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Cover Your Eyes with Liquid Leather

Julia Hafstrom fuels the fire of white-hot beauty by Hong Jang Hyun for Singles Korea, August 2015. Delve into another world with the lure of latex and the power of patent leather. The ferocity of fabrics explode as we dare to explore the fierce side of modernity. Stylist, Jen Patryn, brings the heat with a belted corset, full-length neoprene gloves, thigh-high boots & black mini. F…

Valentina Zelyaeva in 'World Citizen' for L'Officiel Singapore

Valentina Zelyaeva steals the spotlight in ‘World Citizen’ By ChuanDo & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore, November 2014. Playing a modern day siren, the world is her oyster as The Golden Girl of Glamour arrives in style. Standing in a spotlight, her long lean lines speak, with sleek fashions that fulfill every fantasy. Decadence defined, (Stylists) Jack Wang &am