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Lily-Rose Depp ~ Mimics Mom in "1999" by Steven Klein

Lily-Rose Depp goes back in time “1999” by Steven Klein for CR Fashion Book Issue 11. Born in ’99, Depp devours the scene with pictures that mimic shots of her mom (at the same age), captured by Klein himself. So, while some see this as over-exposure of an innocent and impressionable, 18-year-old girl. In truth, this young women comes from the fertile ground of Johnny Depp


"Gothic Magic from Witching Hour to Edge of Darkness"

Jessica Miller is ready to go and ready to show in “All Night” by Inez & Vinoodh for Love Magazine #18, F/W 2017-18. Often it’s seen that extreme mixtures almost cancel each other out. However here, in the midst of mayhem we stumbled across fashion magic. Panos Yiapanis delivers designs that not only speak about a style selective, they manage to mimic and transcend thei…

steven klein vogue italia february 2017 27

Pay Tribute to Friend of High Fashion ~ Forever Franca

Steven Klein pays tribute to the great, Franca Sozzani, in “The Polaroid Issue” for Vogue Italia, 02/17. This honors the Spirit of Sozzani, a renowned figure of high fashion that we recently lost. Art revels in the unknown, as this story calls out to the liberated souls of high creation. Part 1 of this delicious series is a place where extreme is but a dream. A tale of two worlds c…


Yuka Mannami Delivers a Dark Treat "Modern Love" i-D Japan

Yuka Mannami delivers a delicious treat in “Modern Love” by Mario Sorrenti for i-D Japan, Fall 2016. Halloween comes but once a year designed to defy your fears. Even dreams can make you scream… as art and fashion blend in this daring take on the season of scary. Sorrenti brings the night into place as darkness deigns to take shape. Alastair McKimm celebrates costumed cre…


Face 2 Face Finds Hope ~ "The New Femininity" Self Service

Raquel ZimmermannEva Dolezalova aim to empower “The New Femininity” by Inez & Vinoodh for Self Service Magazine, F/W 2016. Today’s women are on the cutting edge of a revolution. A dynamic place where all things are equal. We are heading into an era where, potentially, The First Female will hold the most powerful position in the world. We must take a moment and r…


Flanked in a Flurry of Florid Fashion

Daphne Groeneveld is flanked in a flurry of florid fashions by David Roemer for Zoo Magazine No. 50, S/S 2016. Each image projects a sense of enlightenment as it redefines avant-garde artistry. Stepping into another world, this story touches on what I call the sense instrument. To let the eyes peruse over each page is to let your mind be intoxicated with possibility. The enchantress of accou…


Valery Kaufman Plays an Heiress with Avant-Garde Intentions

Valery Kaufman plays a decadent heiress with time on her hands by Greg Kadel for Numéro #169, Dec/Jan 2015-16. The aire of avant-garde intention fills the room like so many flowers waiting to bloom. Decadent wares fall in the form of high fantasy, as haute couture finds itself in the dark arms of fashion ecstasy. Poised to perfection, Kadel rides the lines of delight as all things go weary in the …

Charlotte Free 'Don't Be Cruel' Purple Fashion 2

Charlotte Free is Face First 'Don't Be Cruel' in Purple

Charlotte Free uses her face to express a wide array of feelings in ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ by Donna Trope for Purple Fashion #22. Passion seen through the eyes of hope, each picture tells a story of strength. From paint to powder and glitter to gore, (Makeup Artist) Georgina Graham takes to the face to create a collection of unforgettable imagery. Chaotic combinations evolve, …

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Constance Jablonski Posed to Purrfection in 'Cat Woman'

Constance Jablonski shows us the feline side of fashion in ‘Cat Woman’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro, November 2014. Posed to Purrrfection, Jablonski is on the prowl, playing a revved up kitty with a whip. Bill Mullen creates an ode to the slinky side of style with a savage blend of leopard, fur, leather & lace. Costuming erupts with haute looks by Agent ProvocateurAlexis

Alisa Ahmann in 'Champ Magnétique' by Greg Kadel For Numéro 16

Alisa Ahmann Takes Couture to the Country, Numéro Magazine

Alisa Ahmann takes couture to the country in ‘Champ Magnétique’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro #157. Fashion hits the farmland as the opposing forces of artistry collide. Stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer, brings avant-garde outdoors, as the mash-up of migration takes hold. The poetry of pastoral energy comes forth with a stunning selection from Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra, Anthony

Amanda Murphy in 'Créature' By Greg Kadel For Numéro 155 cover


Amanda Murphy captures the truth of Fiction in ‘Créature’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro #155, August 2014. Walking works of modern art, Kadel finds the power of poetry hidden in the fantasy of high fashion. Each shot creates an air of liberation, inspiring (Stylist) Bill Mullen to turn it up by Dolce & Gabanna, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Hermès, The Blonds, Redemptio

Hana Jirickova By Hans Feurer For Elle France 18

Hana Jirickova Dares to 'Splash Dance' by Hans Feurer

Hana Jirickova gets the season into swing in ‘Splash Dance’ a story by Hans Feurer for Elle France, 30 May 2014. Hyper-modern meets beach-chic in this phenomenal editorial designed to capture the avant-garde allure of Summer. With Chanel, Dior, PradaMaison Martin Margiela, Saint Laurent, Barbara Bui & more, (Stylist) Hortense Manga brings excitement back to …