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Julia Banas by Ben Hassett for Vogue Italia 8

Julia Poses Like a Peacock Preening

Julia Banas brings forward a new brand of beauty in “Glowing in the purple rain” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Italia Beauty, 05/17. This may appear upon first glance like we’ve stumbled over a cash of new colors. That alone would be an exciting find. However, what we have are distinct tones used in new and exciting ways. That’s to say, while these aren’t exactly colo…


Explore Raging Opulence of Ecstasy

Natasha Poly invites us to explore the opulence of ecstasy in this exquisite editorial by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia. Wearing a stunning selection of scarlet red… this story reminds us that a hit of decadence will do you in as a rush of rouge will devour you. Stylist, Olga Dunina, fuels the fire with a florid flash of flaming fashions from Dsquared2, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Bo

Anya Lyagoshina in 'All That Glitters' by Benjamin Lennox 5

Anya Lyagoshina Tastes the Gold in 'All That Glitters'

Anya Lyagoshina stars in ‘All That Glitters’ a stunning story shot by Benjamin Lennox for Brilliance bursts onto the scene with powerful pictures that explode. Gilded pleasures pave the way in this shimmering array of gold filled play. The canvas of creation is found as foiled and freckled fantasy lives on. Liquid gold pours out of the mouth as the tip of the fing…

Natasha Poly by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia 10

Natasha Poly Embarks on a Metamorphosis of Change

Natasha Poly puts on a symbolic neo-show in ‘Theatre’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, April 2015. Transformation takes hold as fashion unfolds in this metamorphosis of change. Daring to take flight, haute couture evolves turning a chrysalis into a butterfly. Stylist, Olga Dunina, boldly blends eras with a rich mix of retro revived and avant garde extreme. Each shot celebrate…

vogue russia cmn09

Catherine McNeil in 'Body of Evidence' by Txeme Yeste

Catherine McNeil captures the power of the private dance in ‘Body of Evidence’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, January 2015. Glittered bodies gyrate and move as each shot tells a story of strength. Stylist, Olga Dunina, goes behind the scenes to find Parisian Cabaret Dancers filling up famed club, The Crazy Horse. The clothes are crazy and the girls are wild but showing skin is …

Alessandra Ambrosio By Liz Collins For Lui November 2014 9

Alessandra Ambrosio Plays Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! by Liz Collins for Lui

Alessandra Ambrosio gives us a groovy version of Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! by Liz Collins for Lui, November 2014. The 70’s speaks, as Ambrosio gets all choked up playing a body-con babe in roller disco gear. Luring us in without being lewd, she knows how to show skin while still capturing the cute. Stylist, Anna Schiffel, devours vintage decadence with fashions that dig deep into the d…