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Snow Filled Lashes Brave "The Cold Wave" of Winter, Vogue It

Alisa Ahmann adapts to change as she braves “The Cold Wave” shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Italia, November 2016. The camera reflects the art of life, merging the cinema of story with the welcoming of Winter. Feeling the freeze, these poetic pictures capture what many of us are sensing right now. In this politically charged climate some are left feeling out in the cold. Txema shows u…


Enticing Senses Scream Out with Extent Letting Us Feel the Intent

Amanda Wellsh melts into the background by An Le for Vogue Ukraine, November 2016. Enticing our senses to such an extent it smells so sweet we can feel the intent. Strong in body and mind, this color indicates enthusiasm with the mantra for red being… I’ll Try Anything Once. Heat radiates off the page as seductive shades revel in rage. Olga Yanul styles with brilliance by blend…


Top Models Transform in Video Display of 7 Deadly Sins

Nick Knight’s long-awaited tribute to temptation is ready for consumption as the “Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful” is now available at SHOWstudio. Honoring Edward Enninful’s 25 year history in the fashion industry, this story redefines – The 7 Deadly Sins. This filmic excursion blends the exquisite sound selects of Beats by Dre with the genius of K


Sarah Brannon Is a Woman on Fire in “L’héroïne” for Numéro

Sarah Brannon is a woman of fire in “L’héroïne” by Greg Kadel for Numéro #172, April 2016. Breaking through the walls of boredom Sarah bares the burden of extreme. Evocative, edgy, airy and light – these would not be terms commonly put together, but here we feel the collective unconscious at work. Art evolves around the woman like so many stars lighting the night sky. Stylist,…

kiki-boreel-nirvana-naves-by-meinke-klein-for-vogue-netherlands-december-2015-4 (1)

Kendall Jenner Plays Wild Party Bunny in "Rave Fashion"

Kendall Jenner flies high in “Rave Fashion” by Russell James for Vogue Brazil, January 2016. A new kind of crazy awaits as Kendall captures this Cuca Fresca cover story. Party peril takes hold as she plays a cool girl enraptured by the movement of youth. Set aside the mind-altering effects of such visual stimulation, and let this event bring your body to a state of pure bliss.…

Peter Lindbergh 'In Love With' for Vogue Itali September 2015

Era of Supermodel Dares to Descend...

The Era of Supermodels Descend upon us as Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Nadja Auermann, Eva Herzigova, Karen Alexander & Helena Christensen unite in the ‘In Love With’ story by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia. Holding nothing back these 6 women dare to expose themselves in very unique ways. Gone is imagery designed to make us desire, here we are left with that which i…


Lorde for Dazed Digital

Lorde gives the term prodigy a new face in ‘Force of Nature’ shot by Ryan McGinley for Dazed Digital. The power of her prose creatively written in the wisdom of her words. Conversing with Lena Dunham, you feel Lorde’s views coming through the page. Knocking on adulthood, this 18-yr-old defies the laws of nature with poetic dialogue spoken through the art of music. Stylis…

Jac Jagaciak By Greg Kadel For Let's Panic #7

Jac Submerges in Sea of Bold Color

Jac Jagaciak bursts on the scene with floral face blooms that pop off the page by Greg Kadel for Let’s Panic Magazine #2. Semi-sonic shades erupt with combinations that capture the theme of creation. Dignity held in the characterization of color. Opposing the order, these pictures prove that true calm can come under a rush of fire. I dare to dream a lovely dream where all things go a…

Lindsey Wixson 'Boom for Real' by Ryan McGinley for Flair 3

Lindsey Wixson in a Fashion Fairytale 'Boom For Real'

Lindsey Wixson embraces her childhood in ‘Boom For Real’ by Ryan McGinley for Flair Magazine #14. Dressing up becomes her with an exquisite array of artistry and imagination. The heart of haute couture opens, as (Stylist) Sissy Vian captures a Fashion Fairy Tale from Atelier Versace, Chanel, Dior, Giambattista Valli, Schiaparelli and Valentino. Makeup Artist, Fulvia Far

Raquel Zimmermann in 'Art Walk' by Willy Vanderperre For W 26

Raquel Zimmermann Goes Avant-Garde in 'Art Walk' for W Mag - by Willy Vanderperre

Raquel Zimmermann goes on an authentic ‘Art Walk’ in this eclectic editorial by Willy Vanderperre for W Magazine, June/July 2014. Lofty in her vision, Zimmermann captures the eternal essence of avant-garde. By taking her show on the road, she hits it hard in cool venues that include, The BroadLACMA and East Hollywood. A merging of fashion and art, (Stylist) Edward Enni


Franzi Mueller A Cry for Hope in Numéro Russia

Franzi Mueller stands among the ruins by Francesco Carrozzini for Numéro Russia #010, February 2014. I wondered among the great divide for someone to stop and listen. A candid look at tomorrow’s dreams, it is here, that I find myself a new beginning. A static comment on the stillness of wonder, among the shattered array of empty promises there lives a will to go on. Super-star stylist…