spring Fashion Special by Yelena Yemchuck shot for The Sunday Times Style. A celebration of the incomparable Makeup Artist, Isamaya Ffrench, this story shares the gifts of this young woman. With chroma cast across the skin, artistry is inspired by the graphic illustration of Japanese Posters. The feat…

Nick Knight For AnOther 5

Nick Knight Celebrates 'McQueen' in AnOther Magazine

Nick Knight gives us a key to the avant-garde kingdom in ‘McQueen’ for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2015. Stella Lucia, Julia Bergshoeff, Aymeline ValadeNika Cole and Romy Schönberger Showcase Archive Pieces from the 90’s, Alexander McQueen/Savage Beauty. A spectacle of salvation, this story evokes the ecstasy of true genius. Thought to be (lost) and only newly disc…


Document Journal

Saskia de Brauw goes deep in ‘What is the Relationship between Power and Description?’ by Collier Schorr for Document Journal #5, 2nd Anniversary Issue. Moving through the frames like a jungle cat, Saskia arouses our senses as she provocates with the power of purity. Convention and couture collide in this decadent take on the art of dark fashion. Stylist, James Valeri, plays bo…

miles aldridge

Frances Coombe Takes 'Time to Dream' Miles Aldridge, Vogue It.

Frances Coombe enters the mind-bending world of Miles Aldridge in ‘Time To Dream’ for Vogue Italia, October 2014. Escaping her earthly confines, Frances becomes part of the art as she travels to a place where dreams can come true. Stylist, Patti Wilson, creates a decadent blend of disconnected images, allowing the expansion of the imagination to shine. The fashion of appl…

david beckham for another mag 1

David Beckham in ‘Game Changer’ by Collier Schorr for Another Man

David Beckham shows us the brooding beauty of the male species in ‘Game Changer’ shot by Collier Schorr for Another Man. The sculpted artistry of this mega-man is undeniable, but, the rhythm of his heart-beat is truly soulful. Creative Director, Alister Mackie, captures the tattered remnants of history marked in tantalizing tattoos across his body. Style speaks in a collec…

Lindsey Wixson By David Roemer For S Moda El Pais 17th 1

S Moda El Pais

Lindsey Wixson pulls out all the stops in ‘Especial Pelo’ by David Roemer for S Moda El Pais, 17th May 2014. Stylist, Chabela Garcia, takes us back in time with eye-popping fashions that speak to the energy of the era. The eyes tell a story with power shades that range from deep blue/dusty amethyst to burnt orange. A playful array of fun and folly, Maestro (Makeup Artist) Fredri