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Pop Magazine Spring Summer 2017 - 04

Vanessa Axente Asks Us ~ Is This What's Chic? for Pop

Vanessa Axente asks the question “Est-ce Que C’est Chic” by Charlotte Wales for Pop Magazine, SS 2017. Moving bending this way and that working toward the inner flat… a place that takes your boring days turning them into a star studded play. So follow me forth and away we’ll go inside this super Pop studded show. Finding her inner fire, Vanessa uses her figure t…

Isabelle Huppert by Sharif Hamza for Interview Magazine 37

Isabelle Huppert in "The Alpha" Sharif Hamza for inter/VIEW

Isabelle Huppert moves through each image like an actress on stage in The Alpha Issue, captured by Sharif Hamza for inter/VIEW Germany, 09/16. Subtlety follows her from stage to screen, as Isabelle is on display, in this editorial that exposes the fluid movements of high art. A woman of the verge… that is how I see this exquisite creature. Open to life’s promise yet never afra…

patrick demarchelier for garage FW 2015 17

Molly Bair Hides Her Balloon Bulges in "Shape Shifters"

Anna Cleveland, Molly Bair, Natalie Westling, Aya Jones & Greta Varlese make a strong statement on saving the planet in ‘Shape Shifters’ by Patrick Demarchelier for Garage Magazine, F/W ’15. Simplicity takes on new meaning, as each image is defined by its distinct ability to go outside the lines. Daringly dramatic yet artfully unique, this exquisite piece plays …

Another Magazine By Vincent Van De Wijngaard 4

Females Find the 'History and Tomorrows' in AnOther

Saskia de Brauw, Daria StrokousCarmen Kass & Dajana Antic are part of the female cast clothed in garments that (dare to) define them, ‘An Exploration of History and Tomorrows’ by Vincent Van De WijngaardAnOther Magazine. The shallow instincts of sartorial art sink into the soul. Honoring the past while embracing the future, the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity…


Catherine McNeil in ‘Supreme by Dario Catellani for Interview Russia

Catherine McNeil goes to the extreme in ‘Supreme’ shot by Dario Catellani for Interview Russia. Each image elevates the editorial with pieces that play off the passions of today’s youth. The funky side of fashion explodes creating a blend of neo-decadence. Andreas Krings captures the thinking wo(mans) styles with looks from Alexander Lewis, Arthur Arbesser, Cop

andrew-westermann-by-pierre-debusschere-for-exhibition-magazine-springsummer-2014 (2)

Exhibition Magazine

Praying to be heard, ‘A Church Out of History’ speaks our truth, by Pierre Debusschere for Exhibition Magazine S/S 2014. Exhibition celebrates the Silk Issue, with a stunning selection of shots that represent the power of the people. The nature of true art shows itself, in this mix of love and other longings. To visualize the beauty of becoming is to be at one with who you a…

Marie Piovesan by Catherine Servel for Vogue Russia 6

Marie Piovesan Plays Modern Patti Smith in 'Killer Queen'

Channeling ‘The Godmother of Punk” Marie Piovesan is the second coming of Patti Smith in ‘Killer Queen,’ a 70’s inspired rock-style story by Catherine Servel’s for Vogue Russia. Inspired by some of histories greatest female rock stars, (Fashion Editor) Svetlana Tanakina captures the spirit of such influential style icons as Patti Smith, Chr…

Lindsey Wixson By Pierre Debusschere For Dazed & Confused 13

Lindsey Wixson in 'You Make Me Feel Hyper Real'

Carefree and conceptual Lindsey Wixson straddles two worlds in ‘You Make Me Feel Hyper Real’ by Pierre Debusschere for Dazed & Confused, October 2013. Taking us on a mind trip, Debusschere projects his exotic imagination on the page in this psychedelic series that feels like a dream inside a dream. Swimming in a sea of surrealism, he creates an altered-state of consciousne…