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The Daily Summer Luxury Issue Staring Lara Stone

Stone Shows Sensual Side of Summer "Luxury is Love"

Lara Stone shows us the sensual side of summer in “Luxury is Love” shot by Sebastian Faena for The Daily Summer Issue, August 2016. Faena lets us take a ride through his mind as he explores the idea of Luxury. Sofia Achaval de Montaigu invites the intimacy of Stone’s elegance by utilizing the artistry of her body. Each shot celebrates the sensuality of summer, with styles t…

Line Brems 'An Unconventional Mood' Ellen Von Unwerth For Vogue Italia 8

Line Brems 'An Unconventional Mood' by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia

Line Brems indulges in the act of decade jumping in ‘An Unconventional Mood’ by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia. Take a step back in time with a stunning selection of 70’s inspired styles. Unwerth embraces the art of underground, when street-chic really meant something unique. Decadent fashion explodes with graphically enhanced fabric selections. An evocative tak…

Lexi Boling in 'Sirène' By Laurie Bartley For Numéro China 07

Lexi Boling Plays a Lovely Water Nymph in 'Sirène'

Lexi Boling plays a water nymph in ‘Sirène’ a story shot by Laurie Bartley for Numéro China No.40, June/July 2014. Wonder overtakes us as we are drawn in by the awe inspiring art of the ocean. Driven by the divinity of nature, Lexi comes to shore wearing a stunning array of ethereal fare. Stylist, Felipe Mendes, lets water work through her with fashions that cast a shadow on …